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Assessment 3: Becoming A Better Manager Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Becoming A Better Manager

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Management and personal skills are considered to be the most effective yet specific aspects that might assist any individual to develop both their personal and professional skills. In this aspect, intra and interpersonal skills are the two most effective yet convincing skills that might assist any particular individual to recognize their performance and at the same time, manage their path to achieve success in both personal and professional areas. The skill, effectiveness, and reason for choosing have been developed in this study.

Choose management skills to improve the assessment

Intra-personal skills are severely considered to be a form of self-communication as it relates to the happenings within one individual's inner self. These types of skills have some effective areas to impact such as it manages emotions and it also fixes challenges for individuals as well. According to Simanungkalit, (2023), intrapersonal skills need to be developed among children from the beginning of their journey in education. It has been observed that the students that acquire this skill at the age of 10 to 15 are the ones to get developed in a rapid manner compared to other children. However, this management skill will assist the individuals to think outside of the box and manage their emotions so that they can easily conduct this particular assessment effectively. Apart from that, this particular skill might assist individuals to get contacted more easily with others and settle up a significant communication area.

The assessment here will be managed properly through intra-personal skills. Developing a clear understanding regarding the behaviors and relationships in the business market as well as in my personal life will be a great move to secure the future (Van Leeuwen et al. 2021). Proper understanding through this skill regarding the assessment here will assist the assessment to get fine-tuned properly.

Reason for choosing the management skill

The major reason for choosing this particular skill has been to develop the individuals emotionally and at the same time lead them to face challenges. Along with that, provide strength to the individuals so that they can easily overcome the complex situations that will come across them. It is necessary for any particular individual to develop a good yet effective relationship in both personal and professional life. Intra-personal skills have been the most effective factor that will assist individuals to develop an effective relationship. As Prince, (2021) has said, in order to develop management skills and at the same time, control emotions in the workplace, intra-personal skills would do the trick for development. Management behavior has been the most crucial factor in this aspect that needs to be magnified for everyone. In this aspect, choosing this skill will assist the individual to manage their behavioral skills and emotions as well.

Personal management skills are considered to be the most crucial skills that assist individuals to strengthen their professional skills. these skills will also assist the individuals to understand the performance module for each task they will be assigned. In this aspect, leadership skills are the most convenient factors to assist an individual to develop their strengths and move in professional life faster and more effectively.

Strength of the skill to become a manager

Intrapersonal skill has tremendous components that can assist in professional development. The skill initially develops a leadership approach to the individual and fine-tunes the behavioral approach of the individual. Apart from that, it significantly increases the quality and effectiveness of the skills that the individuals have acquired so far. As opined by Okwuduba et al. (2021) management quality has been the most remarkable quality that can be modified yet developed through the help of this particular skill. Emotional management is the major factor that this intra-personal skill can magnify and propose a realistic structural approach in front of an individual.

The skill also promotes individuals to get interacted with multiple people and develop communication. Apart from that, to make relationships better yet effective, intra-personal skills will be a great choice to move fast. Managers across the globe have been found to be excellent in communication and at the same time, they have an effective skill of leadership (Schwartz-Mette et al. 2021). "Intra-personal skills" assist individuals to acquire these features in them and accordingly perform to do more in their professional careers as successful managers.


The entire study here has been developed to signify the needs and necessities along with the strengths of the Intra--personal skill. This particular skill has some extraordinary features to help these individuals in multiple ways. Real-life reasons have been interpreted here that successfully specify the reasons for adopting this particular skill for conducting this assessment. Apart from that, different areas have been signified that will assist individuals to develop as a successfully managers in their professional life.


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