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Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

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Human Resource Management in Healthcare Services: A Case Study of Richmond Fellowship

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Human resource management is a process by which employees can be managed and motivated through incentives and other monetary benefits (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It involve three activity like staffing, compensation and benefits to the workers by which they can implement their work by an appropriate manner. This report presents a study of Richmond Fellowship which is human service agencies establishes at Queensland. It explained the purpose, various services and organisational structure of cited firm. It also describes the funding activity which are performed by a business. Furthermore, it also evaluate the strength, weakness and gap limitation which are faced by the existing human service practitioner while collecting the informations. At last, it also explained various evidence in this report.

A) Summarizing the various pieces of information related to the Richmond Fellowship

a) Purpose of the organisation

Richmond Fellowship is community owned organisation which provides helps and support to mentally disabled and socially challenging people (Fuster, 2017). The main motive of the cited firm is to organize welfare programmes by which they can encourage self belief and personal growth in people. Company also try to covered all the disabled person under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Cited firm also make various efforts for improving and developing skills y providing training or friendly environment to the workers. Mission of Richmond Fellowship is to make great approach in field of social welfare. In addition to this, it organize various welfare programs and receiving support from the legal authorities. Moreover, firm also enlarge their number of partners. At present, government, community, research and corporate are the some areas by which company will get great support for development of the society. All the information related to the organisation are collected in first time which is totally unfamiliar to the practitioner. All above informations are useful for the practitioner to analysis the actual working situation and style which are performed by the organisation (Evan Mayo-Wilson, Paul Montgomery, 2008).

b) Services offered to mental health challenges people

Richmond Fellowship company provides various kinds of services with the helps of several funding programs. There are different kinds of services which are offered by the organisation. Through NDIS support programs, company provides skill building activity which include budgeting, decision making and public transport facility etc. to the people. By providing daily services by seating at home offers personal supports to the people (Etats-Unis. Department of health, human services, Centers for disease control, prevention (Etats-Unis) and National center for health statistics (Etats-Unis), 2013). There are many recovery day centres are established by the firm which provides educational and recreational activity or programmes. All these activities helps to build confidence and developing new skills in mentally disabled person. Richmond Fellowship also provides opportunities of independent life and hospital facility at home to the people. At last, firm also provides justice from any kinds of criminal activity through Transition Reintegration Recovery and Support system to the people. Hence, above all the informations is appropriate and clearly defined to human service practitioner in order to understand the impact of services to protect the mentally sick people.

c) Structure and funding arrangement of the organisation

Richmond Fellowship is a community owned organisation in which all the staff members are designed in well-defined manner. All the members have great responsibility and roles for providing various services to mentally disabled person (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). Firm receivers the funds from National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by which it can provides services to the socially ignored and mentally sick people. Organisation receives donations from NDIS and Queensland's mission Mental Health Service (PHMS) organisation. However, information related to funding are not available properly, also the organisation's structure are not presented. Although, organisation and its service's information are clearly defined in the report.

B) Evidence based on the relevant needs of the organization

A recent study conducted by Evan Mayo-Wilson and Paul Montgomery (2008) ii presents the study for providing personal assistance for adult (19-64) which are caused by physical and intellectual impairments (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). The main objective of this study to assess the effectiveness of personal assistance and identify the impacts by making effective comparison. While conducting the research, author used electronic database for making comparative study between 19-64 aged group people. Study analysed the impact on a person which are under administration of workers. As a result, it personal assistance make positive impact in his life. It is determined that people create self-confidence and develop new skills in their behaviour. Furthermore, it also explained the role of personal care and assistance by which teaching or learning activities is to be performed by the workers in order to supports the mentally ill people. The study describes the importance of personal care which create a magical improvement in mentally disabled person (Birren, Cohen, Sloane, Lebowitz, Deutchman, Wykle and Hooyman, 2013).

By getting above evidence or as per the past research, it is analysed that Richmond Fellowship company also provides various supports and helping activity to those people who were suffering from any mental diseases. As per the services offered by the cited organisation, it is examined that firm also provides personal supports and hospitality facility to the people at home. Workers of a company offers teaching and learning facility to such people by which they can trained them in order to completer daily task. For example: Richmond Fellowship appoint those workers which trained people of living ability such as dressing sense, day-to-day work through training or teaching.

All these activity helps the mentally sick people by which they can build self-confidence and develop new thought to living their life. Furthermore, company also provides hospital facility at home by which they can protect their life due to some uncertainty or any kind of diseases. In this program, cited firm offers six weeks discharge preparation so that people can recover themself by resting at home. Hence, by analysing the previous study human service practitioner can analysis the working styles or facility which are offered by the Richmond Fellowship company in order to protect the health of mentally retired or sick people in the society (Beardwell and Thompson, 2014). It can be said that personal care and assistance plays an important role for developing good mind set and positive behaviour or attitude. By taking the example of the cited firm and its operations, it is clear that organisation manage their work and employees appropriately in order tom provides health facility.


As per the above detailed report, it can be concluded that to provides human service is an important task which are performed by the company. This approach is adopted by the firm in order to meeting human's need and maintaining the good relationship with them. This report is classified into two parts. In the first part, it discovered the purpose , services and organisational structure of Richmond Fellowship company. As a existing human service practitioner, it can be concluded that cited firm is social welfare organisation which provides services or protection to mentally sick and disabled person. It also defined the various services such as hospital facility, independent life, personal support or care which helps to build self confidence in the people's mind. Furthermore, inn the second part, it presents the evidence which is related to the study. After analysing the research stud, it can be calculated that Richmond Fellowship company provides various supports and health facility through effective funding of NDIS. At last, it also explained the role of personal assistance and linked with the cited organisation's work to achieve their desire goals.


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