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Orientation for Success in Higher Education Assignment Sample

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1. Introduction 

The resolution of Digitalization has changed the procedures of education. Students can benefit from technology because it enables fast access to knowledge, rapid learning, and enjoyable chances to apply what they have learned. It helps learners to attend new disciplines and get a better comprehension of challenging subjects, especially in the STEM fields (Luna-Nevarez and McGovern, 2018). Now, in that case, the reflection cycle has generated the experience gathered by me due to the digital class. The technology-driven education system is drive the wheels of education in a faster way (Metilda and Neena, 2017). The students will be able to enhance their knowledge through the use of such modern technologies in the education system.  In this regards the main questions are: "How a student can improve his professional and academic skills through educational technology?" and "What are the potentiality and weaknesses and how it will impact on future?”.

2. The Impact of Digital Education on the Academic and Employability Skills and Reflection Though Gibbs Reflective Cycle and Personal SWOT Analysis 

Gibbs Reflective Cycle is an ego and management technique that enables individuals to think clearly and methodically about the many experiences they have had when engaged in a certain activity or comparable scenario and to conclude (Adeani, Febriani and Syafryadin, 2020).


Figure 1: Gibbs Reflective Cycle

(Source: Adeani, Febriani and Syafryadin, 2020)


Through the digital class in my education department, I have faced a great experience in my classes. Every student can get more appropriate information from these digital classes.  


I have faced a little nervous due to this entire session of the classes. But, with the proper collaboration with my mates, I have got confidence in these digital classes. One thing is, I do have not enough knowledge about technology-based work that is why it is a little hurdle for me. This new approach is very impressive for us and it generates the authenticity of the education in the educational system. 


In the digital classes, I have faced dual circumstances both positive and negative. The better understanding and appropriate demonstration of the chapters on the digital process help me to evolve my understanding. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult for me to accelerate the systemic process. Therefore, my personal assessment based on the technological platform is complex for me. 


From the overall evaluation of my experience and feel it has been seen that the classes based on the digital process are helping us to enhance the better accomplishing process. On the other hand, it has been seen that through the process of digitalization the email has helped us to get and send the messages in a faster and secure way.  On the other hand, there are some issues like technical issues which have disrupted the notion of education. Also, I have not enough capable to tackle such kind of technical ways that has been initiated in the smart classes. On the other side, the digital classes are less descriptive in some points which mainly contain visualization which is difficult for me to consume the accrual knowledge.


From this situation, I have learned that these digital classes are helping us to improvise our systematic approaches of the individual but sometimes it does not affect knowledge ourselves.

Action plan 

Required Skills

How to improved


Technical skills

I have to regularly practice the application regarding my educational purposes based on technology. 

4 to 5 months

Build Confidence

The daily practices and uses of the application will help me to improve my concept for confidence.

6 to 8 months

Effective for Academic and Professional Success 

Reflection enables the brain to stop in the middle of chaos, disentangle and filter experiences, examine possible explanations, and generate meaning. This significance develops into knowledge, which may then be used to plan future attitudes and behaviours.

Academic Success 

Reflecting enables to enhance the abilities and assess their efficacy, rather than simply continuing to do things exactly the way you always have performed them. It is about positively challenging what to do etc people do that and then choosing if there is a more effective or better method to do it in the next.  Reflective practice helps students gain a better understanding of their peers, their talents, and their needs (Dhaliwal, Singh and Singh, 2018). Reflection enables the students to place themselves in the boots of their students, which many excellent instructors do. It enables a student to fulfil their gaps based on their analysis from the experience. Therefore, from, this analysis the academic knowledge on technology-based education is enhanced. This will help a student to enhance their academic potentiality with the modern age of the digital process. 

Professional Success 

In the context of professionalism, several contexts have fulfilled the future choices. In that case, the reflective cycle model is helpful to understand the situation that can identify what is good or bad. Regarding this fact, an employee can able to identify the qualities of him or herself that is capable to adapt the skills that have still lacked.  In the professional skill, many factors can enhance through the proper understanding of the Gibbs reflective cycle model (Aseel, 2018). In that case, those who had considered their problem-solving abilities reported feeling more competent and effective than those in the control group. "When someone pause, reflect and consider how someone learns, anyone can develop a stronger sense of self-efficacy,” "After that, someone is more driven and perform better.

Reflective practice is extremely beneficial for growing self-awareness, which would be a vital part of emotional maturity, as well as for gaining an understanding of others. Additionally, critical reflection can aid in the development of creative mental abilities and promotes active participation in procedural tasks (Aseel, 2018). The reflection for the experiences and understanding of the technological factors in the educational system is helpful to consume the factors of a particular subject. It can assess what is going to be right and wrong with someone and identify the proper potentiality and weakness of a people. 

Personal SWOT 

After the evolution of the Gibbs reflective cycle which has generated my experience on my course. From this reflection of this project, the self strength and weakness are identified. The application of personal reflection through SWOT will elaborate in the below: 



From the above evaluation, it has been seen that I have enough interest in understanding the sessions through the process of digitalization. I can easily adapt any kind of reading materials through the digitalization process. That is why my comprehensive power is strong. 

From the above evaluation, it has been seen that I have a lack of sense of understanding of the technical process. The loopholes in my technical skill are great trouble for me to understand the all technical process that is recently used in the educational system.  Another thing is that I have lacked in my confidence. 



Analysis and experience said that I have efficiency on my comprehensive skill. Comprehension provides context for what is received. When the words on a page are not simply words but thoughts and ideas, reading understanding happens. Understanding enhances the enjoyment, amusement, and educational value of reading. It is necessary for academic, professional, and personal success. In the professional and academic context, a better comprehensive skill will help me to enhance my capacity to earn the gain and knowledge appropriately. 

The proper evaluation has expressed that, I have lacked in the sense of technological understanding. The gaps in technological understanding will be a big problem in the academic and futuristic professional background. In The era of the modern world, the accurate concept of technology is playing a pivotal role. Therefore, such kind of inefficiency will create a problem in the progress especially in the professional context. Alongside, in the academic context, this will also disrupt the modern process of education. On the other hand, the lack of confidence will confuse me to select the right way of understanding any kind of thing in the academic as well as professional context. The inability of proper confidence will create a bigger gap in my future progress in the notions of professionalism. 

The above self-analysis through the personal SWOT analysis, it has proved finally, what I have gained for my future progress. Alongside, the potentiality is also generated that will help me to further develop in the future. 

3. Conclusion 

The conclusion of the Digital revolution has altered educational methods. Students gain from tech since it offers instant access to information, rapid learning and pleasurable allows for learners to implement what they have learned. It enables students to explore new fields and have a better understanding of complex topics. Regarding this matter of fact, from the overall evaluation of the report, it has been seen that in the education system digital platform is playing a pivotal role. In that case, it has been understood by me that, in the academic and professional context the digitalized education system have a wide level of ramification. From Gibbs reflective cycle model it has also been understood by me that, what are my qualities and what are my weakness. From this evaluation, it has been seen that I have enough quality on my comprehensive skills and I am weak on technological skills and lack confidence.

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