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MGT8076 Project-Based Change Management Assignment Sample

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MGT8076 Project-Based Change Management Assignments

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In developing this task, Euston HS2 (Civil infrastructure) is the chosen organisation that processes under an ongoing process to develop infrastructure. As Euston HS2 is related to a construction company, they use heavy machines and advanced technology. However, in running projects, the overall planning and growth are the important factors the company relies on its building process. Further, planning and implementing strategies will help run projects sustain their overall competition. In running a project, it becomes quite important to identify various risks and hurdles coming in the way. However, every organisation has a risk management team that plays a crucial role in identifying various causes of risks and mitigating them. Therefore, the risk management team is responsible for identifying the main cause of the risk and planning perfect strategies to mitigate those. 

However, risk can be involved and related to several factors present in the organisation. Further, risk can be related to production, management, execution, etc. However, all these risks impact the overall project, and if the standard of the project does not meet the required section, then there is a chance of failure. Therefore, all the overall sections and management related to work are correlated and surpass all stages to achieve success after project completion. Advanced technology and heavy machinery can create other various kinds of risks. 

2. Organizational Context

2.1 Organizational information

Euston HS2 is a UK-based construction company established in the twenties. However, in 2015, Euston HS2 has planned several changes in the plan and increased its development programs to build a huge project. However, the Euston HS2 railway station will provide more efficient services to its people by increasing the number of platforms and building a huge station for people's benefit. However, this construction design will use the Grimshaw Architects, Haptic, and LDA design in developing the railway station. Further, Euston HS2 construction partners are associated with the development of this station which includes Mace Dragados JV (MDJV).

2.2 Project details

The construction-based company Euston HS2 has undertaken the Euston railway station project in the UK. The nation has observed the most challenging infrastructure project in the UK regarding railway stations. Under this project, three levels are set to develop the railway lines. Moreover, three levels of 450m long subsurface platforms will be developed under this project. Further, it can be said that the development of this railway station will provide effective help to the people by implementing 17 high-speed trains per hour serving destinations in the North and Midlands. However, the completion of the project will provide 50,000 high-speed train seats over the three-hour mourning peak.

3. Change management method

Several change models are present in the economy, and they all are quite useful in providing an ultra edge to the project development processes. Therefore, in developing this study, the hayes change management model will be used to understand the change implementation process better, change essentials, change acceleration, and technology assimilation (Cacciatori and Prencipe, 2021)

Therefore, globalisation is responsible for having this kind of change in the economy and providing better help to their consumers or people. Further, Hayes’ change management model is mentioned below for a better understanding of the ongoing project in the UK;

Change implementation process

Under this change model, various steps are involved that will provide better help to the Euston HS2 in developing and making significant changes in their project. According to Clutterbuck et al. (2019), these models further provide effective acceleration to the project to complete their task on time with effective handling of the projects. The Hayes' change model provides effective help to the leaders in identifying the impact changes that will be required later;

Organisational culture

In this section, the leader of the Euston HS2 can make several changes regarding their work culture and provide effective help in the development of the project. Further, changing the culture can help the workers, and other employees develop their identities and effectively participate in the project. As critically argued by Du et al. (2019), in some cases, it was seen that most leaders set the particular culture in their organisation to develop their business. Some employees did not even match this culture, and they lost hope. Therefore, it has become quite necessary to develop a simple and flexible culture that can be implemented by every worker and employee in the work field. 

Organisational structure and design

This section is one of the most important sections in developing a project. The overall structure of the construction and design can be helpful for the people to attract hugely. As a critique by Greco et al. (2021), in some cases, it was seen that there are a lot of issues regarding the overall design and structure. In this project, the Euston HS2 uses a perfect structure and design that will change the outlook of the station and create an additional platform that will view the changes in the station. As the Euston HS2 is one of the latest and smartest platforms, it will become one of the attractions for the people.

Job roles and responsibilities

The implementation of Hayes' change model will further help the Euston HS2 leader develop various roles and responsibilities regarding the completion of the project. However, the leader of Euston HS2 implemented their policies, and they pretty much ran their business properly. Guajardo-Cuéllar et al. (2021) mentioned that if any kind of issue arises in their roles and responsibilities, they can implement Hayes' change model in developing their construction project. However, the Euston HS2 leader can assign a different role to their employees and divide their overall tasks to complete the project on time. Therefore, the implementation of Hayes' change model can be quite helpful in developing their project of constructing the Euston HS2 railway station (Miliji? et al. 2020).


Further, it can be seen in various projects that due to lack of communication facilities, some major changes in the overall project are identified. However, effective communication can create great changes in the project and employees to work properly. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for the Euston HS2 railway station leader to have proper communication with their employees to work effectively and efficiently. As critically argued by Miliji? et al. (2020), Hayes' change model provides better advantages to the leader in developing its communication with its employees. Therefore, the implementation of Hayes' change model can be effective in helping the Euston HS2 railway station development program complete its project on time and have a good relationship with its employees.

Worker motivation and incentives

It becomes necessary for leader to regularly motivate their employees at work. Therefore, the Euston HS2 railway station leader provides effective help to their employees in developing their relationships and providing motivation to their employees (Sergeeva and Winch, 2021). Regular motivation can help them develop the project and provide effective help in completing the project. However, continuous motivation will help them show their talents and abilities at their work.

Employee impacts

In a project, the importance of employees is quite significant and valuable for the completion of the project. Therefore, it becomes very important for the leaders and other management teams to provide effective help to their employees in developing the learning processes, so they work properly (Siagian and Iskandar, 2020). However, these significant moves can be quite recommended and helpful for the employees to have in their work. Therefore, the Euston HS2 construction workers can positively impact their work and delivery of the project on time. Moreover, it can be said that having a proper relationship with the employees provides their effective help through their performance and abilities.

4. Identification and management of the business impact

Technological management

There is various importance of the technical management team in the construction business. As the construction management team is related to heavy equipment and operators, they have to concentrate more on their work. As criticised by Sergeeva and Ali, (2020), the heavy equipment and operators' facilities can become hazardous for work. However, the construction companies are related to working with various kinds of heavy work and making energy-efficient structures for different projects. Therefore, the management team is responsible for handling various kinds of issues regarding the use of machines. The management team is responsible for making the construction workers safe and efficient by maintaining safety procedures.

Communication management

Communication management is very important for developing the overall work in a project. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the management team to communicate with their employees and leaders properly. As per the opinion of Turner and Miterev, (2019), this will help them develop their project and provide effective help to the project through proper communication. However, the workers strictly follow proper communication in a construction zone to reduce various kinds of actions. Therefore, communication is the main process through which a company can solve their project problems. Effective communication is vital to the successful completion of the project. Good communication can improve teamwork and lead to better project collaboration.

Operational management

It becomes quite necessary for the management to increase the revenue in a project. Moreover, the impact of operational management is quite important for the project to develop revenue. Operational management is related to productivity and effectively working in the construction area. As a critique by Wang et al. (2020), the operational management team is responsible for creating higher customer satisfaction by increasing revenue. This is done with the help of people and accessing their needs properly. The proper access to the company and people can effectively increase the value of the project and increase the revenue.

Health and safety management

Health and safety regulation is important while people or employees work in the construction business. Therefore, health and safety management plays a great role in the development of the project and services provided to them. As per the view of Winch and Cha, (2020), health and safety management is responsible for identifying various risks related to construction work. Under this section, the management decided to provide the proper safety measures and effective types of equipment to the employees in developing their work. This will help the project develop the work and provide additional impact to the organisation and the project.

Performance management

Performance management systems can facilitate the overall construction of the individual development plans that influence employees' professional and personal growth. As critically argued by Zulhaimi et al. (2021), it becomes the management team's responsibility to provide effective teaching and to learn to their employees and create further development for them in their related work field. However, the management team provides effective help in creating a work environment where employees and subcontractors are enabled to perform their best and highlight their abilities to develop the project. [Refer to appendix 1]

The proper development of these structural impacts has been evaluated with the personnel, and development has been analyzed for the corresponding structural impacts for the isolation and analyzed for the structural impacts. Apart from this, the entire Euston HS2 has developed with 6000 jobs for the people. As per the view of Serrano, (2020), rather 2000 businesses are involved in the collecting analysis of the engagement and evolution of this proposed culture and analysis. Further development has been evaluated with the proposed criterion for management has been used for corresponding structural analysis in this situation and development. On the other hand, the culture approach has been analyzed for the development of the proposed area and development for further improvement and corresponding analysis with the development of the structure of the Euston station. As per the view of Glaister (2021), the furthermore analysis is established for identification and improvements for the corresponding process on this criterion that has been evaluated with the procurements and developments.

The birthplace of modern railways is known as the Euston railway for developing this as a great and modern development with proposed structural impacts for developing the aspects in the criterion management. The approach to this situation can be evaluated with the project's longevity and management for the structure and corresponding work for the evaluation analysis. The help for the engagement has been established for different communicative situations in this impacted analysis. Apart from this, the structure can be analyzed for further development with the proposed criterion for the main agent that has been planned for more than 15 years. As per Bonard et al. (2021), the projects of HS2 will connect the southeast with the entire country via London. The approach for this situational development can be evaluated with implemented development for better engagement on this connection. Most of the economy of the UK will depend on these projects as the revenue that is generated after this project is a huge amount. Therefore, this project will significantly impact the UK economy.

5. Identification and management of people impact

The HS2 project is the biggest project that has been evaluated in the Euston station in London. The entire project is estimated at £98 billion. The entire costs for this project have been developed as the further development of the imperative analysis for a better approach to the analysis of this situation. The process for the engagement on this analysis has been developed with objective situational development with evaluation depending on the extreme estimated situation. Apart from this, the independent review of the government's research on this topic found that the total estimation of these projects could be increased in future, and the future instrumentation will be £107 billion. As per the view of McNaughton and Banks (2021), this indicates a huge project for the people of London, UK. The impacts announced for the development of this perspective situation for the engagement and the analysis has evaluated with the further development in this situation. The improvements of t6eh analysis have been developed for the corresponding evaluation aspects for better and further development. The impacts of the public analysis have been specified with the originated situational development on these factors and analyzed.

Employment opportunity

The approach of the situation and development has been analyzed for the better development of the project analysis. Besides that, the author Fenton, (2019) stated that the entire HS2 project is the biggest in British history. This indicates that people get several types of employees for this project as this is a big project. On the other hand, £17 billion is allocated to the 15 to 20 years to develop this project for sustainable development of the analysis and further communication. As per the view of Gil and Pinto, (2018), the engagement and evaluation have developed with the improvement development on the sustainable approach for the better aspects in the scene top for further analysis on sustainable approach.

The agreements of the analysis have been developed with the approval and analysis on the future growth can be evaluated with the business and implementation of people's health for better evaluation of this prospective situation and analysis.

Safety of employees

The perception of the corresponding structure has been developed for the analysis that has evaluated the further implementation to identify the safety of workers. Besides that, the engagement of the analysis has been analyzed for the engagement and the structural impacts for better evaluation and approaches on the development criterion for management and analysis of this prospective situation and arrangements. As per the view of Gil, (2021), the approaches of analyses can be specified with the proposed culture for better approaches to the appreciative view. The aggregate analysis in this situation has been specified for the analysis of the procedure on the engagement for sustainable growth. The other impact on the analytical approach has been specified for engagement and further communication with the approach for the functionality of this prospective situation. The management of the further improvements can be specified for the growth management.

Environment effects

The analysis of this approach has been structured with the development that has specified sustainable growth for the management with the prospective situation on this analysis and management. As per the view of Podkolinski, (2021), the improvement of the structural process has been evaluated with the further development of structural management. The environments of the structural process can be specified for better management and approaches for the corresponding behaviours with this further implementation in the appearance of this criterion.

A hundred types of rare habitats and wild places are finished for this HS2 project. Therefore, the entire project has made a big displacement on further development in the prospective situation and analysis for development in the corresponding engagement and situational development structure. The aggregate aspects of the environment sustainable situation on further aspects have been analyzed for better engagement and evaluation of the projects. However, the government of the UK has announced the implemented analysis of the structural process for this engagement and analysis of the different approaches that evaluated the situational engagement for prospective aspects and situations.

Social advantages

The entire project of the HS2 is developed for the analysis of the approach for the better management of the specific factors for evaluation and management. As per the view of Brock, and Stephens-Griffin, (2021), a collaboration of the situation for the prospective analysis has been specified for the development of the prospective analysis with argued facility for the approach. The structure analysis for further and corresponding details has followed for a better approach to this situational management and the development criterion.

6. Benefits management

The section of Euston HS2 is considered the most complex section of this entire railway station project. The project is facing challenges with the contractors, which hinders the quick progress of this project. The benefits management of this project suggests that it has delivered a tremendous employment rate to many citizens of the UK. As per Ayres-Bennett and Carruthers, (2020) view, it is known as the most environmentally-friendly infrastructure project in the UK. Thus, it can be said that it has spread its benefits to support environmental sustainability.

The benefits management of this project also involves identifying, planning, controlling, and managing a particular project's entire performance. This study has evaluated the benefits management of the "Euston HS2" project. The realization of the benefits of a project involves ensuring the derived outputs are making a good impact on the input's functionalities. It also helps to ensure that the desired results are specific and realistic to the project. As per the view of Hadjidemetriou, (2022), the correct benefit management of this project will help to increase employability, develop skills in fundamental management, and also help to increase credibility. The analysis can be specified for the better development of this structure and analysis for sustainable growth for evaluation of those projects. [Ref. appendix 2]

Space management

Project HS2 freed up enough space for the existing network of railways in the UK. The author Razzaque and Lester, (2021) stated that this project developed transport as well as rail services up to 73 rail stations. The analysis of the improvement structure is updated for technical analysis of this railway service. Apart from this, engagement of the analysis has been developed with the corresponding structural impacts for better management of the analytical approach on sub-national bodies of transport. The HS2 project increased the capacity of the railway track on the high-speed line. Therefore, the corresponding development of this structural analysis has been analyzed for a comforting area of management and development with the complete structural process. On the other hand, the improvement comes from discipline and over engaging the structure for management ways and criterion development on the structural impacts of the process.

The 73 stations that are included in the HS2 projects have been developed with the corresponding features for identifying the analysis of the structural impacts for better 4e management and the development of the structural process. Apart from this, the impact of the procedure has been developed with high-speed railway tracks. Therefore, 54 stations form 73. Stations are not serviceable for the HS2 projects. As a result, the local and inter-regional services are improved for this structural process. The future implementation of the works has been followed for the analysis that is needed for the speed on the railway tracks. The author Ruddy, (2020) stated that over the past 12 years, the journeys and passengers have increased to double rather than the improvements on the railway tracks. Therefore, HS2 is needed for every Person and the transport business. 

The impacts for this corresponding evaluation have been identified for the development of this structural analysis with the several years of the responsible development for further analytical improvements. The approach of this category has been analyzed for better aspects with the further evaluation of the structural benefits.

Figure 1: HS2 route

(Source: Kaewunruen et al. 2018)

The above image represents the route for HS2 projects in London, UK. Besides that, this shows the implementation of the entire transportation improvement due to the HS2 projects. The route covers 73 stations, and that impacts the approach and analysis of the development for better development. Further improvements in the analysis have been identified with the process and structural impacts for better developing this criterion and management.

Economical benefits

The research and reports stated that an analysis of these structural impacts had been developed with the implementation of economic structure for the UK in 2018. Apart from this, the analysis of the impacts has been developed with further improvements for the corresponding data for better management with analysis. The author Faccia (2021) stated that the UK economy could gain more than 15 billion Euros in a year from HS2 projects. On the contrary, the reports from KPMG stated that the biggest beneficiaries of these projects would be outside the region of London. This also stated that the economic boost by these projects cannot be felt by 2037. The committee of the project is announced for the development and impacts on the analysis has been founded with the management and work progress analysis of the day and further improvements of the structure.

Not to mention several fragile developments in the economic structure. The author Liu et al. (2021) criticism on the economic development of £15 billion as the maintenance cost of the entire HS2 project will be very high. Therefore, the economic profit may decrease because of the assumptions.

7. Findings and recommendations


HS2 is the biggest project in the history of London. The HS2 projects link Birmingham of London and connect with Leeds, Sheffield, and eventually Scotland. The approach and analysis can be specified with structural development on the improvement analysis for several engagements for further communicative analysis development. Sergeeva and Ninan, (2020) stated that the crowded road system and the busy day would be easy for all people. On the contrary, the author Zhongming et al. (2019) states that this HS2 project is developed in small sections and major cities in the UK. Therefore other populations will decrease their increments and development. Apart from this, the entire project cost more, and it spread over 15 to 20 years. Therefore the government will afford the project costs. Whether the author Cornet (2018) stated that, after completing the entire project, there would be several additional costs for development and maintenance charges.

Figure 2: Environmental benefits of rail tracks

(Source: Cornet et al. 2018)

The above figure represents the environmental benefits and the structural effects for the development of the structural development for the entire analysis. The engagement of the situation can be started for a better approach to living. Therefore, environmental sustainability is required to develop the criterion and management better. Apart from this, Chen and Vickerman (2019) stated that frequent road accidents have increased because the number of vehicles increases daily. The death by car is analyzed as 1.9 per billion kilometres, whereas the death by train is 0.3 per billion kilometres. This indicates the huge difference and the safety of the railway tracks. The overall impacts have been developed with both economic analyses as the inflation of the UK has increased for years. After 2015, the costs of these projects were increased as calculated before.


In my opinion, the entire HS2 project is the biggest project for the entire UK. Apart from this, I recommended establishing economic development departments for current inflation and analysis. The development approach has been specified for developing the aspects with further development on further aspects with the environment sustainable developments. The different approaches of this criterion have been evaluated with impacts on the analysis for corresponding evaluation. O recommended developing an HS2 project with an analysis of the sustainable development environments of these structural impacts. The evaluation of this facility has been analyzed with the fresher for implementation and evaluation of the entire project.


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