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Mental Wealth � Professional Life Assignment Sample

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Assessment 1: Technical Report


The main purpose of creating the report was to create a new framework for Millennium Mills to bring this report into the new way of the idea. There were many such idols and beliefs shown in it, with the help of which it can help in development. Keeping the redevelopment in mind, the idea has been thought of and the methods of making it have been written. By collecting the right information from place to place, after reading deeply about the work going on, so many confusions have been removed and with the help of those conclusions, new ideas have been thought for the redevelopment of this mill. The Millennium Mill development has given more attention to the fact that things are prepared in the right way and for this, it has been thought of in a new way so that things can be done effectively.


This record is for illustrative functions handiest to illustrate a complete scheme can come ahead withinside the destiny for Millennium Mills. The final factors of alteration, rebuilding and layout, which includes details of the cladding, outside lighting, safety and landscaping may be finalised on the specified layout level and consequently can be both the challenge of making plans situations to be agreed with London Borough of Newham or aren't taken into consideration to be making plans-associated topics. Millennium Mills, is one of the last remaining old previous residences on the River Thames that will be repaired and re-enlivened to its former splendour. At Royal Docks, the renowned Mills take a place in the middle of Silvertown, works have begun, to convert it into an iconic area for developing corporations with cafes, eating places and bars to set off the waterfront and create a pleasing lifestyle. 

Section I- Design Issues

To construct the Gantt chart for the Millennial Mills redevelopment project, the stages from 0 to 4 given in the RIBA plan have been used. These stages include strategic definition, preparation, brief, concept designs, developed designs and technical designs.

Gantt Chart 

This section, Gantt chart given below is split into different sections in accordance with the RIBA plan for visibility purposes. The durations and dates are provided along with the abbreviation of the job roles. The legends are also facilitated after the Gantt chart for better understanding. 

Legends for the Gantt Chart




Chartered Engineer 


Health and Safety Officer


Quantity Surveyor


Graduate Engineer


Environmental Engineer


Chartered Structural Engineer


Architectural Design Engineer


Building Information Modelling Technician


Construction Engineer


Structural Design Engineer


Legal Advisor



The point to note here is that the number of people assigned for each task is done based on the real project of a similar scale. The roles in each task are very common in any construction project consultancy service. The time estimation for each task is based on estimates based on experiences and a few of them have been extrapolated. Coming on to the risk, the analysis is done based on the long-term ramifications of tasks and severity of the implications if the deadline is missed or quality is not maintained. The professionals have been allocated for each task based on their area of expertise. For instance, graduate engineers might be responsible for low risks while a chartered engineer is responsible for the design appraisals that involve higher risks. 

Cost implication of the design stages for the redevelopment project




Per Day wage (In GBP)

No. of Days

Cost  (In GBP)

Developing Client Requirements





Creating Business Case





Ratification of Options





Reviewing Feedback 





Site Appraisals





Feasibility Studies





Project Brief





Project Budgeting










Project Planning





Architectural Concepting 





Strategic Engineering





Design Reviews





Design Programme





Engineering Analysis





Cost Inspection





Change Management Procedure





Developing BIM





Construction Feasibility 





Additional Cost





BIM application in the project

Building Information Modelling  (BIM) can be defined as a process for developing and managing any piece of information related to the construction project in all stages of the project lifecycle (Carson, Carson, and Birkenmeier, 2016). It is a digital version of the complete project. The stages involved project concept, designing, planning, construction, inspection, and closure. In the case of the Millennial Mill site project, BIM can help in carrying out the project smoothly and on time by bridging all the parties involved in the project. The use of BIM in different stages of the RIBA plan is illustrated below:-

RIBA 0: BIM helps in organising digital records, risk analysis, maintaining client requirements, budget, and site plans. 

RIBA 1: BIM will help in facilitating information relating to site surveys, building surveys, ground conditions, geographical features, existing utilities, and other digital information. 

RIBA 2: BIM can contain a finalised site plan, project budget, and feasibility studies. 

RIBA 3: BIM can facilitate the Master information delivery plan and BIM Execution plan. Furthermore, the structural designs can also be stored in the BIM.  

RIBA 4: This is a technical phase and different parties involved have their purpose of using BIM. Architecture can make use of BIM for storing architectural drawings, structural engineers can store structural drawings, surveyors can store survey data, and more. 

Section II – Management of the Environment and Stakeholders

  • An overview of the environmental issues is as follows:-

Royal Victoria dock was therefore an important transit for industrial Britain in the twentieth century because it was not going well enough for its rail and water lines.It was the biggest milling center of that time.. In 1905, “William Vernon & Sons” developed and planned the Millennium Mills. According to William Vernon, the magnificent mills were made up of two units and could produce flour each hour.

Due to being a Massive Explosion, a lot of explosives were created there in the description mononitration factory. (Case et al., 2015). The bomb was powerful enough to be heard far and wide Norfolk. The mill, along with the vast majority of other people in the Royal Docks, was closed in the 1980s as a symbol of Britain's continuous fall in industrial might. The construction has deteriorated since then.

Cutting a swing through newly created lands must be done rapidly to keep this project rolling, despite the fact that the later and before areas are already overdeveloped.

Work on all main utilities, earthworks, cleanup, and groundwater control, to name a few, are all engineering aspects to consider. Because the introduction of a new development has the potential to have a substantial societal impact, it must be carefully considered. The immediate community and industry will suffer if no measures for integration are provided (Kanyuka et al., 2016).

This should be accomplished by analysing risk and implementing safety measures to reduce such hazards as much as possible, both during construction and in future use of the transportation scheme. It opens up a new market for local businesses while also having the ability to gentrify or disregard certain neighbourhoods. The most effective developments are those that are integrated into the environment they are meant to be in.

Evaluation of Low Carbon Planning

  • Specify low-carbon real mixes: When possible, low-strength concrete can all be used and into their low-carbon concrete mixtures with the help of your structural specialists (Gielen et al., 2019).

  • Reduce the use of carbon-intensive materials: Products having a great rate of having carbon particles and molecules, such as aluminium, polymers, and insulation, must be taken into account.

  • Select low-carbon options: Don't doubt yourself or your ability. Instead of steel and concrete use a wood framework, or wood siding instead of vinyl siding, reduce carbon in a project and it will affect more.

  • Select carbon-capture-and-storage materials: selecting carbon capture and storage material means reducing carbon sequestration agriculture production so that the project may take less carbon (Gielen et al., 2019).

  • Materials should be reused whenever possible: Turn to reclaiming resources like brick, metals, crushed concrete, or wood whenever possible.

  • Methods of construction and logistics 

Embodied energy is the energy required by all activities associated with the manufacturing of structures such as mills and their components, and it can be used to establish construction methods and logistics for the renovation of millennium mills to reduce carbon emissions. Higher energy level are implemented where the degree of pollution is higher and finally the industry process is combined with the energy conversation to result in acomman result in admission to be processed properly in the work field, as well as being major CO2 emitters,so implementing Lean construction can be a very efficient strategy for reducing carbon emissions. It is a revolution in the design and construction of buildings such as mills (Case et al., 2015).

Furthermore, maximising the use of heavy equipment is important. Is especially crucial in reducing carbon emissions throughout the construction process, as well as the workforce's ability and expertise in operating the machinery. During construction activities, labour efficiency has an impact on carbon reduction.And to reduce pollution during the construction and reconstruction of mills by improving kinds of machinery or production processes to reduce factory emissions, as well as selecting for waste recycling (Kanyuka et al., 2016).

  • Obligations in terms of health and safety  

Health and safety obligations should be followed prior to the start of any high-risk construction project, such as the redevelopment of millennium mills, i.e. a safe work procedure statement must be created for all high-risk construction projects, such as the redevelopment of millennium mills. It describes the risk's breadth, any potential safety problems, and how the risk will be handled.

To minimise future safety difficulties, all mill makers who are participating in the construction process must verify that the right equipment and materials are employed.

In the construction industry, it is standard practise to provide one first aid situation for any worker health issue. First-aid kits and equipment must be kept in a readily accessible position on the premises. Finally, an emergency plan should provide clear directives for workers who need to stop working ,harsh environmental circumstances, or other emergencies (Kanyuka et al., 2016).

Figure: Health obligations 

Source: Basu and Puppala, 2015

Section IV – Economic & legal Issues

The cost components of the Mills redevelopment project include construction & procurement, construction cost, land development cost, infrastructure cost, the incremental cost for operation and maintenance. 

The benefits include a boost to the district's local economy. Silvertown's landscape will be improved by the anticipated residential and commercial development. The expanded transportation network would produce revenue and help to develop the surrounding areas. New infrastructure for the public, such as hospitals, transportation, schools, public services, and recreational spaces would also benefit the communities. 

Key reissues to be addressed add maximizing the advantages of the Crossrail station at Custom House, coming days growth of London borough Airport, capitalizing on the success of ExCel and its potential as a focus for growth and enhancing connections to London Riverside. Knowing the behavior through geotechnical setting and collecting their minimum amount of data to know about similar authorised load bearing and type of capacity and final lead bearing capacity and their related  information. (Ghirian, 2016). These database are created by picking up old record and report and local survey and sample from the testing field in the laboratory to make the things better form.

The principle of a mixed-use development with commercial, leisure, and housing utilised in the Royal Docks and Beckton Waterfront Opportunity Place and Enterprise Zone is in action following the following strategic and local objectives and is supported. A review of the mechanism likely to be required Planning conditions are needed to procure inclusive design, play space, air quality, and blast effects, and aviation safeguarding. Furthermore, the discussion is needed in proportion to the power strategy, parking, and transport. A legal mechanism will be needed to procure the transport mitigation ?Basu and Puppala, 2015?. The lake should be used for recreational purposes, with easy pedestrian and bicycle connections to the newly constructed local centre and across North Woolwich Road. The dock edge should be accessible to the general public, and a medium-density residential type should be used as an example.

Advising the client 

Methods for Dispute Resolution

  • Negotiation: Managers can negotiate directly straight away with the opposing party, or they can employ an attorney to do it on their behalf. They can negotiate in a large corporation's boardroom, an office, or even their living room, depending on the situation.

  • Mediation: The mediator guides the parties through the process and assists them in reaching an agreement. A mediator does not make a choice or force someone to do something they don't want to do (Mania, 2015). In the section on meditation, the meditator should explain their process and their ground rule. Representatives parties are given the opportunity to speak more fully about their positions on the case.

  • Arbitration: is a method of resolving a dispute that occurs outside of a courtroom. The process is overseen by the arbitrator, who will hear both parties and render a decision. Unlike a trial, the right to appeal is limited.The arbitration that is held is the hearing which is submitted as evidence of the parties in form of document activity or as a testimony ; in others, a controlling body may provide procedures (Gielen et al., 2019).

  • Litigation: It begins with the filing of a lawsuit in court. There are specific regulations for procedure, discovery, and evidence presentation that must be followed (Shamir, 2016). The opposing counsel will want to record your deposition in order to learn more about the facts as you perceive them and your position in the case.

Role of a professional

Professional assistance on building design, maintenance, repair, and restoration is provided by the pros. Design, engineering, surveying, management, and planning are all professions in the Created Environment. An architect is usually the first professional that a client contacts (Senaratne and Samaraweera, 2015).Professionals must always bewitch themselves in expanding knowledge and acquiring essential environmental abilities because they are also the leaders of the interpretation team. The money highlights the need for professionals to understand their roles and environmental obligations in society, and it finishes with ethical methods to public engagement and awareness (Senaratne and Samaraweera, 2015).

The ideal method for mill construction in terms of contractual duties is to concentrate on making the most efficient use of labour, materials, and equipment. Increasing labour productivity should be a fundamental and ongoing priority for those in charge of cost control in the construction industry. for the betterment of the project. Material handling, which encompasses procurement, inventory, shop fabrication, and field service, necessitates extra caution in order to save money in the project. Because of the use of new equipment and unique ideas, massive improvements in construction technology have been achieved in recent decades and it can apply to this project. In the future, individual design and construction firms will have to develop new ways to boost production so different ideas should be received. Opportunities should be considered in strategic planning, as well as whether or not viable alternatives exist for the better output in the project.

An innovative approach for de-risk the construction of mills is to understand the implications to design and plan the strategy for the construction. While innovative and cutting-edge engineering may elicit appreciation, it is also more difficult to design, more difficult to locate fabricators and builders to construct, necessitates more quality inspections to assure compliance, and is more likely to obstruct other areas of the project. And one of the major aspects is establishing good management and leadership.

The construction sector has a huge supply chain that accounts for more than £124 billion in value as of 2019 which is completely sourced in the UK (Carson et al.., 2016). The construction sector of the UK is a very large buyer of the materials, such as plastics, mineral products, support services, metals, and administration services. 90% of each  £1 spent in the industry stays in the UK (Senaratne and Samaraweera, 2015). The industry in the UK is very much fragmented into different levels. A few large businesses are working in the construction sector but 99% of them are SMEs and that employs around 80% of the total workers in the sector. Due to this, the UK's construction industry is highly flexible and susceptible to market conditions. The supply chain is shown below:-

The delivery of any project in the construction industry depends on the financial arrangements and certainty of the fund. The success of the supply chain depends on the contractor engagement and involvement in the development of the project, strong relations with suppliers and effective site management.  

A Quality Assurance System for best practices is used in managing the construction of millennium mills; it should be done while keeping in mind the examination of specific project features, such as soil compaction, concrete strength, and welding, among others.  These tests are carried out while the work is being done, and the product's quality should be established and reported promptly after the tests or inspections that should be carried out after the mills are built. The contractor technique should be systematic, diversifying the quality management programme, describing the quality management process, educating supervisors, and implementing a control system that keeps track of people's accounts and reviews performance results.

Conclusion and recommendations 

As stated in the preceding sections, the layout response has been pushed through the use of the central themes of strengthening bodily and social connectivity, as well as embracing diversity in the area. The largest project on this method was to attain stability among the capital pushed method of the builders and our knowledge of the need-primarily based layout intervention.  However, through the interventions running toward growing connectivity inside groups and with the stakeholders at the side of embracing range, the project managers should conquer those demanding situations to create an extra various and liveable location whilst producing brand new imagery for the area. To undertake thoughts and ideals to result in extra so that matters flip out well. By reinventing matters and adopting new matters, that factor constantly emerges greater. 

Assessment 2: Individual Mental Wealth Reflective Log

While preparing this report, I have come to know about my shortcomings and have learned to fill those gaps. I faced many difficulties while preparing this report because of my lack of confidence. While working, I used to feel I am not doing it well or will be able to do this work properly. Because of those thoughts and things, my work was having a great impact. With no confidence in myself, I was afraid to paint my new ideas and I was not able to bring enough confidence in myself to manage things properly. Seeing my shortcomings dominating my work, I decided that I have to fill this gap (Hansen and Metzl, 2019). Then, I started to strengthen my emotional state of mind that my thoughts and my feelings should not affect my work. While doing this work I learned how to control my thoughts and feelings so that my work goes in a good condition. Bringing confidence in myself, I built my new ideas and implemented them. I changed my old beliefs and brought a change in myself that I can do every task well and I made this report in a new way according to myself. I have learned many things because of doing this work and all these things will be useful in the future. I learned how to always keep myself confident in every field of work and how to do every task with confidence (Carson et al., 2016). I learned all this by doing this work. The biggest help I got by making this report was to build confidence in myself and make myself a positive thinker.

I have got a chance to learn many things from this work. This work for me is an opportunity in many ways to gain self-knowledge. Where I was weak in what I had to develop the things inside me, all that I learned along with doing this work. By developing new things, where there were problems, learned how to overcome those problems and beat them and move forward. I gained confidence while performing this task because the confidence my work was getting affected a lot. I tried many ways to bring that confidence in me so that I can complete my work. I also learned that the environment of the people around us also affects our work (Carson et al., 2016). By doing this work, my self-knowledge has been met.  I have come to know my shortcomings within myself and have learned to make up for them. If people around us are positive then they will give us positive ideas and help us in our work. But on the other hand, if people are negative, then they will also negatively affect us and our thoughts will also be negative, due to which our confidence will be worth it and it will affect our work. I have learned that we should always keep our minds positive. Always maintain positivity in our thinking and our feelings.  If we are positive then we will go for new ideas and will help in doing every work and if we do not have the same confidence and I have also learned that if the people around us are right then they will guide us right (King et al., 2015). But if the people's environment is not right, then they can affect us from our work. Learning all these things, I have made my upcoming work easier for myself. By building confidence in myself, I have come to know that I can do everything but now I do not have the same shortcomings as before, which is now coming out as a hindrance in my work.

I have learned many skills for achieving clarity and better understanding in my work. I learned the importance of mental health in which I gained the skill of emotional and social intelligence development. To bring clarity and better understanding to my work, I took the help of social intelligence development and I try to know what is necessary for the environment around us. What is needed and what needs to be given more attention. Due to these things our environment and people do not have a spectacle.  Keeping all these things in mind, I have prepared this task. For me, building confidence is a way for achieving clarity and better understanding in this work. By bringing confidence in me, I had learned to understand things and do that work properly and I had also learned how to implement my new ideas (Serrat, 2017).

Social intelligence Development: While doing this work I have learned that we should socially develop our intelligence for our good mental health. We should live among such people where we get a chance to learn new things from them and who give us the courage to move forward. If we stay in the middle of such people who stop us from taking new steps or making new ideas and who count the weakness of others, then our mind will start working like negative and negative thinking will become our enemy which will affect our mental health (Kotsou et al., 2019). If we live in a positive environment and amid positive people, then neither our mental health comes into the problem nor physically nor is our work also done well.

Emotional Intelligence Development: One thing I've discovered from increasing emotional intelligence is that it allows us to better understand, use, and manage our own emotions in a constructive way. It also allows us to be stress-free, communicate effectively, overcome obstacles, and deactivate conflict. Emotional intelligence helps us to build a strong relationship, no matter where it is at work or somewhere else. It helps us to achieve our career and personal goals and connect with our feelings for better outcomes of our actions (Mayer et al., 2016). By building emotional intelligence, I have come to know that it also maintains physical fitness and we can make our work successful only due to physical fitness. Therefore, for physical fitness, we should focus on emotional intelligence. By developing this intelligence, we become more careful about our work and our things.

I have worked very hard to complete this report. I have especially taken care of grammatical mistakes in my report. Each line is written correctly connecting and information is given about them. While making this report I had many grammatical mistakes which I corrected and understood how to write correctly. I also used new words and used such language so that people could connect quickly and understand things better. I have tried to write in such a way that my things can be easily understood. Furthermore, I have taken only those words which people are already aware of and which do not make trouble for the reader. To give a new look to my writing, I tried various ways to adopt the new things and tried to write in a new way, so that I could put my point in front of everyone very effectively (Schaap and Dippenaar, 2017).  But while doing the work, I also learned how to bring confidence in myself and try to make the work successful. This was a new experience for me, from which I learned a lot, I faced difficulties and I gained new knowledge from those difficulties and enhanced my skill in writing too

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