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Travel and Tourism Management Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Travel and Tourism Management Assignment

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Legacy and tourism sector is much wider and it is essential for government to manage it an effective way, thus they can improve economy of their country. Cultural heritage includes many alluring places, tradition, monuments and so on. Visitor places also comprises various natural spots. Fundamental aim of this report is to analyse growth and advancement of heritage and cultural industry. In this assignment there is a description about conflicts which is associated with conservation of heritage as well as cultural assets (Cole, 2012). It is essential for regulatory bodies to maintain all tourist spots in an adequate way, as it attract various guests towards them. There are many organisations which is related to this form of industry and it is must to comprehend their duties and obligations. In modern days several types of new techniques use in this sector.


1.1 Growth and development of heritage and cultural industry

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1.2 Conflicts in conservation of heritage and cultural resources

Clashes in preservation of legacy and cultural assets


2.1 Purpose of heritage and cultural attractions

Historical centers as well as scholastics assume an essential part in impacting different vacationer, thus they stand up to them with excellence of distinctive social legacy of diverse locale which is having exceptional character which is identified with social conviction and suspicions. This area is centred around advancing travel and tourism part British Museum and Royal Academy of Arts. It features part of developed verifiable landmarks as well as structures (Kastenholz and et. al., 2012). They need to do examine work, stimulation and in addition instructive reason, hence they can do recreational exercises which are mentioned as beneath:

Research: Exhibition hall has given office to do examination, thus they can complete exploration through which they can investigate diverse parts of the world. They need to utilize adequate conventional instruments as well as techniques which can be received amid antiquated human advancement, therefore they can make determination by which they can adjust components and in addition accomplish advantages.

Entertainment: English Museum has been giving excitement to kids and family which assists in standing up to before various development. Purchasers, traditions as well as conventional esteems are received by individuals, thus they can show best possible model. Along with this, with assistance of social legacy students enhance their learning and in addition knowledge. Family can visit gallery as an occasional trip, therefore they can appreciate diverse custom as well as atmosphere condition (Robinson, Heitmann and Dieke, 2011).

Recreation: It assists in expanding trust amongst an individual with thought to national as well as universal media. Whatever media displays issues, news or data in front of entire population, they always trust on them. Media investigate significance of recognizing raw numbers by which they symbolize antiquated social angles.

Education: Various heritage places provide information to people which will assist them in their studies, so that they can improve their learning.


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4.1 Evaluate methods and media used for interpretation

Advertising is imperative portion for a commercial enterprise. Alongside this each organisation need to make subjective items which enhances profitability (Petroman, 2013). By utilizing guests component, British Museum as well as Royal Academy of Arts in London which is having history, craftsmanship as well as culture. Further, they need to translate experience of guests inside ad board and furthermore need to take input which is canned in criticism journal.

Representation of strategies and media:

Significance of representation to traveler: It is the fundamental part that they need to translate British Repository to their guests. Alongside this they have to cater uncommon manual for them, thus they can see everything and by that they can do adequate advancement.

Importance of way to deal with translation: Administration need to utilize topical approach so they can do legitimate elucidation. They need to expound models and furthermore do advancement of human. It is helping hypothesis which affect guests, hence they can find out about the gallery (Chang, Kivela and Mak, 2011).

Media for Interpretation: Higher specialists of British Museum and Royal Academy of expressions with the goal that they can utilize best medium by that they can do effective translation which is determined with perspectives of models as well as expressions. A few media which aids in understanding which incorporates:

  • Audio visual: By this they can render direction obscure gathering enter in British exhibition hall. Alongside this they can join a screen which depict model or workmanship quickly.
  • Meeting audio requirements: Through this they can give effective preparing to visitor with the goal that they can meet gathering of people needs.
  • Published material: They can utilize distributed material which assists in giving direction. Different mediums incorporate magazine and client control. By this they can give best possible structure about workmanship and culture and furthermore about galleries. Alongside this they need to distribute distinctive dialects which aids visitor (López-Guzmán and Sánchez-Cañizares, 2012).


From above discussed assignment it has been comprehend that representatives need to keep up components of culture and legacy as this is taken as need by each country. Each nation individuals need to put an ever increasing number of endeavors with the goal that they can advance travel and tourism segment which helps in drawing in or getting consideration of vacationer. Organization individuals need to make the conceivable pay so that they can investigate the nation by utilizing best possible common assets. Travel and tourism division helps in advancing friendliness business and additionally transportation segment. Subjects of Tibet need to do general advancement thus they can support up augmentation in Gross Domestic Product of the country.


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