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Leading People and Change Assignment Sample

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Task 1: Reflective diary

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To activate reflection on own experience in the workplace, that will constitute the starting point in an experiential learning cycle

Reflecting on my own experience with place of work can be a valuable starting point for an experiential learning cycle. I can begin by identify specific situations where I encountered tensions, such as contradictory requests or multiple objectives Herrington, et. al. (2020). For instance, I may have had to balance the demands of diverse projects or navigate conflicting priorities from diverse stakeholders.

To reflect on my experience, I can ask myself questions such as:

  • What were the exact demands or objectives that I had to pilot?
  • How did these objectives create tension in the workplace?
  • What strategy did I use to run the tensions and prioritize my tasks?
  • What resources or hold up did I require to navigate these tensions efficiently?
  • What did I learn from this experience, and how can I apply this instruction in the future?

Dealing with opposing demands in the place of work can be challenging for me, and it requires a mixture of resources, skills, and attitudes Thomas, et. al. (2019). Some of the essential resources might include access to relevant information, clear communication channels and a sympathetic workplace culture. Key skills for managing contradictory demands might include prioritization, time management, and problem-solving. Attitudes like adaptability, flexibility, and a willingness to look for help when needed can also be important. If I struggle to deal with opposing demands, there are several things I can do to improve my situation. I can seek out additional training or resources to develop new skills or strategies connect with colleagues or mentors for support, and work to cultivate a state of mind of resilience and suppleness in the face of changing demands.

Functional stupidity can have both positive and negative consequences, depending on the exact context. For instance, in some settings, functional foolhardiness may facilitate quicker decision-making and develop competence, but in others, it can lead to poor decision and expensive mistakes. To keep functional stupidity at cove in an organization, it's important to cultivate a culture of critical thinking and give confidence employees to speak up when they have concerns or ideas Fromm, et. al. (2021). This can involve creating a safe room for open communication and positive feedback, providing opportunities for training and development, and satisfying those who reveal a commitment to excellence and constant improvement.


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