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CHCPRP001 student assessment tasks assignment sample

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Introduction: Student assessment tasks

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Assessment 1

Copyright: The word copyright implies that the output of a work that has the involvement of many workers is as considerable as one.

Intellectual property: The intellectual property in collaboration can create new investors' services and products. This can prevent the chances of delays in progress and keep away the debate from progressing.

Privacy: In collaboration, different kinds of people get involved with their different kinds of opinions. However, these differentiations may occur in violation of privacy.

Confidentiality: Sometimes it is too attractive to express all information confidentiality.

Disclosure: This kind of approach may lead to risk in collaboration as the court can determine the wideness of the information and can hold the agreement.

Three key principles should be considered for collaboration:

The style of Collaboration differs from place to place. Therefore, before collaborating it should be remembered that better collaboration can achieve a goal easily. There are some principles that are considered before collaborating,

Faith: Collaboration must be like that in the working environment the employees and leader work as a team. On the other hand, people can securely observe to give their feedback positively.

Empathy: The collaboration chain can be successful if each member feels that they are equal in the team. However, to collaborate perfectly in a workplace the members should understand the working environment and challenges.

Tangibility: Every employee in a workplace may have an interest in work that is different than one another. However, to take the project ahead it is necessary to recognize everyone's aspects.

The first and foremost factor that is relevant for the collaboration is the inclusion of honesty, that are related relationship for effective collaboration that will enhance the communication of the collaborative process. Furthermore, maintaining a positive outlook throughout the entire collaboration is helpful for ensuring that the process is effective and bringing changes within any particular organization. This must be objected with the alignment of the company goals and team support.

Types of collaboration suitable for an organization:

Community collaboration: This kind of collaboration takes place in a community where the main objective is to exchange command and absorb knowledge. However, after learning and collecting the knowledge the member share it with the other employees.

Types of collaboration suitable for individuals:

Group collaboration: Group or team collaboration occurs in a workplace where each of the members is a colleague. However, they are knowledgeable about everyone's work and have a deadline to achieve the goal.

Example of collaboration:

There are a few examples of the collaboration such as

Virtual: Virtual collaboration occurs when the meeting or discussion takes place as remotely. The most useable virtual collaboration is video conferencing. However, in this collaboration, one can see one another via live video and can share information, and also can show presentations on their desktop screen.

Informal: Informal communication introduces when a team meeting is going to be done without the presence of the boss. This kind of collaboration may help the employees to say their problems freely to the team leader. However, this kind of collaboration seems like informal communication in a workgroup.

Formal: The formal collaboration takes place as a document written formally. The written letters must contain the collaboration project-related details.

Benefits of Organization for collaboration:

There are certain benefits that are gained from collaboration in the organization such as

Production: Collaboration notices all issues in a working environment and also takes less time to rectify them. Teamwork on some specific problems helps to solve them in a few minutes as it increases production.

Employees: Employees can feel stressed at work sometimes. Collaboration helps to communicate openly which lead encourages the distribution of workload and avoids work restrictions.

Clients: Clients have a positive interest in the company and give priority to their thinking. Collaboration helps the company to listen to the customer's needs and give them a priority. This kind of practice holds the old customers and also attracts new customers.

key values that are important in networking and collaborative partnerships:

The key values for networking and collaborative partnership are

Communication: The main thing in collaboration is communication. Communication helps to understand the work responsibility between the workers. Therefore it can be said that communication takes place without collaboration but it is impossible to collaborate without communication.

Sharing: Sharing helps to understand the working quality of every member in the team. The information sharing helps to manage the time which can lead them to focus on the project goal.

Support: Support in a team expresses the strong bonding between the members. This practice helps to make a supportive team and working environment. However, this gives an opportunity to handle any kind of mistake easily.

Limitation of collaborative partnership:

The limitation of the collaborative partnership are

The attempt of many leaders: While collaborating most of the members of the team try to take the place of a leader as they do not want to be led by others. This kind of attention introduce an unhealthy working environment and it felt an impact on the other team members.

The dispute in the working system: The collaboration includes different types of people. Everyone has their own style of work and responsibilities. This eliminates the positivity in the workplace. This kind of negativity in a workplace can reduce the productivity of a project.

Trust issue: The achievement of a project comes from effective teamwork (Prasad & Tanase 2021). However if an employee could not achieve the deadline and fail to work this can lead to a negative impact on the team, which comes as a result of trust issues between the workers.

Dynamic in a networking relationship or collaborative partnership:

The interests of the public and private stakeholders are different. The public authorities demonstrate them as a lead party while the private stakeholders never appreciate the public stakeholder to management.

Five main sectors within the community services sector:

The five main sectors of the community service sector are

Health, Media, Government, Law enforcement, and Education

Public health sector: The Public Health Association of Australia

Private health sector: Private health care Australia.

Relationship: The key relationship between the two sectors is that they both work on the improvement of patient health. However, both health care company takes patient health as the ultimate consideration (Haapakorpi, 2020).

Two networks in the community services sector. : ACA (Aged Care Alliance), ESC (Employment Services Corp)

 ACA (Aged Care Alliance):

Structure: CEO > Board of deirectors> shareholder > employee

Stakeholders: Industrial experts, Customers, government

purpose and vision: provide older Australians independence in living their life and give support that they needed.

opportunities available: The older person gets the opportunity to live a free life. It also has enough support services.

ESC (Employment Services Corp)

Structure: CEO > Directors> Manager > HR > Staff

Stakeholders: Human resources, Customers, Employee

purpose and vision: The main vision of the corporation is to make the market and the life of the community and improvement of the economy through collaboration.

 opportunities available: The opportunity that is given by the employee benefit and proposes to improve the business through collaboration.

Assessment 2

Negotiation strategies:

Communication: In a workplace negotiation in communication can mislead the collaboration strategies and make some conflicts that cannot be solvable. This kind of conflict leads a major misunderstanding in the workplace.

Collaboration: negotiation in collaboration leads when the booth parties have a different view. However, if both parties work as a team the chance of negotiation may decrease.

Disappointment: In a workplace, if a parties show frustration or another emotional side that can fall a major impact. However, this kind of behavior shows the other party that the one is out of control.

Email to a supervisor

To, Mr. J

Respected sir, I am writing this to you to understand and to get some information about the current networking information in our workplace. I also request you to inform me about our company’s current collaboration strategies which our company will take to achieve future goals.

I would really appropriate it if you provide me with all the information about our company with the mentioned points.

Thanking you.

Workplace: Healthcare Pvt. ltd.

Objects: Health care Pvt. Ltd is a private healthcare company. The main object of the company is to aware people and provide essential information. With the help of this, the object is to achieve the goal which is to spread the services worldwide.

services offered: The service offered by the company is nursing, audiology, therapy, pharmacy, and basic care.

Clients: Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, technical supporters, and patients

Introduction about the value of networking and collaboration: Community collaboration takes place in a community where the main objective is to exchange command and absorb knowledge. However, after learning and collecting the knowledge the member share it with the other employees. Group or team collaboration occurs in a workplace where each of the members is a colleague. However, they are knowledgeable about everyone's work and have a deadline to achieve the goal. Networking ain a workplace3 is as important as possessing all the desired skills fro a specific job role.

Evaluate the ways in which workplace performance can be improved: Improvement in a workplace can be brought about with some steps in collaboration. The first major thing in a healthy working environment is that the leader should have a judgemental-free attitude (Campbell et al. 2018). This encourages the employee to bring their idea in front of the team. However, the second most important thing is to motivate each employee in the other departments to collaborate, This kind of motivation in collaboration can make the working environment better. The main goal of the collaboration is to increase productivity as well s cut down the cost. Other than that that collaboration can help to improve the working culture and make a market more effective.

Policies relating to networking and collaboration: The main policy of collaboration is to increase the working strength of an organization (Alshwayat, MacVaugh & Akbar 2021). Collaboration brings different people into a single framework where theft can exchange their ideas related to work. This helps to find a better solution to any problem immediately. However, in an organization, the employees collaborate with a motive to grow the company then this can bring efficiency to work.

 opportunities for networking and collaboration in a healthcare company: collaboration helps to encourage the team members. and determine the gaps in communication and try to close them. In collaboration, members from different teamwork with a team so their different opinion has a chance to evaluate the patient's needs carefully.

Gaps in the workplace: Collaboration in the workplace may have some benefits although it has some gaps which are, the lack of monitoring the failure in the organization lead a major collapse in the plan. The ideas related to developing the plan are not sufficient to achieve the goal of the business. The gap caused by the lack of collaboration or less effective communication is something that is very common. The lack of communication or gap seen in the team or a new department can hamper the workflow and productivity of any team. The teams specifically are integrated in terms of their work allocation, carrying out, and completion of the work. The lank of collaboration affects teamwork and the productivity of the workplace. The departments that has effective collaboration skills can take on any job and understand the requirements and allocate the tasks based on the n skills and understanding of the project the suitable team members. This increases the chances of success of the projects and increases the conscience of the members of the team. Effective collaboration and teamwork increase the efficiency of the teams and influence the growth of morale in the organization and make the firm achieve its desired goals with the help of its efficient employees aligned with the goals of the firm.


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