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An Analysis of Human Resource Management: Trends, Skills, and Job Opportunities Assignment Sample

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HRM: Trends, Skills, and Job Analysis

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One of the main notions behind conducting this study is to show the familiarity, aptitudes along with knowledge needed by a graduate student in order to get entry into an industry. My main aim for conducting this research is to show my skills being a HR in addition to how to it will help me in getting entry into any sector. The main objective which I set for this study is to show my specialization in which I did graduation and, also to find out the upcoming trends for that particular selected area. The selected of my study was Human resource and I will provide both primary and secondary facts in order to show the validity of the study. In addition to this one more objective of this study is to show the aptitudes as well as the understanding required to flourish in the selected field of profession. But before going into deep details let ne just provide a brief about what is HRM.

Human Resource Management is that field of study which deals with the tactical move towards to the effectual administration of individual within a company. The main use of Human Resource in a company is that it helps in gaining cutthroat advantage for that particular business. A company particularly design a human resource in order to expand the work and labour performance in work of a worker's tactical goal. In other words human resource can also be describe as the process which help in managing people and employees in an organization using strategic management plan (Reza, 2015).

Analysis and Application

General trends which will impact on your profession

The past few years has generated an inundation pf modification into the field of HR. The increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence has made the profession of HR more complex and tough to deal with. As we entered the 2020 as well as a totally fresh era it is simply pertinent to seek forward for a sight of which HR styles will ongoing to take and accept the modification and which fresh trends will rise to mould the future of employment. Computerized advancement and interruption are the same old thing. Be that as it may, maybe what is going on is the accentuation organizations are putting on computerized changing human resource. A very latest study done by SelectHub showed that almost 2/3rd of the company pioneers believes that if they, organization did not go with the digital transformation by the year 2020 it will no longer be cutthroat. The use of the HR is anyhow always be an important part but with that the introduction of the digitalized HR will more help the employers to work easily. The study has also listed out the methods through which artificial intelligence might help the recruitment strategy as well as also highlighted where it will be not much effectual as compared to humans (Totah, Zachary, 2020).

So, based on the above chart it can be identified that the future trends of the HR and the introduction of the AI is more likely to impact the sourcing employees and checking the employees for recruitment. The least impacted area will be taking interview of the employees.

The skills / knowledge and experience required to be an effective HR

With an intention to flourish in HR field a person required few of the important skills and experience. Below mentioned are the most important skills which a HR person is require.



Interaction Skills

The most important aptitudes to being a good HR is having excellent communications skills. This is because an HR of any company is main spokesperson so that person need to smart enough to communicate with any sort of people.


As the HR manager of a company identified as the main spokesperson as a result, he needs to be very proactive in his profession. Proactive HR assists with arranging as well as adjusting the key HR works such that provides the most incentive to the company.


The next HR abilities is instructing various partners. HR people require to provide proper instructions to representatives, line supervisors, plus ranking directors on individual problems


Managing people is one of the most important skills require in HR. As the name suggest HRM means managing of people properly.


Educating abilities are useful with regards to one-on-one or gathering meetings to propagate data or guide individuals (Maria, 2017).

The knowledge which require to flourish in HR field are listed below:



University degree

In order to gain proper knowledge and experience in HR first and foremost it is important to have a university degree in HR after that only knowledge can be transformed into skills.

Working in an functioning role

Secondly, in order to have an expertise in HR field a person need to rigorously work in an operational role after that only it can convert into a good HR (Dr.Kumar, 2016).


In this segment a brief about the selected post of HR recruiter will be discussed along with that why I am interested in this post I will be sharing. Along with this in what manner it connects with my prospective selected of profession and why I prefer this work occasion to others will also be discussed.

why this job role is of interest to me

The position for which I am applying is HR recruitment for a leading company in England. Being an HR specialised student and, also to gain initial knowledge and experience I think this is the best post for any budding HR. This job will help me understanding my skills in a better way and I will be able to proactively work with the employees of the company. This profile will also help me in understanding the basics of recruitment and in the future, it can also help to be the HR head of any big MNC.

How does it relate to your potential choice of profession?

As I have already in the beginning of the study that my specialization is into HR and this is the reason, I think the vacant post will be best suited for me. For the initial job experience it is important to apply for those job roles which is related to the prospective profession and course. In my case as I am a budding HR, so I think to gain proper knowledge and to develop the skills in a more better manner this recruitment profession is best suited with my profile. (Maria, 2017)

Why do you prefer this job opportunity to others you considered?

Though I am not saying that this job role will be best suited for everyone, but yes of course anybody who is studying HR and those who already graduated in HR like me for them this will be the best suited job occasion. This is due to the reason that the freshers will be able to get a chance to learn basic about the recruitment, they will also learn how to screen candidates and also how to take them to the final rounds. One of the most important part of this job opportunity is that these are usually target based job which will help us learn how to handle and work under pressure which every employee confronts these days. In addition to this this job opportunity will also provide us with an opportunity to communicate with others which will additionally helps in developing the communication skills of an individual.

Is this a new/emerging job role within your industry and therefore likely to be future proofed?

No, this is absolutely not a new or emerging job role but the future with the job role is very much secure. Recruitment is not a new process and it has been started since the people started working decades ago. But, yet there has been a lot of development done in this field and along with this the introduction of the digitalised system has also make it much easier. In addition to this the process or cycle of the recruitment is also the same but with the introduction of the AI the work has become extremely easy for the recruiters. So, overall it can be said that and also as per my knowledge and experience this job opportunity is not new and in the upcoming time also it is going to be the same with some changes in the technology innovation (Maria, 2017).


Thus, from the overall study it can be concluded that HR profession is not only an interesting profession but with this profession we can learn a lot about other professions also. HR profession helps a person to screen hassle and also helps in identify the strong coupled with weak points of an individual. Being an HR professional, I can say that I have learnt a lot in my college and in the coming future I am going to additional things about the profession in deep details.


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