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Human Service Podcast For Peer Review Assignment Sample

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Podcast peer review is the review of the audio files available on a digital platform that is accessible for acquiring knowledge and skills. The human service industry is involved in the practice to minimize the knowledge gap and improve public service delivery. A registered nurse and human disciplinary service have been peer-reviewed. This eventually leads to the identification of the implementation of practical approaches in a particular field of human service. Podcast peer review is effective in human service by delivery of knowledge, skills, and approaches to a particular field.

Evaluate key knowledge and skills required for work within the human service sector as identified by the podcast

Podcast peer review supports human service in making reliable delivery of practical approaches in a specific field. As opined by Paulsen (2018), the Registered nurse is a professional medical nurse in human service working with families, social justice, and relationship with young people, students and families. The pediatric world requires skills in medication for patients and known individuals. It enables saving from impacts that fall into their lives. In different situations, understanding principles, values, and ethics in everyday practice enable one to gain knowledge. Respect, patient satisfaction, help in making judgments and experiencing understanding of the patient. As stated by Casey et al. (2020), listening and intimidating skills help better understand the patient, making a better communicator who promptly ensures building relationships with clients. Active listening skills involve activating all these that build trust and rapport with patients.

Griffith's human service determines principle value and ethics in developing human service practices, minimizing understanding the knowledge practice and knowledge gap. As referred by Wyllie & Batley (2019), the Human service industry developed code and facilitated groups and peered support to allow individuals. This creates connections and belongs to the community, allowing dispensing to demonstrate and celebrate the knowledge from the living experience. This framework governs human service practices, conduct and principles to find the organisation and responsibilities of the human service sector that individuals work out (Bunger & Lengnick-Hall, 2019). Therefore, I found that implementing social skills and knowledge in human service enables opportunities to identify issues through consultation and overcoming challenges in complementary strengths.

I found empowering engagement that gives the opportunity to reflect, offer and dispense in both the podcast peered support. This enables the individual to identify the ability to autonomously make choices about what is good for them. According to Monagle et al. (2018), providing much relevant information leads to minimising limitations and service delivery and assures the right to keep things confidently. Access the information according to their needs, and ask for feedback if this service help in a particular way. This enables the gain of information from the peer spoke, a possible way to improve reflective practices.

Analyse the practice approaches and how these approaches affect practice in a particular field

Registered nurse helps in gaining experience from learning, which helps in attaining perspective, judgement, practice and intervention. As opined by Atherton et al. (2018), this enables the creation of value for patients by lowering disadvantaged obtain socially, emotionally, economically, and corporeally. Though confidently support patients in all aspects in respect of cases and I believe this built-in capturing of knowledge in the practical field of registered nurse profoundly develops my aspiration. Counselling, mental health, and professional delivery knowledge make a difference in changing a patient's life by reflecting knowledge into solving a patient issue, which makes individuals different within the community.

Focused, minimizing challenges, social exclusion, and disciplinary space gaps put people into peer support. This creates a situation where positivity comes. It helps cover the knowledge gap through practices and approaches in a particular field (Griffith, 2018). As referred by Turpin & Shier (2020), human service enables positivity in reflecting on different choices to make sure an effective approach, focuses on the disciplining group by identifying the social-cultural level and support. I found large social groups discuss beforehand other potential barrier problems and tissue that is experienced in the past.


Podcast peer review for human service in a particular field is a practical module that prominently allows identifying the knowledge and key skills required for making the promising delivery to the public service. It is concluded that registered nurse has major responsibility, which works in maintaining principles, ethics, and adding value to the service delivered. An active listening approach is significant for adding value to pediatric patients. Disciplinary human service enables effective communication in the social work field, which minimizes social exclusion. Hence, I found two peers reviewed podcasts to be effective in delivering skills and a practical approach to a particle field of human service.

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