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About Technology in the Good Leadership and Leading the Way in Formula Assignment Sample

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Introduction : About Technology in the “Good Leadership and Leading the Way” in Formula

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Body 1

Formula 1 Technology

Formula 1 is a company that uses technology as a future development tool. It is an automobile organization. This company develops all gadgets to update it selves in this social and economic environment. Regarding technology, Formula 1 is a well-known company all over the world. This company basically a racing car manufacturing and selling company. It is now expanding its business throughout Spain, and France. The company started its work as a manufacturer and supplier of car parts. After many years this company became to sell racing cars and other electronic gadgets, like mobile, laptops, and many more (Skinner et al. 2018). For expanding Formula 1’s business they now also arrange many events on car racing and promote its upcoming gadgets and cars. This company used its innovative technology for being always updated in the automobile sector. During the creation of a sports car, the sports car’s technology will always be updated by including new features on that.

Gaining this technology in Formula 1

Formula 1 is a company that is always searching for new ideas. Day by day our environment getting worst, in this situation the over uses of petrol and air pollution worsen the environment more. That is why the company decided to make new cars that are not very impactful on the environment (Frizziero et al. 2021). These types of unique ideas are very helpful for the environment. In this period of time sports car racing is entertainment. After creating new gadgets or new equipment for cars the company is promoting them by arranging events all by themselves. It is very clear that the automobile engineers of Formula 1 are very thoughtful not only about entertainment but also about the environment. Formula 1’s technology goes beyond the 21 Grands pix and 20 cars on the grid. This is how Formula 1 tech is gaining this technology. The new cars are having more power and produce 26% less pollution in the way of CO2 emissions (, 2022). In the automobile industry, every gadget has a head and this car's head is the engine. The engine is basically based on thermal efficiency. That is also making less air pollution. In this environment, cars have to go with some features which are good for the environment, like a solar facility, clam less engine, energy storage, electric propulsion, and many more.

The future of technology in Formula 1

Those who are thinking about the future never fall down. In this company the engineer, marketing head also admins are very thoughtful for this company. In the future of technology, Formula 1 becomes the best organization in the automobile industry (, 2022). If the company connects the environment with its work then it will be not a problem, to see this company in the future. For example, discovering a car that runs on electricity, and if there is a problem with the pollution the car can control the pollution and decrease the amount of carbon. Carbon fiber has gone from race cars and exotic sports cars are now decreasing its CO2 value.

Body 2

The role of good leadership

Every organization has to follow a good path to achieve success. Achieving success always needs good guidance. An organization always have a person or a group of person who motivate others to follow a particular path toward success. These types of people are called leaders who can show the path to walk (Graham et al. 2018). Expanding a company or carrying forward a company is a very tough job to do. Only a good leader and a leader’s leadership quality can carry forward a company in this study the company “Formula 1” is very successful because of its leader. The leadership quality of a leader is taking this company to another level.



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