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Individual Task: Reflective Summary Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Mastering Transferable Skills through Reflective Summaries

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Individual Task: Reflective Summary

Transferable skills are one of the most important parts of employment as it helps the employee to develop not only the diameters of their workspaces but also their individual self (Bertrand and Namukasa, 2020). Transferable skills are those portable skills which employees develop and carry with them throughout their professional lives even if they leave the workforce they learnt it from (Laksamana, Pamelasari and Wusqo, 2020).

Reflective summary based upon transferable graduate skills

  1. Analysing and solving problems: Problem-solving and analysis is a worthy quality which helps an employee to achieve an edge over others in the job market. While doing this assignment, my analysing and problem solving skills were polished as I was supposed to prepare an error detection plan.
  2. Team working and interpersonal skills: In any workforce, the employees are supposed to remain in a sense of harmony among each other for the smooth functioning of the organizational process(Magano et al., 2021). I learned communication and my social skills were improved due to working in a diverse workforce like this. Betterment of my interpersonal skills consequently improved my ability to perform within a team.
  3. Verbal communication: We all communicate verbally in a general manner but while working in this office, due to the strict policy of maintaining a professional decorum, my verbal skills achieved a sense of sophistication. Written and spoken communication must all be done in a professional manner.
  4. Written communication: Since the introduction of emails, workplaces have become quite reliant on it and it is important for employees to be efficient in the art of sending proper emails or faxes. This project made me stay in touch with the team members through mails on a regular basis and that improved my written communication skills.
  5. Personal planning and organizing: Personal planning and organization is something which I have excelled at since the days of school due to studying in a boarding school. However, working in this assignment, my sense of personal planning was given a much required professional color.
  6. Initiative: Initiative is something which can be developed in an individual project or in a workforce which encourages individualism. This assignment was one in which I was required to follow the steps and do as instructed. So my sense of initiative remained quite unaffected.
  7. Numerical reasoning: Being a student of engineering, maths and numerical reasoning was a constant part of my academic life and I quite enjoy it. This project had a significant amount of mathematical involvement and numerical reasoning; it helped me flaunt my skills in that department.
  8. Information literacy and IT: IT and information is one of the most skills which humans can possess to survive in this competitive job market because most jobs require that as a necessary skill. During this assignment the learned the application of information literacy and information regarding IT in a professional and practical sense.


Reflective summaries help in evaluating what an employee or participant has learned from a work experience. It helps in counting all the transferable skills, such as team working, communication and reasoning skills, which employees develop and carry with them even after leaving a particular job.


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