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Principles Of Management Assignment sample

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Introduction - Principles Of Management Assignment 

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Managerial approaches have changed from traditional to contemporary approaches with time which has to be monitored and controlled by the managers. Managers need to be aware of the current need of the market and accordingly change their approaches of working so that the business would be able to benefit from it. This is a great lesson which I have gained from it and would be discussed in detail in the further report as well. The report will provide the reflection on the traditional and modern approach of the management module and the learning which I have gained from it. 

  1. Reflection on classical and contemporary approaches and self learning from it

Change is essential part of learning and it is very crucial for the business and management to work on the process of learning. The change in the work environment is going to get in conflicts but would be good for the business to grow as well. On the other hand, the traditional approaches are also vital for the result as the business will have better determination to help in having more reliability. I realised that both traditional and contemporary approach of management are essential to help the business grow. Every approach has its positive and negative impact which needs to be analysed. While learning I realised that both traditional and modern approaches have similarities and differences.

I learned the understanding of the approaches and worked on their comparison for the management learning to increase a better process of development. It is from the module of traditional and contemporary approaches that I understood the value of few elements that need to be improved upon. Stability: The traditional approach of the business management is more stable than the modern approaches. The modern have multiple dynamics and strategies to deal with the situation and change. Flexibility: The organizational structure in the traditional approach of the management is more flexible as they are having a well structured strategies that is pre-planned (Anderson, 2019). Employees must work on their skills and expertise to link market changes, as well as work on updating changing market to achieve a competitive edge, under the current approach to management. Teamwork: The traditional used to work in the different structure including tall hierarchy, and the modern approach work on the flat hierarchy to work in the management. The typical work of tall hierarchy is when the authority is in the hands of the superiors who are CEO, chairperson, top management, etc of the company (Thenkumari and Sudha, 2019). Stimulate morale: The modern approach helps the employees working in the management get more flexibility to work on their own and increase their moral. It also helps in stimulating the moral and mobilizes the enthusiasm of staff. The traditional approach includes the command from the superior which have to be done by the people working in the team. Management Policy: The policy of the traditional approach is conservative which work on the rules and regulation of the tradition standards (Haq and Ijaz 2020). The modern management approach works on the modifications and also change the structure of working with redesign and rescheduling, entity management and the change in business strategy.

  1. Feedback received helped in indentifying areas of strength and improvement that needs to be done

I received different feedbacks for my learning on the approaches of the management and it gives both positive and negative motivation to improve for the future. This is vital for me to understand the situation and work on the development of better knowledge for the given topic. It is essential for the growth of knowledge so that change can come in and get the right feedbacks about the learning. Feedback can help in providing the right information and on which I can work on the development. From the feedback I received and got to know that there are plenty of elements that I need to improve my learning in the process to get better personal and professional growth. Developing the right factor as discussed in the above report to increase a better place for the future is essential, the feedback provided me the information that I am weak at developing the presentation skills and it is essential for me to learn. I also developed the skills to work as a team which is a part of the management approaches. I need to work on improving my teamwork and presenting skills, both of which are vital to progress.

  1. Next actions for development

Next, I would like to improve my leadership skills while also boosting morale in order to have an impact on the development and success to be found in my chosen company. It is very essential for me to increase these factors of skills as this will help in future to succeed in achieving objectives. I need to work on the modifications that will allow me to create proper skills development. Leadership is also utilised to advance business knowledge and learning. Leadership aids in the motivation of others as well as teamwork in the development of learning and growth. The development of ideas necessitates training and development inside the workplace. Such a frequent change in learning sessions helps me to gain a broader understanding of skills and development. Working on the learning after obtaining feedback allows me to gain a more in-depth understanding of my skill aspects. It is very crucial for me as a learner to understand what changes and requirement I need to work on. It helped me in getting better result in the market which needs to be development to reach better future of growth. 


From the above reflection it can be concluded that working on the change and learning is essential for the personal and professional growth. I have learned that both the traditional and modern approach is vital for the management as they help in increasing the efficiency of business development. Increased learning in the business has become necessary for developing skills and achieving greater future growth at individual level.

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