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Reflection On Wound Management Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Reflection On Wound Management

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My role as a nurse in the Xpress Hospital will be part of the team that gives care for the management of wounds, consultant nurse of injuries, consultant nurse of Continence, and consultant nurse of Diabetes. I also started going to people's houses for the dressing of injuries, as a medication administration. After gaining some considerable experience, my only focus in the coming future will be providing assistance for healthcare management in people’s houses and clinics for primary care. My scenario will indulge an organization that gives a collaborative, innovative, healthcare group for fifty beds at Xpress Hospital (Zhu et al., 2020). Working in the hospital as a nurse, I acknowledge that despite the different diagnoses, many of the patients who present to Xpress Hospital have wound issues that need complex care for wound management.

For this assignment, my scenario will mainly focus on wound management as the role of the nurse practitioner using a modified Gibbs reflection model. The main aim of the reflection is in describing my experience in wound care management. Gibbs's reflective cycle is given in order to give structure to the process of reflection.

Gibbs reflective model

Figure 1: Gibbs reflective model

(Source: Zhu et al., 2020)

Gibbs reflective cycle


In one of my experiences at home care, I was asked to nurse a client who had evolved sores of pressure. One of the particular wounds stands out, it belonged to an old aged person who was motionless and suffered from dissoluteness and slight diabetes (Maida et al., 2020). During the nursing care of the old aged man, due to some communication gap, there was an incident where the wound of the patient became very vital and the situation was out of my hand. Then my senior was there to handle the situation.


After the incident, I experienced the importance of communication and how good communication is important for trust building. I feel a little unsafe but the experience taught me the confidence that gives me the exact level of information. I have experienced that I require showing responsiveness and providing the exact amount of intelligence.


Even though the situation was very challenging, the situation provided me the experiences very useful for the practice I will go through in the coming future in my nursing career or other higher professions at the hospital (Stoica et al., 2020). Now I am very familiar with the policy of assessment at home by utilizing the tool of universal assessment which favors a consistent and systematic approach to the management of wounds. Thus supporting care continuity.


I have particularly evolved my skills in the care management of wounds and dressing at home, while developing these skills I now realize the documenting importance that each of the dressing requires.


The management of wound care for old aged people is very much crucial work for their dressing as they suffer from different serious types of health hazards. So I think that in dressing older people, there should be no communication gap and have lots of experience to handle the situation.

Action Plan

For wound care management, nursing care should be of a higher level of experience and require a very concentrated role so that if it happens again then I should be ready for the action and do it in the best manner.


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