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Defining Worldviews and Introducing Racism as a Healthcare Issue in Australia

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My Worldview on Racism in Australia

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Paragraph 1 - Introduction

  • What is a worldview?
  • Show your understanding of the concept.
  • Engage your reader

According to Alcorn (2019), the world view is the term used to describe the concept of view or reality of the world. This term is used to describe how the world works as well as fits together. The worldview of any individual can include thoughts about politics, religion, power, culture, politics as well as ethnicity, etc. This essay is also focused on presenting my world view on the extent to which Australia is a racist country.

Paragraph 2 - What has made your world view?

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Cultural

There are some important factors that have formed my worldview about racism in Australia. Everyone can have different opinions and perspectives on racism but the survey made on Australians reflects that approx 20% of the Australians had experienced discrimination on the basis of race in the form of race hate talk. Approx 5% of the Australians have also been attacked due to their race. I have few people in my contact belonging to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community and due to their culturally diversified background; they many times deal with systematic forms of discrimination. They at times have been restrained from participating in various programs (Carangio, et al., 2021).

Considering the social factors affecting my World View, I have also noticed that the Indigenous Australians are continuously facing institutional as well as interpersonal racism creating and sustaining their lower socioeconomic status. They have generally been excluded from land ownership as well as economic opportunities. At a social level, racism can be understood as an element that maintains the inequality of opportunities among ethnic-racial groups. Discrimination on the basis of race creates inequality in the opportunities for such people. These factors have influenced my worldview about Australia and racial discrimination in such a country as I myself have seen and experienced such differences in opportunities available to the Anglo-Australians and Indigenous community in Australia. 

Paragraph 3 - Discussion of the chosen question- How does your worldview inform your opinion on this question?

My strong opinion is that people in Australia are facing discrimination on the basis of their race and my worldview informs my opinion on this phenomenon, As per my experiences as well as the research I have done on this matter, I have identified that over the past decade, there has been an increment in the number of incidents reported in relation to the racial discrimination in everyday settings such as in hospitals, schools, universities as well as in the public transportations. Approx one-third of Australians have faced racism at their workplace or educational institutes (Ruhanen & Whitford, 2018). One of the significant groups facing racial racism across Australia is the Indigenous Australians. More than half of such community has faced discrimination in their educational institutes which has also limited their access to the needed resources as well as the services, denying them opportunities for the individuals and also worsening the cycles of the limitations. On the other hand, Australia has a culture of denying when it is accused of racism. Speaking up can be helpful in reducing racism in Australia by assisting the perpetrators to understand that their views belong to a minor community making them barely engage in stereotyping as well as prejudicing behavior (Gatwiri, et al., 2021).

Paragraph 4

  • Evidence and examples
  • Other links/points

One of the most recent and popular examples of racism is during the third test in Sydney where the Indian players faced racist abuse among the litany of similar kinds of incidents. The cricket authorities are also struggling very much in order to stump out such problems associated with racism (Ruhanen & Whitford, 2018). The Indian Cricket team has also agreed and mentioned that they have faced the worst kind of racial abuse in Sydney which has been a very disturbing element for the Indian Cricket Team. Some other examples can also be seen in the Indigenous community in Australia where the people are restrained from getting the benefits of qualifications as well as employment-related opportunities (Carangio, et al., 2021)

Paragraph 5 - Logically sum up your ideas and opinion

The world view is the viewpoint or the perspective towards any issue or phenomenon which is influenced by different factors such as social, cultural as well as personal factors. I have presented my world view on the issue of racism in Australia and I have also presented the evidence and examples related to the racial abuse in the country against the non-Anglo Australian communities. Moreover, the example of the Indian cricket team being racially abused in Sydney has also been presented in the essay. The Worldview is not necessarily to be individualistic but also collectivistic. We generally share the world views about the communities to which we actually belong such as our friends, families as well as workplaces.

References in APA 7

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