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Monitor Risk and Evaluate Process Assignment Sample

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(Bakan, 2016.)it has been seen from the business scenario prevailed in coffee ville that various risk has been assessed by the company like there was no proper channelisation of water and as it is a company which has been dealing with the plantation of coffee it is very important that proper supply of water shall be there. It has been further observed from the business scenario that even the employee of coffee has been facing problem regarding receiving letter. It should be the key principle of coffee villee to assess all the risk in the company and to implement an action plan about it. (David, David, 2016. )Such assessment shall be carried out by a monitoring plan to be conducted by company. When the risk has been assessed then a proper plan has to be made for rectifying all difficulties. These plan shall include various strategies policies and certain actions which is to be taken by the company to rectify risk management.


Coffee vile is the firm which get more benefit from their enterprise resource planning and by implementing others. The organisation look according to the ERP implementation from different techniques and find the condition of the extent of implementation that effect on the business when it occurs the achievement and the outcomes of the business, where as both the modify and show moderating the roles.(Gomes, Barnes, Mahmood, 2016.) This firm help the managers to direct their attention to most effective factors which provide how to manage their interaction and describe on the different effects on business activities result the research determines the theory in current knowledge and examine and apply the implementation process on the business . The business process undertake an organisation issues in implementing the process on the major concern. The field research seek to the empirical and effective to explore the problems while implementing projects and these problem relate to the success of project. As coffee ville were based on past theories and their implementation is also done by the research related which were changed as well as experience of experts and there is a comparative list of several problems which were identified while implementing the business process .

Coffee ville which analyse and clear the result and change the importance of management for success through improving the process and other sectors such as technology and planning of the project which is important to determined but not enough for the success in business.(Moretti, Toledo, 2015.) The problems were more directly to project such as reporting, project management planning were to be more mutual understand so we have to face less problem and we can achieve the criteria of success in business. The resolution organisation find as the project implementation where it is complex in several factors and to succeed it is essential there is a change and well managed and it is to be balance to all the factors as such as management, technology and many more .(Iyer, Xiao, Sharma,, 2015.) There is empirical substance which study in field and research on the business and the most important is to emphasise the business project research implementation with the broader change in organisation which effect and create the complex and socio environment.


Coffee ville is a company which suffers inefficiencies as the operations and rise over time due to diverse, and the system to be desperate their process, standards, culture, and policies. The transparency of the business to be maintained and the leader has to eliminate the inefficiencies and maximise the performance which is faced with the concern challenges such as how to protect and determine the best practices and the exist the execution and change the agenda of the successful enterprise globally and it differs the culture, customs, rules, regulation which the difficulties in language and the availability of talent and resources.(Kumar, 2015.) In most activities there is order to increase the growth , while maintaining and developing the comparative advantage and the transformation of business process and the organisation faces the difficulties while implementation is done in business and it changes the technology and the criteria of market and it form competitive. In every sectors an organisation has to communicate the management . There are several channels to communicate the process and and give approach to the customer service and their experience and increase the customer and improve their lifetime value . Exploring business is about to make as simple as basic function of business process and improve their outcomes and to operational.

Simplification it determines to delete the manual process, reduce human effort and work on the process automatically. Their consultant understand the various outsourced papers of business process and it should maintained the control over the organisation by their rules and regulation.


The method when establishing this determination and the organisation goal should be specific , attainable, measurable and have a time period to affix it and to identify all the goals so we can review and check them and evaluate business strategic process. The goal to determine for evaluating trends whether we can use to protect for the future change and the particular customs has relevant for the business of an organisation. Where the organisation can judge what is the impact of their business in the market and then plan can be executed or the action to be taken which are not harmful for trends and it is beneficial .(Baker, Parkinson, 2016.) The organisation should evaluate the direction, size and the effect of the action to be taken in Coffee ville.

The purpose of coffee ville trends to protect the effects which does changes in the company and have the benefit of their trends. Coffee ville focused on the market trends what changes to dine to increase the effect. The trends should be changes according to the time exists and the business requires. Coffee ville has the approach the beneficial to the participant of th process of an organisation as they lead and they are to be motivated as the “winner”. And they implement the process in the business department and lead to implementation process and they also manage the process and convince to the supervisor and approach to achieve success and increase the motivation level. Coffee Ville has ability to manage the risk effectively which depends upon their capacity and to achieve the intension is for improvement and to govern the risk management.


From the above carried out analysis a risk review report has bee prepared by the store manager. The report has been divided into two part of which first part has carried out a review report on the business scenario of coffee ville. It has mentioned about various loopholes which has been made by the company. Another part of the report states about the action plan which has to be taken by the company for monitoring and risk assessment plan.


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