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Strategic Development within an Organisation Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Strategic Development within an Organisation

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3. General Environment

3.1 Political and legal

Political and legal factor also affects the Woodside petroleum company because they need labour to work and on that company is required to pay taxes over it (Bamberger, Bironand Meshoulam, 2014). Further, the firm need to follow taxation policy and political instability affect the oil and gas company. On the other hand, there are some legal factors which influence exploitation and exploration and also the commercialization of oil products. This petroleum industry need to face some legal position like work regulation social protection etc, further they also need to pay the taxes for fuel and subsidies.

3.2 Economical

Economic factor also influence the supply and demand of oil prices with a different resources and the exchange rate of money in market (Ignacio, Lopez and Liaw, 2016). The price of oil and gas are the primary factor in deciding that the reserve is economically feasible or not. The price of oil and gas are the primary factor in deciding that reserve is economically possible or not. Company need to pay high tax which affect company profitability.

This petroleum industry must concern with some of economic factor that can affect the global economy. This economic factor is as follows:

  • Global economic crisis
  • the bankruptcy of the large commercial banks

3.3 Social

There are some factors such as income, migration, culture, religion etc which has become a great issue for Woodside Company. There are social trend and belief which affect the petroleum company and that are as follows:

  • People are now more aware of friendly fuels and decrease a use of dirty fossil fuels.
  • Natural gas is now considered as a cleanest fuel in all the fossil fuels.

3.4 Technological

There are some barriers faced by a Woodside petroleum Company in bringing a new technology or innovation in a market. Some factors are as follows

  • Shortage of skill
  • Company not have enough fund
  • uncertainty in oil and gas price
  • Development cost

There are some of the high potential technologies which can affect the oil and gas company in the upcoming year (Roscoe, Segedy and Biswas, 2013). Further Woodside company can adopt a new and advanced technology so that it can use those technology in implementing a new project. its competitor are also using a using a new technology which impact the sale of Woodside company

3.5 Natural

There are some of the natural factors which have a great impact on a Woodside petroleum company. If there is scarcity of natural resources then it will directly impact the organization. Further, crude oil is available in a large quantity which aids the company in expanding it business. There are some natural gas which company can use for making a product this all helps the company in expanding its business.

4 Specific Environment

4.1 Customers

Customers are important for Woodside Petroleum Company that is if price of oil and petrol increase then demand of this oil and petrol may decrease among the consumer (Tajuddin, Manan and Adil, 2016. ). On the other hand, if company decrease the price of fuel then its demand among the customer will also increase Customer are play a significant role in increasing the demand of company product. So petroleum company need to make those product for its customer which are environment friendly and not harm the environment

4.2 Partners

Woodside petroleum and partners including Royal dutch shell are making plan to develop the new project that is Browse liquefied natural gas project off Australia west coast. Further, they are using Shell's FLNG technology and Woodside offshore development expertise for developing a field which host up to 13.4 trillion cubic feet of gas

4.3 Industry

Australia oil and gas industry is a major contributor to its economy as in this country coal and gas sector plays an important part. Further, liquefied natural gas is major exporter of Australia and its further development is based on resources of natural gas.

4.4 Union

Union of petroleum and natural gas industry is trade union of organization. The union also work to secure the lobar who are working in a petroleum company (Hesping and Schiele, 2015). The union is also involved in a establishing a relation ship between a workers and owner. Further it also settle the dispute between workers and mainly focus on welfare of worker.

4.5 competitor

Woodside main competitors are BHP Billiton Limited, Santos limited and Apache Corporation. These all companies give tough competition to the Woodside petroleum company. They all sell the same product which affects the profit of Woodside Petroleum Company. Petroleum company can make a new innovative product so that it can give tough competition to its customer.

4.6 supplier

Woodside company have a less suppler and it purchase raw material on order terms and condition and corporate policy of supplier. further, this company also made good relation with its suppler so that it can get easily earn.

5 Swot

5.1 Strengthen 

More then 3000 employees. This company is one of the largest oil and gas company in Australia. It have a high quality of oil assets with a extensive portfolio (Rycroft-Malone and Strunin, 2013). Along with this it make a b relation with a government and ventures. 

5.2 Weakness

Woodside company bad image is created among the public and its two of the project was highly protested by a public. Further there is failure of oil mist detector also affects employee relation.

5.3 Opportunity

Woodside have opportunity to expand it business into other market and globally. Further it innovate safe project will strengthen its brand. It have opportunity to expand its business by using new technologies (Ward and Peppard, 2016). This company also have a opportunity to expand it business by promoting its product online so that people came to know about its product.

5.4 Threat

There are some threat of Woodside petroleum company that is if natural disaster occur then it can cause a immense losses. Further it have a high competition with a global players. There are also some legal factor which affecting a petroleum company. Firm not have highly skilled employee which create a problem in launching a new project

6. Woodside Petroleum Culture and Leader

Woodside company have a b health and safety culture. This company try to keep a each other safe initiative. Further it build the position and diverse group of people work together so that innovate product can be made. There are different culture people work together and bring their unique skills and talent in a company (Ignacio, Lopez and Liaw, 2016). Further there is no discrimination done at the time of recruiting a candidate and selection is done on the basis of ability and skill. Further Woodside company also focus on working as a team so that project can be accomplished on time. Company have a democratic leader who always involve team worker in decision making process. Company environment is friendly's all people work together and leader always motivates its employee by giving them some monetary and non monetary incentive. Leader always force and encourage a employee to work hard and get success.


From the above report it can be concluded that there are different macro factor which affects company in a different manner. Competitor of Woodside company also give a tough competition by launching new project. There are some of the technological factor which is affecting a company. Further it can be concluded that Ansoff growth strategy help company in expanding its business. Their is market development strategy which help company in expanding its business in a different geographical area 


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