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Mdi256 py Qualitative Techniques And Research Design For Psychologists Assignment Sample
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Mdi256 py Qualitative Techniques And Research Design For Psychologists Assignment Sample



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Evolution which has taken place in Diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorder is high which requires good attention (Nelson and, 2017). Over years there has been a lot of improvement for the disorder population and also world psychiatric association has been developed so that there are people thinking of them. Treating the people with positivity and equality is very important so that there are going to be higher functioning and improvement which is going to be present. A lot of disorders were not discovered at an early year and is still being discovered and improvement in the treatment is taking place accordingly so that there are higher outcomes and improvement that is exists. World health organization and world psychiatric association has made a lot of changes and worked for the best of the society which must be considered for the better functioning and improvement of DSM in future. The research would discuss the changes which have come in DSM from 1952 to 2000 and is still developing with time. Covid-19 has made a lot of change as well in this aspect which is going to be discussed in detail in the further research as well and make the right recommendation as well for the development of this factor.



To evaluate the diagnostic and statistical manual issue regarding mental disorders due to Covid-19.



  • What is diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders in human kind?
  • What is the impact of covid-19 on mental disorder and the issues which are coming in front of them?
  • What are the current recommendations which can be provided to the people?



  • Research type

Two types of researches are present which are qualitative and quantitative (Mohajan, 2018). Quantitative includes statistics and other numerical methods for the research and qualitative uses methods and theories which would be included. The research is going to be using qualitative approach so that there is good understanding of the topic selected.

  • Research approach

Deductive and inductive are two methods which are involved in approaches which can be used in a research. Inductive approach is building theories and other one is focused on verifying the theories (Snyder, 2019). For the research there would be the use of inductive so that there are right theories and new ideas which can be generated.

  • Research philosophy

Interpretivism, positivism and realism philosophies which exist in research and the one which is going to be used in the further research is interpretivism so that there is good detailed discussion which is present for the audience.

  • Data collection

Primary and secondary are two approaches which are present for data collection and there is a good use of both these factors so that there is effective working and performance of the research which is present. Primary is collecting data from the source itself and secondary is taking information from the third person involved in the research.

  • Sampling

There are a total of 30 psychologist participants which would be included for collecting the questionnaire. Probability and non- probability are two approaches which are used for sampling and there has to be no bias actions therefore probability method is going to be included.

  • Ethical consideration

The participants are going to be given consent forms and declaration forms so that they are volunteering for the research to be successful. The data is not going to be stolen and there are no bias activities and actions which are going to be carried in this research (Dodds and Hess, 2020).



            This research would be conducting interpretative phenomenological analysis which would help for the audience to have a higher understanding and interpretation makes it easier for the non- background of this field to understand the topic easily. There is a lot of knowledge and information which is shared in researches and a lot of new takes on the topic as well which is a very essential factor for the individuals to have as well. From an educational perspective the researchers have to be supervised so that the direction which is being followed is having a good working and that is good for the overall working. A lot of similarities are present in researches but having their own interpretation is going to make sure that there are better and different takes which are being developed as well and that is a great factor. Acknowledgement must be provided to the right people with the right commitment for the topic details to be found out and satisfaction of the researcher has to be present on the topic as well.



            From the above research it is evaluated that there are a lot of involvement which is required for DSM to be able to make sure that the people are have satisfied lives. It is very essential to make sure that the clients are getting the right working and society would be able to gain positively from this aspect as well. Improvement in DSM is taking place from time to time therefore having a good observation on this aspect is very essential to make sure that there are right actions and development which is taking place. All the patients who are being treated are not going to have the same treatment which has to be understood well therefore it is very important for the psychologists and psychiatrists to make sure that they are taking the right actions and improvement in this aspect. First DSM-I was published in 1952 but with time and lifestyles of the population the treatments have to be improved as well which is why there has to be good reliability and validity which has to be provided to the clients as well. To make the clients feel equal the terms were changed from mental retardation to intellectual disability which is making the patients feel better and think positively about them and would help them to develop as well.


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