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From the career perspective, this is important for an individual student to have successful higher education. Successful higher education can help the student to develop a professional career. Orientation of successful High education is important to learn various aspects that are related to the fissional career. Skills that are learned in higher education can be utilised in the professional career to fulfil personal and professional objectives. This report will analyse the importance of various skills that are developed in higher education. The knowledge that is gained in higher education will be analysed in the report on basis of different theories and concepts. Skills that are learned in higher education will be categorically assessed in the report to develop a better understanding regarding how these skills are important for the professional career of a student. This is how the role of the successful orientation of higher education will be evaluated in the report. Performance analysis will be provided in the report that is based on the peer reviews and assessment results.

Analysis of Gained Knowledge

Higher education is consist of the various elements that are important for students in the professional career. This is difficult for the individual to meet the requirement of all skillset that is important for a professional career. The curriculum that is used in higher studies is developed to develop the skill set in the students to make them capable to deal with professional tasks efficiently. Major skills that I have learned in higher education are- reading skill, team working skill and presentation skills. These three skills are most important in a professional career. team working skills and presentation skills are most crucial to express own ideas and concepts to the audience. The other skill that I have considered in the process is reading skill. Reading skill is to develop a better understanding of the operation. This skill is also important to get a better idea about the documents that are shared within the organization. In my opinion, these three skills are most important from a professional career perspective.

            In higher education, different tasks are provided to us in form of assignment and group tasks. I have completed all the tasks that are provided in the classroom (Ellis, 2018). To complete the task objective, it is most important to develop an effective team in the group tasks. The process of team building is most crucial in group tasks. If the proper process is not followed in team building, then it can affect the performance of the team. The process of team building can be explained with help of Tuckman’s Team stages. The stages that are considered in the theory can be used to explain the development of an effective team. Stages in the development of an effective team are- Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. The initial three stages are considered as stages in which all team member learn to work with each other and develop coordination with other team members. Each stage has different situations that can be observed within the team. At forming stage, there is little agreement between team members, the purpose of a team is unclear to team members, and proper guidance is required for further proceedings (Ph?m, 2017). In the storming stage, conflicts are visible in team members, the purpose of the team is clearer to the team members, a delegation of power is required, and coaching is required to make the team members capable of performing different tasks. At a norming stage, proper agreement get developed between the team members, roles & responsibilities are clear to the team members and proper facilitation is obtained at this level. Performing is the last stage of team development. In this stage, the vision and mission of the team are clear to all group members, all the team members are focused, and the delegation of power is performed effectively. This is the last stage of team development (Heidarpoor, Yazdani and Sadati, 2021). Adjourning is considered as post team development stage in which team members have a good feeling regarding their achievement in the group task. This is how through this team development theory I have learned the process of developing an effective team.

The other skill I have considered in higher education is an academic reading skill. In higher education, I have analysed some critical key points that are needed to be considered in the academic reading process (Anwar, 2020). These key points can be considered by the individual to improve the academic reading process. The first key point is related to finding crucial information in the document. The main purpose of academic reading is to extract information from the document. This can help the individual to understand the overview and purpose of the document (Murdiono, 2020). The next thing that is needed to be performed in the process is related to the surveying text. All the information that is provided in the text or document should be considered closely to develop knowledge about the information that is provided in the document. Text surveying is process in which all information provided in the document is closely analysed to extract detailed information ++++++++++++++++++++from the text. This is how the effectiveness of the academic reading can be improved. The other key point that is needed to be considered in the academic reading process is related to the assessment of the title. To get quick information about the document or information it is important to understand the title of the research (Andian, 2019). A title can provide a brief overview of the information provided in the text. These crucial stages can be followed to improve academic reading skill.

Presentation skill is also most important in high education and professional career. I have performed various presentation during the classrooms and it has helped me to improve presentation skills. I have also analysed some key process and concepts that can be used to improve presentation skill. These key points are- presentation should be practical, other presentations also need to be studied to engage the audience effectively, and proper connection can be developed with the audience to improve the delivery of information in the presentation process. This is how all these key points can be considered in the presentation process to improve the presentation skills.

            These three aspects I have learned in high education are most important for a professional career. I have learned these skills in the classroom within high education.

Analysis of Performance

            During the entire learning process in high education, I have received many feedbacks that are provided by the peers and other authorities in the institute. This feedbacks were in form of informal and formal types. All the informal feedback I have received in a face to face communication with peers and related authorities. All the informal feedback are received during assessment, presentations and in general. This feedbacks are the area of improvements that are needed to be considered in personal development (Panggabean and Triassanti, 2020). All these aspects must be considered in future to improve the effectiveness of the academic and professional skills that are important. Other feedbacks that I have received were official or formal feedbacks that are based on my performance within the classrooms. Majorly this feedbacks are a reflection of grades that I have obtained in the academic career. Overall feedbacks I got in high education are positive. My overall experience in the institute is productive and effective. Teachers have provided grades in report card based on my performance in various activities that are part of the assessment plan. The informal feedback is immediate and based on the instant performance and formal feedbacks are based on the information that I have delivered in the assessment, presentation, and group tasks.

            Some areas have been identified in the assessment process that is needed to be considered for further development and some other areas also has been identified in the assessment process that is positive for me. The area of development that is identified in the assessment process is related to the academic reading process (Andian, 2019). This is important for me to develop text-surveying process, in the academic reading to become more efficient with academic reading skill. This skill can be developed by following the proper process in the academic reading plan. The strength that I have analysed through the formal and informal feedback is positive attitude and control in the presentation. This skill can help me to get better remarks in the assessments and positive outcomes in my professional career.


            This report is concluding the importance of successful orientation of high education. Various benefits of successful completion of high education have been analysed and studied in the report. Initially in the report, the importance of high education has been discussed in the study. The role of high education and the importance of successful completion of higher education has been analysed in the report. Various benefits of high education have been concluded in the report. Three specific skills have been targeted for the discussion in the report to analyse the importance of high education for the personal and professional development of the individual. Detailed assessment of specific skills that are obtained in high education has been performed in the study. Different theories and key points have been considered in the report to provide proper justification for the skills that are earned in high education completion.



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