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Argument about Business Communications and Culture Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Argument about Business Communications and Culture

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"Business communications and culture" is defined as significant components that help to increase the values of a business through encouraging connectivity with the community concerning unique social presence. This study is going to critically evaluate the importance and application of business communication and culture c concerning the perspectives of different authors.

Discussion about business communication and culture

"Business communications and culture" is important for developing organizational environments and conducting other operational activities that help to represent value in the existing markets with distinguished form in this competitive world. As opined by Garcia-Sanchez et al. (2020), business communication has to implement for encouraging a strategic implementation process concerning "Sustainable Development Goals" because business communication plays a significant role in influencing awareness among community people. In this aspect, implementing CSR activity depends on effective business communication that helps to enhance community involvement and create an understanding of basic principles of "sustainable development goals" among customers. On the other hand, as observed by Krupskyi & Kuzmytska (2020), organisational culture can be recognised as a massive part of strategic business development practice that is associated with internal integration with learning and development opportunities. It argued that organisational culture helps to manage the behavioural factors of employees and the operational process for constructive positive working environments to increase the productivity and profitability of an organisation. As cited by Syakur et al. (2020), communication plays a crucial role in developing business relationships among employees as well as between organisations and customers that helps to develop organisational culture and increases operational efficiency.

Therefore, organisational commitments are responsible for influencing leadership effectiveness and increasing job satisfaction concerning communicative and supportive working culture. Business communication helps to learn about customer wisdom about products and services that contribute to implementing business processes and organisational growth. As stated by Men & Yue (2019), effective communication among employee helps to create an emotional culture in the workplace that contribute to influencing customers' supportive and collaborative behaviour in working practice. Thus, internal communication is important for developing supportive working culture and encouraging collaboration in a working culture that helps to increase the overall efficiency of the organisation with effective employee engagement. As researched by Meng & Berger (2019), leadership practice plays a vital role in developing organisational culture and managing professionalism among the workforce that is associated with developing business relationships and increasing employee engagement with collaboration. It demonstrates that organisational culture and communication development by leaders' instruction and organisational policies impact organisational environments positively or negatively. 


Throughout this study, it can be concluded that business communication and culture is a key factor in business management practice that helps to control the overall performance of an organisation effectively. Communication helps to develop relationships among employees that contribute to encouraging collaborative and supportive working environments. Positive working culture is important for increasing employee satisfaction and accelerating business growth with effective employee engagement. Business communication plays a role in the external business management process through building connections with customers and suppliers to encourage sales rate as well as overall periodicity and profitability 

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