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Business and Communication Skills Assignment Sample

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Business and Communication Skills

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1.Mishra, S. K., & Mishra, P. (2020). Functional aspects of communication skills for professional empowerment. Journal of English Language and Literature (JOELL), 7(1), 79-85. DOI:10.333329/joell.7.1.79

One of the writers of the journal regarding business and communication skills is S.K Mishra, he is from a Philosophy background. This present study can be effective for job aspirants because it solely emphasized the functional aspects of communication skills for business development. The journal regarding the importance of communication skills for professional empowerment first discussed language as an essential tool of communication. This journal also stated that language is very essential for the field of mass communication for professional goals. It can be said that communication is the social glue that keeps all the members all together in the organization (Mishra & Mishra, 2020). This journal discusses the technical aspects of an organization in the context of technical communication. The advancement of technology and its incorporation into the organization needed a clear concept about the technical features and many other things related to technology. It concluded that effective communication skill is required for understanding the situations of the organization and to solve problems creatively and efficiently.

2. Ansari, A. (2021). The Role of Interpersonal Communication Skills (IPCS) in Human Resources and Management (HRM). International Journal of Science and Research, 10(11), 916-922. DOI: 10.21275/SR211118020911

Aleena Ansari the proposer of the journal regarding the importance of interpersonal communication skills in HRM and HRD is a researcher of human resources and their development. The study is useful for the managers and the leaders of the organization as it stated the management and development of HR. The effectiveness of IPCS is related to the dedication, and performance of the employees and it also determines the work environment and which is related to the health of the organization (Ansari, 2021). This also takes an important role in the case of job satisfaction of the employees in the organization and that has a direct impact on the productivity of the organization. This study suggested that for every organization it is necessary to assess the IPCS of the organization on a regular basis which can be done by several tools such as questionnaires, surveys, and many other tools. This journal also stated that language is very essential in the context of HRM and HRD like the pre

3. Yalap, O., Y?lmaz, H., & Polatc?, S. (2020). Do Psychological Capital and Communication Skills Affect Entrepreneurial Intention?. Global Journal of Business, Economics, and Management: Current Issues, 10(1), 21-30. DOI:

The authors of this present journal are experts from different universities in Turkey and have done keen research on the relation of relationship between psychological capital and communication skill for personal career growth. This study can be very helpful for people who are willing to start their own businesses. They can understand several aspects regarding the significance of having good communication practices in the organization. This study has found that there is a positive relationship between entrepreneurial intentions, psychological capital, and effective communication skills. There are several elements such as self-efficacy related to psychological capital has a huge impact on communication skills (Yalap, Y?lmaz & Polatc?, 2020). An individual with great communication skills can assess the self-potential and potential of others. It is effective for the entrepreneur as they need to assess the capabilities of newly hired employees and also the capacity their own. It also stated that self-efficacy has mostly impacted but the other aspects don’t have such influence.

4. Coffelt, T. A., Grauman, D., & Smith, F. L. (2019). Employers’ perspectives on workplace communication skills: The meaning of communication skills. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 82(4), 418-439. DOI:

This present study solely studied the perspective of the workers regarding the effectiveness of communication skills in the workplace. The authors of the journal have analyzed the relationship between the instructor and the employees and found out the importance of communication skills in this context. The present study is productive for the general employees of t organization and also the employees regarding management. There are some general ways or methods to make communication among the people of two levels in the organization. Those are verbal or written documents full of instructions. The important thing is that there is a necessity for the employee about the goals of the task. In bigger prospects, the employees are needed to be clear about the organizational goals and about the goals of the sub-tasks (Coffelt, Grauman & Smith, 2019). This is can be done only by a high quality of communicative practice between the worker and the instructor.

5. PEKEL, A., & ATASOY, T. (2021). The relation between the perception of organizational support and communication skills of sports service business employees. Revista on line de Política e Gestão Educacional, 25(2), 1392-1402. DOI:

The authors of the study have done a detailed analysis of the relationship between organizational support and communication skills. This study can be a great learning for other people who are associated with the sports service business because this study is mainly based on the significance of communication skills in the context of the sports service business and its effects on the employees. This study is based on a survey using a questionnaire. The findings of the research suggested that the effectiveness of the communication skill is determined based on the perception of the worker about the support from the organization. Organizational support also determines the health of the working place (PEKEL, & ATASOY, 2021). Where the employees are perceived that they are getting high organization support they will tend to work productively. It can be said that all such things as organizational health, job satisfaction, and productivity are each other, and the key determinant of such things is communication.

6. Rathee, R., & Rajain, P. (2018). Role of communication skills for management students. Global Journal of. Commerce & Management Perspective, 7(1), 41-46. DOI:10.24105/gjcmp.7.1.1809

The authors of the journal put emphasized the role of communication skills in the case of management students. This journal is essential for the management students as well as the employees of the organization because they can understand the resource of the different practices and philosophies of managing an organization. This study also concentrated on the aspect of language. It suggested that communication during the time of understanding the goals of the organization is important to make employees understand their preferred language (Rathee, R., & Rajain, P. 2018). Despite that, this study is based on different theories and studies regarding the importance of communication in managing the business which will be a great source of learning for management students. Management students are more likely to choose their career at different levels of manager. This study can be a great learning for the students on how to enhance communication skills to manage different aspects of the business such as the productivity of the employees, clarity of the jobs and other things.

7. Abbasi, F. K., Ali, A., & Bibi, N. (2018). Analysis of skill gap for business graduates: managerial perspective from banking industry. Education+ Training. DOI:

Abbasi and colleagues have made a journal on the topic of the skills gap in the context of managing an organization. This is a great study for the analyst of the different aspects of the organization. The aim of the study is to mark the area of the gap between the expectation of managers regarding the skills of the employees and the existing skills of the employees of the organization. Here the effectiveness of the communication skill takes place as the managers are required to explain to their employees, what is the exact requirement of skills the usual requirement of the management of the organizations are leadership skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to active listening (Abbasi, Ali & Bibi, 2018). This study is based on a survey of the bank industry and the requirement of skills regarding the bank industry. Moreover, in all the sectors it is found that communication skill is the fundamental skill for business management and development.

8. Ivanova, R., Gaifullina, N., & Al Said, N. (2022). The Role of Social Networks in the Development of Skills of Professional Communication: An Empirical Study. International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT), 17(1), 1-15. DOI: 10.4018/IJWLTT.299860

The present study proposed by the originated by Ivanova and colleagues focused on the role of social networks in enhancing professional communication skills. As per the content of this journal to develop the communication skills required activities are inventing a short story, creating antinomies, making up compliments, creating online events on social networks, and many other things (Ivanova, Gaifullina & Al Said, 2022). This study emphasized the pandemic period as it was the time when all the offices and schools close down across the world at different times in different countries. This study says that according to that crisis situation the key learning is that there is an alternative to physical communication which is communication through the online, social network. The study suggested that initially there was a lack of clarity in communication, as there are some things that are essential to make effective communication such as eye contact. Many ways of improving professional communication through social networks are discussed elaborately.

9. Jankelová, N., & Joniaková, Z. (2021, March). Communication skills and transformational leadership style of first-line nurse managers in relation to job satisfaction of nurses and moderators of this relationship. In Healthcare (Vol. 9, No. 3, p. 346). MDPI. DOI:

The authors of this resource identified the impact of communication skills on transformational leadership in the organization. This present study is made up based on the health service industry and concentrated vastly on the job satisfaction of the frontline health worker and the role of communication skills in that. It is clear that effective communication skill is required in all organization. There is a special requirement for communication skills in noble professions. The field of healthcare required enhanced communication skills from the employees. It is related to empathy, extra care, patience, and many other things (Jankelová & Joniaková, 2021). The key finding of the study is that the job satisfaction of the employees is connected with several things but the most important thing is regular communication from the higher authority. Again, the baseline of this study is that communication skill is a relevant aspect of business development. It is effective to maintain a healthy working environment.

10. Udin, U., Handayani, S., Yuniawan, A., & Rahardja, E. (2019). Leadership styles and communication skills at Indonesian higher education: patterns, influences, and applications for the organization. Organizations and markets in emerging economies, 10(1), 111-131. doi: 10.15388/omee.2019.10.00006.

Leadership plays an effective role in the context of the business development of any organization. Here the present study made by Udin and colleagues has found the role of communication skills in leadership. This study also investigates the relationship between employee satisfaction with effective communication skills. There are several communication skills such as attentive listening, showing mutual respect, feedback, and many others (Udin et al. 2019). Different theories of leadership such as trait theory, transformational theory of leadership, and many others theories have supported that effective leadership strategies are consisting of effective communication skills. There is an effective leadership theory that is the people-oriented leadership style that emphasized more on the employees over the task, it demands highly developed communication skills. As per the trait theory, an effective communication skill must be possessed by the individual to be a successful leader. From all the above resources, it s been found that communication skill is the unit of the business development process.

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