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Renal Clinic for Indigenous Community Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Establishing a Renal Clinic for Indigenous Communities: Addressing Healthcare Disparities

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Indigenous people have faced several challenges while receiving the basic primary treatment. Thus several challenges have been faced by the aboriginals while receiving various facilities related to health care. Observations have been made that there are a higher number of indigenous people suffering from various health issues. Various stigmas are associated with receiving the proper health care fear of racism, people are criticized for coming from other backgrounds and do not receive proper behavior from the healthcare providers (Tashkent et al., 2022). Various issues with the languages have been observed. There are potential language barriers that have been observed in the barriers in getting healthcare services.

Background of reason behind setting renal clinic in an indigenous community

Several issues have been observed that has compelled in setting up a renal clinic for the indigenous community such as economic factors such as finance. It has been one of the challenging factors, lack of finance has been one of the reasons that proper treatment is not received (Doran et al., 2022). The aboriginals people do not receive proper behavior from the hospital staff; they are treated as if they are untouchables. Thus, there is an increase in the rate of kidney problems among the indigenous people if not treated it increases the number of death rates. Thus renal clinic is necessary to overcome the issues and the barriers that are faced by the aboriginals in Australia.

The ideas behind renal clinic

Aboriginals of Australia have been facing serious renal issues either due to genetic predisposition or due to higher rates of diabetic issues. Yet, there are no proper measures that are taken to resolve the issues that are faced by the people of Australia. Thus, several factors such as setting up a renal clinic will be beneficial for the people coming from aboriginal background will be able to avail the services in the lower prices (Bateman et al., 2022). Moreover, the aboriginal people hesitate to go to big hospitals as they are not treated properly by the healthcare providers. Expectations are people will be able to avail better services at a lower price.

The main aim of setting up renal community

Aim behind setting up a rental community is it has been observed that the aboriginals have been suffering from chronic renal failures there are several reasons among them. Proper care or precautions are not taken thus; it leads to loss of lives. Renal clinics will be able to diagnose the issues and provide the required treatment that are necessary to recover from the illness. Moreover, proper treatment will be given at a minimum cost that is affordable to the people (Bernardes et al., 2022). Moreover, the basic treatment can be given that will help them to reach the super specialty hospitals in the city.


Healthcare services are one of the major facilities that need to be addressed especially for the aboriginal’s people. This special attention requires to be given that will help the indigenous people to receive the minimum support regarding health care. However, treatment will be provided at a low cost that will be affordable to all the people.


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