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Work In The Australian Health Care System Assignment Sample

Work In The Australian Health Care System

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Introduction - Work In The Australian Health Care Syst

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Nursing is based on the literature that provides nurses to communicate with new changes in their practices. Students through this process can enhance their knowledge and get a brief idea about their role in the medical field to provide better treatment to patients. This essay aims to focus on the historical development and current nursing processes based on nursing theorist perspectives (Patricia Benner). For this reason, education has been considered as the choice of cluster for the theorist and model based discussion. Besides that, there are many public health syst established in Australia where Australian public can get medical treatment with free and low cost medicine. In this essay novice to expert theory model has been performed that can develop the skill and gained the knowledge of the nurse. The historical development will discuss in the easy. Florence night angle school for nurse has opened that provides the opportunity to the nurse. Inj order to health care expert the first international association has been include in the Australian health care syst.

Historical developments, current nursing perspective and nursing theorist

Novice to expert theory model

The health unit of public is being established in 1<>st</> throughout the NSW from 1990 and onwards managing their issues that are related to protect the health and monitoring the opoulations at a moderate level (Murray <>et al.</> 2019). However, the recent amalgamations of the Australian are health care service are being decreased the number of general health care units to 7 different NSW (Ozdir, 2019). Thus, the pupil becomes competent, and can go for a job by continuing education. During this time, a competent candidate handles case study assignments in real-life situations and simulative environments to learn theory-applied aspects (Thomas and Kellgren, 2017). The nurse can develop their knowledge’s and skills through generating their experience. There have some stages that can develop better healthcare such as advanced beginner, proficient. Moreover, this theory maintains for making the innovative changes in order to create nurse’s skills. As per the arrival of Captain Arthur Philip in the first Sydney cove, the subsequent establishment if the local town of south Wales is began their progress of the 1<>st</> NSW among the Dr. John white (Best <>et al.</> 2021). Through the use of the novice to expert model it has been observed that in Australia clinical nursing practice can achieve excellence facilities such as their developing skills, training. The nursing education, nursing managent has involved in the theory that help the guideline in the health care syst.

The institution of Norte dame in Sydney is being proposed that to be a qualitative nurse, the experience and her skills should be constantly appraised and evaluated. Thus, till date, Benner’s theory is followed in nursing education systs, which also generate the connection for establishing Norte Dame nursing school in Sydney.

Opening of the Norte Dame school for Nurses in Australia

After realizing the carpenter report, there are different reviews tha are being published through the New Zealand that are centered on the nursing education in Sydney (Halcomb <>et al. </>2019). However, the government of education is being decided to be more diplomatic consequences throughout the nurses that are only managed to diploma level education. Thus, gradually, after training and skillful learning, Norte Dame was able to develop a high-skilled and non-religious nursing workforce for serving people. In the st. Thomas ‘in 1860 the nightingale training school has been established were there has highly developed workforce and and they are provide training with good facilities to the nurse. This workforce started nursing works across the Australia to promote the healthcare syst of the country (Strickler, 2017). Contrastingly, at that time, the healthcare syst conditions of Australia were miserable, for which a group of physicians sent a letter to the Colonial Secretary of Australia. Throughout this incident, a informal letter are being sent to the Norte Dame nursing education and practice in Australia as it was in the UK.

Lucy Osburn and four Nightingale nurses to Sydney

Based on the aforentioned condition, Florence sent the five best nurses to Sydney for developing a training school in Sydney. This situation was marked as the first landmark of establishing nursing education in Australia. With this incident, the nurse trainees started providing quality care to Australian residents, which started a new chapter in Australian nursing history (DeLaune <>et al. </>2019). The main motto of the Lucy Osburn was to be the heart of heath care being the token for esteing the modern nurses in Australia within this period. However, when an expansion of education or training is going on, there should be some proforma or quality standards that have to be maintained while providing education. Thus, to address this motive, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) was established (ICN, 2021).

First international association for healthcare experts

ICN was developed in 1899 for ensuring quality of nursing care for all sound global health positions (ICN, 2021). The first conference was arranged in Geneva to work with healthcare professionals and to work for nurses. Additionally, this organization also establishes different nursing and healthcare standards for managing the quality of care in the healthcare settings. Mission of ICN was to improve the wellbeing of nurses and to advocate for health promotion in all the health policies (ICN, 2021). Thus, ICN ports in recognizing, porting and investing in all types of healthcare delivery systs. Here, ICN also incorporated the main theories and propositions of Benner for enhancing the quality of nursing education. Thus, nursing education has faced a rapid transformation at that phase, and it was promoted from school based education to university level education at later stages (ICN, 2021).

Certificate to University training in nursing

Strategic objectives of ICN were to establish social justice, accountability of nursing practices, Inclusiveness of nursing education in skillful nursing systs and inclusion of innovativeness in nursing education (ICN, 2021). Based on these objectives, ICN started to upgrade the nursing education from local to international level by addressing the key needs and healthcare challenges. Thus, gradually, nursing education was upgraded from certificate course-based educational programs to University based teaching and training programs. Later, ICN made alliances with the World Health Organization (WHO), OECD, World Bank and ILO for expanding the sphere of nursing education (ICN, 2021). Such strategic alliances and advanced joint activities have improved collaborative work practice of nurses to port inter-professional and patient-centered care.


Throughout the conclusion, the Australian nurses are being provided with the proper information that is being related to maintain proper education through skillful experience. These critical care nurses are skilled and efficient to handle uncertain risks related to patients by providing th with proper treatment. Thus, it can be said that the idea of the renowned theorist Patricia Benner is still relevant in the field of nursing education, which has influenced the field of contporary nursing practices.


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