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Statement of Purpose Assignment Sample

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I would like to take admission into a doctorate of Educational Psychology program at the University. Educational Psychology has always intrigued me as it deals with learning and the different ways of learning. As per my understanding, every individual is different and has a different understanding and learning pattern, so the methods that have been used from traditional times are of not much use in the modern age. Things and patterns in regards to individual learning need to change and change for good and that's where Educational Psychology has captured my imagination. I would like to focus my energy on emotional intelligence and how it connects to leadership qualities in teachers and also the pupils they are teaching. I can get into this subject deeply as I was involved in teaching students myself. It was a part-time job that I took up to keep my expenses in place. While teaching the students I realized that how important it is to understand the learning pattern and behavior of each student. I also understand that generalizing an already set blueprint for each of them would not help. Some would require an out-of-the-box pattern to learn things and some were just fine with the methods already prevalent. This is where emotional intelligence within teachers plays an important role. The better they are with this aspect of their personality, the better they can impart it to their pupils for their future growth and developing resilience and leadership attributes.

I myself used to be a creative student and always used to look for flexible and new methods and patterns while studying. I never was a prodigy in academics but the way I was conducting my activities and studies made me content with what I was doing and I could then focus on other aspects of life as well. All these things happened because of the extremely supportive and intelligent mentors I had. Similarly, studying and developing emotional intelligence can help oneself in becoming more creative and well-rounded rather than just being one faceted. Educational Psychology works at the grassroots and can be of utmost importance in building economic value.

I read that the leadership positions in big corporate firms are bogged down by a lack of talent because no one wants to think creatively and apply a different approach to move forward. It hasn't been taught to them. It does not exist in their system as they have always known a blueprint that applies to each and every one of them. At such an age bringing about a change becomes extremely difficult, to say the least. I was not taught in this way. I always had uncanny methods and creative ways to go about things. I understand that Educational Psychology does exactly that at the grass root level. Emotional intelligence is developed in order to deal with day-to-day chores and manage things effectively. Study patterns and take decisions in an uncanny yet effective manner. By taking admission in this particular course I would like to research these things and give it back to the children and society, what I was blessed to have in my childhood.

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