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Thinking styles video presentation assignment sample

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Introduction: Thinking styles video presentation

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  • Thinking style refers to particular characteristics of processing different types of information.
  • It involves the process of acquiring the knowledge, skills or pieces of information that guide organizing thoughts.
  • The thinking styles of an individual lead to forming different views or opinions that are helpful in applying values as well as solving problems.

The proper thinking style also guides in making essential decisions and plans as well as expressing individuality to others. The principal aim of this study is to understand personal thinking styles ad their importance on professional habits as well as their reflection on future careers. Workplace performance is very important for any person and it guides to improve of the efficiencies and experiences that lead to growing the personal career graph within the organisation. Personal thinking styles are mainly based on proper self-assessment inventories as well as previous work experience.

Thinking style inventories

  • The “thinking style inventories” (TSI) refer to questionnaires to assess personal preferences in terms of knowledge construction.
  • This factor can be prepared on the basis of the particular theory of emotional self-government that was put forward by Robert (Uthaug et al. 2018).
  • The “thinking style inventories” consist of different sections of individual thinking styles.

Thinking styles assists to describe properly the process of how people apply their abilities when they have to deal with problems whether it is personal or professional issues. According to the “Theory of Mental Self-government” the different thinking styles are legislative, executive, judicial as well as monarchic. Other types of thinking styles are hierarchic, oligarchic as well as anarchic. Apart from that, thinking styles can be local, global, internal as well as external.


  • The assessment of TSI is overall satisfactory because the results of this scale are somewhat familiar to the personal characteristics (, 2022).
  • There are some results that are different from the individual thinking styles or perspectives.
  • The TSI scale mainly aims at the adaptation of the thinking styles of the regional population like college students and other professional personalities (, 2022).

This scale mainly reviews the linguistic perspective of an individual and this scale specifically collects the response of the population. The thinking style of the assessment is somewhat familiar to the personality of the student and it is seen that the individual is more likely to interpret the business process as well as the working structure.

Preferred thinking styles inventories

  • Several types of thinking styles are seen like convergent or analytical, divergent and creative thinking styles.
  • Therefore, the preferred thinking style of the individual is the analytical thinking style because it is more applicable to the working culture (Cabrera et al. 2021).
  • The creative thinking style is another preferred style as this makes the individual more creative that positively affects the organizational performance.

The analytical thinking style does not require significant creativity as well as lateral strategies of thinking. This is one of the best thinking styles as it guides to solving any business problems that appear in the working environment. This thinking style helps an individual to think out of the box and it is also a straightforward thought process. A need for established procedures is very important for this thinking style and the analytical process can be correct or incorrect as it is fully dependent on the personal thinking style.


  • The critical thinking style is another important thinking style that is preferred because it does not fully base on assumptions (Herjanto et al. 2021).
  • The critical thinking process is fully involved in what the perceptions are used for.
  • Intellectual knowledge is also very important for the development of this thinking style (Tatarinceva et al. 2018).

Another important aspect that is associated with this thinking style is the crucial, situational as well as intellectual knowledge in terms of the thinking process. The critical thinking procedure can be categorised into three significant stages deduction, induction as well as abduction. The deduction stage includes critical thinking which involves conclusions based on facts while the induction style of thinking includes a conclusions-based generalization of the concept.

Optimal thinking style form and scope

  • Optimal thinking style is like a judgemental style of thinking that guides improving individual performance in the workplace.
  • This type of thinking style mainly empowers individuals and organisations to be in the best forms (Apaydin and Cenberci, 2018).
  • This thinking style is mostly used as it is not used consistently and does not pay a big price.

This thinking style guides to improve or charged the personal thinking styles or the processional thinking styles. Apart from that, it is a real thinking style that guides one to make the most effective constructive knowledge. It guides us to determine the highest priorities for taking the best actions for achieving them. This particular thinking style guides one to improve one’s experience consistently with maximum optimization. Apart from that, it is seen that optimal thinkers generally weigh the probability and failure cost which includes the ability to cope with the consequences.


  • This particular type of thinking style has a different scope that is helpful for negotiation.
  • This style of thinking is a universal type of thinking that provides opportunities for timeless road maps for achieving the most consistent optimal thinking (Shahbari and Salameh,2018).
  • It has a great scope because it leads with one self’s best and it also brings out the best in others.

The experience that is gathered from this thinking style guides to increase experience the profitable outcomes and it is regardless of the potential circumstances. Another important scope of this style is that it guides maximising individual as well as organizational success.

Identification of some job roles as per thinking style

  • The administrative manager is the perfect job role according to the thinking style because it requires a great analytical or creative thinking style.
  • This job role is also based on the optical style of thinking that guides improving self-efficiencies as well as business performance (Putri and Halim, 2021).
  • The analytical thinking style is very important for the best organizational performance of an administrative manager.

This job role is perfect for the preferred thinking style because it requires a great analytical as well as creative thinking style for the proper evaluation of the business situation. Apart from that, this thinking style is also very important to understand the requirement of the business process as well as the staff's requirements.


  • Another perfect job role according to the thinking style is the marketing manager as it requires great analytical skills.
  • Creativity is another important criterion for marketing managers as innovative promotional idea always influences customers (Li and Li, 2021).

Therefore, marketing or administration manager are the two job role that is important for preferred thinking styles. A marketing manager has to do a proper market analysis and that is very important for organizational performance improvement. Another important aspect is the optimal style of thinking, which is closely related to the organizational performance as well as it is also closely related to the marketing or administration manager.


  • TSI is one of the most important scales that is used by most people all over the world.
  • Another important factor of this particular scale of thinking styles is mainly improved through several thinking styles.
  • The optimal style of thinking provides the costs and the benefits for tasking prevention from any situational risks.

The thinking styles of an individual have a great impact on the self-efficiencies as well as professional skills that improved workplace quality. The thinking style guides improving organizational productivity and managing different difficult business situations within the workplace. 



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