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Construction Procurement And Tendering Assignment Sample

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Construction Procurement And Tendering

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background

The John Hunter Hospital was opened in the year 1991, this has a major trauma center outside of this hospital. This hospital is reported to provide a very positive range of support for the locals and other regions. They have a very effective transportation system for any kind of emergency, also they have a helicopter rescue system in any critical situation. The John Hunter Hospital has many beds for their patients in their main building and also has beds facility in the children's hospital. The location of this hospital is in Newcastle and they provide every kind of emergency service with transportation locally through the help of an ambulance for their patient(Montalbán-Domingo et al., 2019). The John Tracker well-being complex has 796 beds and is close to the 174-bed Newcastle Private Clinic and the Tracker Region Pathology Administration, which offers tertiary-level pathology testing in the region. The complex is housed in a solitary construction with 694 individual beds and 126 pediatric beds in the John Hunter child Hospital.144 of these beds are accessible at the Imperial Newcastle Place, which opened in April 2006 as an expansion wing of the John Tracker Hospital. John Tracker is alluded to by patients from the Hunter Region and in the past for therapy in an assortment of specialties.

The John Tracker Clinic is housed in a similar structure as the Illustrious Newcastle Community and John Hunter Hospital children’s Hospital. The Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), Newcastle Private Medical clinic, and Rankin Park Hospital (Recovery) are completely arranged on similar grounds. The John Hunter Hospital has four hospitals that are full of heritage and culture which they brought together. These are the “Royal Newcastle Hospital, the Mater hospital waratah, Wallsend district hospital, and Western suburbs Hospital”. This is a very important tertiary hospital in this particular region and they are specialists in elder care and pediatric care. This hospital is specialized in trauma care in al;l over Australia and it has a reputation as a teaching hospital from outside of Sydney, this is why the Jhon Hunter Hospital is the busiest hospital in New South Wales. Over a long time period, this hospital plays a major role in tertiary services for the network of the state.

1.2 Government role

The critical role of government has many different levels mainly in the hospital's annual funding and other kinds of operations in the hospital. This public hospital is funded or managed with the help of the there government, these are local area governments, the territory government (state government), and the main federal (Australian) government.

The public government units comprehensive insurance policies for clinical benefits, as enjoyably as sponsoring clinical foundation organizations and medications through Bureaucratic clinical care. In expansion to overseeing public emergency clinics, the bureaucratic and regional states are responsible for compulsion and emotional wellness administrations, rescue vehicles, and transportation services(Ottouet al., 2020). The nearby government controls ecological well-being administrations like food supply, water, and garbage removal, as well as the advancement of public wellness exercises, which is a more modest yet at the same time critical role. Each level of government shares the obligation regarding overseeing medical services patients and the training they get to control the degree of care they give, as well as subsidizing native well-being administrations.

1.3 Reason for change

The growth of the population is the main reason for the limitation of the Newcastle area, some new facilities are needed to support such growth. At the time of the opening of John Hunter Hospital total population of Newcastle was limited. Still, nowadays the approximate population has increased and the number of residents also get increased in the past few years. Depending on this matter additional facilities need to be added to support the growth of residents. This should be changed according to the requirement and the hunter hospital(Ellis et al., 2021). The budget allocated by the NSW government is approximately $300 million for this particular project, but somehow the budget was extended to $400 million for this particular project. Due to this extended $100 million shortage of funding needs a suitable solution to achieve the complete funding amount for this project.

2.0 Procurement

In the process of procurement, the buyer or business starts a turn of events or redesign through obtainment by going into legally binding arrangements and permitting input into the plan and development process. The monetary parts of a proposed development should be thought about while choosing a superb acquisition strategy. Since the venture is shy of $100 million, the issue of financing should be thought about while choosing the suitable obtainment system for the proposed maternity ward at John Hunter. A long-term methodology for building key associations with forceful providers is alluded to as an acquirement approach(Hanáket al., 2021). The objective is to secure the fundamental labor and products of the fine inside a particular cost range and have them followed through on time. Since it considers artistic liberty, the standard technique for obtainment is the agreement that is utilized the most often in development and improvement. To aid the turn of events and guarantee that the cutoff time and spending plan are met, clients are expected to utilize their own staff. This strategy depends on a singular amount contract in which a singular amount of expense is settled before work starts and reimbursements are made during development.

The creation and funding of construction through an individual office on the side of improvement are remembered for public-private organizations or PPPs.This sort of agreement was recently utilized for "hard foundation," like scaffolds and railways, yet it is presently utilized for "delicate framework," like schools and hospitals. Because the public authority permits privately owned businesses to add to the venture for long years, this legally binding understanding is a drawn-out answer for supporting a project(Kadeforset al., 2021). As the two gatherings share the advantages and dangers of high capital resources as well as the PPP's drawn-out liabilities, this agreement can turn out to be very convoluted because of its length. The Public-private partnership (PPP) is a very normal agreement between all private departments as well as the maximum number of private organizations. All the objectives are needs to be served depending on the interest of the public through the help of various assets or products. In the past, it hades a negative implementation through the various maintenance issue and that should be underfunding in this building sector. Organizations that participated in open confidential association improvement adopt an objective-situated strategy fully intent on gathering the prerequisites for foundation developments. One of the main parts of PPP contracts is that the confidential element expects a lot of hazard with regard to how much cash the confidential proprietor gets, which is not entirely set in stone by the worker for hire's performance. A legislative joint effort includes a confidential area taking part close by an administration body, which might need to be government, state, or regional. In expansion to adding to the advancement's plan, funds, activity, and safeguarding all through the creation, the confidential accomplice likewise enrolls, redresses, and video shows the builders(Yu et al., 2020). Each project is exceptional, and the singular accomplice's job changes from one to the next. Common developments in which a confidential accomplice partakes incorporate thruways, streets, cost spans, utility frameworks, and auto stops.





? It can ensure the essential expenditure for any kind of public sector. This has also a good efficiency depending on the resource or government.

? It can provide assurance on the public service which has the greater quality and proper delivery of the project as per schedule timing.

? This method has proper funding and some entities that must be considered as external.

? All the activity of construction has to be completed on proper time and there are various options are available to make a comp[entation for a long period of time in this particular project.

? It is very important to undertake all the initiatives of PPP in the corporate sector for the puir[posae of extra knowledge and gathering experience(Laryea, 2019).

? Most important part is, it can help a lot with the costing risk analysis and that is very effective in allocating the risk in any kind of PPP project. This is why most of the level of the competition, and scope of the project.

? It is possible that the services or the infrastructure that are given by the public-private partnerships will be much more privacy.

? Public sector cost requirements postponed for next time in the PPP ventures might have an impact that is detrimental to the future financial statistics are in the common sector(Boaduet al., 2021).

? It would be not possible to analyze and anticipate all occurrences that may impact the upcoming activities.

? The implementation of the project agreements is comparatively, protracted, and comprehensive inflexible.

? With Compared to the existing public procedure, the service of the PPP procurement method is more expensive and lengthier.

? Benefits of the projects can depend on the risk that is assumed, the complexity, and


? This method has proper control over the quality and design.

? The equity is also completely competitive for this kind of project

? It is possible to introduce some variation in the design.

? All the assets have to be owned by the Australian government and governments are entirely responsible for this kind of risk assessment.

? It is possible to find the internal cost but it remains always high.

? The contract has to be maintained and submission is required timely.

Table 1: Advantages and disadvantages of PPP and traditional method

(Source: self-created)

2.1 Selection process

It is possible to understand that the most appropriate approach for this expansion in the Hunter hospital should be the PPP method, which is possible to use in that particular section. This method can allow determining the risk limitation and the external funding process in order to the lengthy process.

3.0 Contracts

With the help of this PPP method it is possible to understand the range for wide collaboration for particular options like the financing sector of any private sector. There is various reason behind the collaboration between public funding and private funding(Sarhanet al., 2018). Due to this, the limitations of this public funding have proper development and this contractual agreement is need to be made a strong bond or partnership.

3.1 BOT

Build operates transfer (BOT) is a technique where a privately owned business oversees and works the monetary, plan and development parts of an undertaking for a brief timeframe. During this time, the privately owned business and its partners benefit from the undertaking's benefits until the public authority takes over. This ensures that neither the client's charge nor their responsibility is at risk. A sort of agreement known as a form Build operate transfer (BOT) contract is utilized to fund tremendous ventures, most frequently foundation projects that are the consequence of public-private partnerships. Large-scale, Greenfield framework projects that would somehow be supported, built, and worked exclusively by the public authority are regularly BOT tasks(Niewerthet al., 2020). A legally binding relationship known as "fabricate work move" (BOT) is one in which an organization recruits a supplier to set up, enhance, and run an IT or endeavor framework transporter transport activity fully intent on moving it to the business as a hostage place.

Build operate transfer (BOT)

Figure 1: Build operate transfer (BOT)


3.2 BOOT

Despite the fact that it is like the BOT contract, the Form Build own operate Transfer (BOOT) type of agreement was initially expected for the "heavy type of construction" of streets and railways. The private lender acknowledges the greater part of the dangers and is ensured a concession period. When moved to the public authority, there may likewise be an expense related to the exchange of proprietorship. During the concession time frame, the confidential element considers the expenses related to the task to recover the funding(Lenderinket al., 2020). Adventure delivering component in which an administration body concedes a confidential party the option to back, plan, fabricate, own, and run an undertaking for a particular measure of time. In this public-private organization (PPP) project model, a privately owned business contracts with a public-area accomplice, like an administration organization, to complete a huge improvement project. This is a venture model known as a public-private organization (PPP), in which a privately owned business constructs, claims, and runs a structure or design with some assistance from the public authority.

Build own operate Transfer

Figure 2: Build own operate Transfer


3.3 DBFO

The Design building Finance Operate (DBFO) contract furnishes the business managing an account with funding for a critical piece of the task's fairness. Upon consummation, the confidential element gets repayment by the bank, and the public area is expected to repay the financer for the last expense and capital inside a concession period. A PPP model for the improvement of framework offices is DBFO. For the term of the concession, the confidential party takes care of the task's plan, development, support, and activity in this model(Afolabiet al., 2020). A contract for a capital venture's plan, development, funding, and activity is given to the neighborhood birthday celebration. In thought of completing its commitments under the understanding, the confidential party may likewise be repaid by the public authority boss or through costs caused by project losers.

Design-build finance operate (DBFO)

Figure 3: Design-build finance operate (DBFO)


3.4 Selection of contract

The selection process of contact of this John Hunter Hospital needs to be determined depending on the completion of the project, this is why it should be suitable to select it through the BOT contract for both private and public sectors. The use of BOT contracts has some real benefits financially and it should help to complete the project within a fixed budget. The external private entity has been involved to ensure the standard of the project and that must be completed under the proper supervision, due to this reason all the employees must need to be asinine by the private recruiting entity. So through the help of this contract, the construction process will be complete in full of transparency(Ogbuet al., 2018). This is why the concession period can allow the contract to control the total cost of the project and the main priority of the control action process of the government. This has a limit on the cost and the funds are needed to pay publicly for the project.

3.5 Critical factors

The critical success factors are very important for the project and must be maintained in a particular form to complete the effective construction process. The project manager or supervisor should maintain the proper teamwork and schedule to maintain the quality of the project. Some of the CSF are completely associated with the PPP model and those are very much innovative and committed to the work, and responsibility of the public sector or private sector for this construction project(Abdullahiet al., 2019). This process should maintain throughout the construction process and also for any kind of future project like roads, schools, bridges, etc. except that to get success on the project the critical factors are needed to use the benefit assessment or the realistic costing of this particular project. The delivery of materials needs proper service and other objectives for multi benefits.

4.0 Risk management

Fundamental all gatherings implied know about the risks related to a development organization preceding going into a contract. Stakeholders, the public substance, and the confidential element can be generally influenced by such dangers, which can be limited by recognizing sensible ones. There are three degrees of expected perils inside a project. These are in the transformative phases, development, and operation. Anything that can possibly influence a task's timetable, productivity, or financing is viewed as a threat. Risks are simply potential outcomes; assuming that they become certain, they are viewed as issues that require management. Risk the board is the most common way of distinguishing, characterizing, focusing on and getting ready for gambles before they become problems. Verify whether the strategies are fruitful and whether any changes or corrections are required(Ershadiet al., 2021). The manager could likewise need to begin once again with an alternate technique in the event that the chart that is utilized doesn't work. Not all dangers can be totally eliminated; Certain risks will continuously exist. At this time, you should guarantee that they watch out for any dangerous factors. At this stage, you should understand the damage, decide the seriousness of the risk, and it is important think about the probability of its event.

4.1 Risk transfer

Risk is the executives could propose surprising things for many various types of projects. For huge-scope projects, risk assessment choices may likewise require broad and exhaustive practice for each risk to guarantee that counteraction techniques are close by in case of problems. For more modest ventures, functional danger can likewise be essentially as straightforward as a focused on the rundown of high, moderate, and low stage hazards. Risks and the endeavor will be moved to a public element, which can then prescribe greater expenses to cover the expected gamble on the task assuming that a practicable risk is past the undertaking's management. In the occasion of a development disappointment, this will bring about a decrease in the confidential substance's financing. At this point, the risk should be limited or killed to the furthest degree possible(Kusumarukmiet al., 2019). Priority at this stage is figuring out which hazard ought to be addressed first. This should be completely founded on the probability of a risk and its plausible outcomes. Building, redesigning, and destruction projects benefit patients, yet they additionally put inpatients in danger of contamination, illness, absence of rest, and, in uncommon occurrences, actual damage.

5.0 Tendering strategy

To start project advancement, an association welcomes offers from providers or workers for hire through the offering method. This technique supports rivalry among bidders and empowers the association to choose tenders in view of the incentive for cash they offer. Tendering can be for workers for hire who will give project work or providers who will give project materials. The restricted offering technique is contended to be the most ideal choice for the John Tracker expansion project. This is on the grounds that both private and public substances have recently worked with providers or project workers and are hence ready to choose from different reasonable offers to accomplish the best outcome(Lapiduset al., 2019). Personally add to the execution of a Build Own-Work Move association model as a component of a delicate system for the proposed foundation improvement project for augmentation of the Mater Hospital. During the light application process, the business will be expected to present their light to Ascender with their important prerequisites for the venture, which incorporate the perfect guidelines and principles.

5.1 Tendering process

The NSW Government will be constrained to recruit involved with designing the extension works and afterward hand the endeavor back to the public authority after the improvement is finished. The organization will be expected to move toward the market and select its favored offers in light of the necessities laid out once the delicate report is completed. The measure of cash saved by the public authority is one of the best advantages of implementing a BOOT plan. It will speed up improvement and expand the scope of potential dangers related to a vital project(Kozik, 2019). A PPP approach joined with a BOOT methodology is a more practical choice on the grounds that the NSW government doesn't presently have the assets to pay for the development of the Mater Hospital. The fundamental parts of a fruitful PPP incorporate areas of strength for a company, unrivaled agreement with the executives, accomplishing exact worth, a stable financial procedure, master-level discernment inside organizations, commitment from the public authority and industry, and the framed cost benefits.

6.0 Case studies

6.1 The Royal North Shore Hospital

Background of the project

Depending on the PPP model for the infrastructure of the project has a very good and proper reconstruction process for the Royal North Shore Hospital. This is also a redevelopment project that can compare and anticipate the upgradation of this hospital.The effective up-and-comer will have the chance to work on a powerful serious issue of breast cancer most effective transporter incorporates breast cancer oncoplastic and reconstructive careful treatment based completely in confidential practice yet with a week-after week working records at general wellbeing places. This position is regularly founded completely on the lower North Shore of Sydney(Casadyet al., 2019). Multidisciplinary therapy for delicate tissue sarcomas and different parts of careful oncology are likewise discussed. The position will require fast associations with different individuals from the multidisciplinary group to bring issues to light of multidisciplinary therapy of most disease patients.

The individual will be supposed to take part in the Alumni Endorsement of breast cancer A medical procedure course and the scholarly exercises of the breast cancer and melanoma units. Over 300 new instances of breast cancer malignant growth are dealt with every year by breast cancer specialists Andrew Spillane (RNSH), SamitriSood (Northern beaches and RNSH), and Kylie Snook (Hornsby Hospital). They share a counseling room and go to a similar fortnightly multidisciplinary group meeting.

Risk and procurement process

During the stage of construction the project risk was responsible for site hazards, and the poor condition of the existing parts of the building. Regarding all this matter it is very important to collect the proper development permission. Because all the risks are directly associated with the design of the building, the construction process, and commissioning. The construction project for the building of Royal North Shore Hospital has used the proper BOOT plan in the PPP with a proper contract value of $ 700 million. The minister of the health department declared this building private-public cooperation on September 13 in the year of 2006. A particular amount of money was saved by the government of NSW after the selection of the PPP strategy to gain reconstruction significance and they have a $13.5 million saving amount in total.

The Royal North Shore Hospital

Figure 4: The Royal North Shore Hospital


6.2 Bendigo hospital project

Background of the project

Under the Organizations Victoria strategy of the Victorian Government, the Bendigo Medical clinic mission was recently completed as a public-private partnership (PPP). Bendigo Wellbeing, Model Wellbeing, and the Victorian Government teamed up on this project. In 1852, Geelong housed the main territorial public clinic in Victoria. In 1853, the medical hospital in Bendigo and Castlemaine noticed this, in 1858, the Bendigo Medical clinic moved to its current location. It is likewise the district's biggest-ever interest in medical services and an extraordinary illustration of how innovation, planning, and local area commitment can cooperate to make a well-being community that is prepared for development now and in the future. The new sanatorium was recently built in two phases through a public-private association between Bendigo Wellbeing, the Model Wellbeing consortium, and the Victorian Government(Tezel et al., 2021). The well-being focus has consistently modified the city of Bendigo's horizon, giving nearby business potential open doors and fundamental neighborhood associations for the whole LoddonMallee area. The emergency clinic has gotten various great grants for its job in setting new norms in medical services plans and conveyance.

Risk and procurement process

The Bendigo Hospital Project is comparable to the matter of the project for the development of this hospital. The hospital has used the public-private partnership (PPP) procurement model for the redevelopment of this hospital. In this case, again the government has selected the PPP model to complete the aim. They have generated value for less money by the employee in the private sector with proper planning, financing, building, and other infrastructure to manage. This project has used the DBFM PPP model and the rebuild process of this hospital has done with $1.1 billion in the year 2018.


This research has conducted the advice of procurement, contract, and various tendering suggested to the department of health minister in New South Wales. So that, they can use for the future maternity ward of the Jhon Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. It is also recommended in the final conclusion for the adoption of the PPP procurement method to make a positive impact on the proposal. This process also helps a lot for the alliance of private entities to make an impact on the total funding. With the help of the BOT contract, it is possible to allow the process of limited liability into the entity of the public. This is why the complete tendering process has been suggested in the limited tendering method and this can allow the tenders priviously from any private entity and this project has a possibility to make sure to maintain the high-level activity to complete the process.

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