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Employability Skills and Leadership Analysis Assignment Sample

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Employability Skills and Leadership Analysis: Samples for Students

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Job Covering Letter

I have done a lot in finance and it seems that the skills which I have would also be perfect for a job within the finance sector. The job role that I would be applying for is financial analyst. The job role has been selected as a Graduate Finance Analyst (LinkedIn, 2021). This is being done to make sure that there are a large number of different small businesses that I could work for. New London HR is a human resource organisation that is linked with several SMEs and the job role of a financial analyst would be to support the finance and operations team to make decisions (New London HR, 2021). Being a consultancy-based organisation, different cases have to be handled. 

Covering letter for the above

July 14, 2021

Dear Mayo Baquiran (Executive Assistant)

I am writing to apply for the job of financial analyst as advertised by New London HR. The role that has been described within the advertisement is very desirable. It seems that this job role would be perfect for me and would help mot to hone my skills and even learn new ones.

My effective skill of communication will help me not only to share information with the other firms effectively but will also be able to confront the various financial issues that they might be having. Having a large amount of computer knowledge, I will be able to make sure that proper handling of all of the client’s information is done at an adequate pace and that too on excel sheets.

Having a degree in BSC Accounting and Finance from Canterbury Christ Church University, which makes me an adequate candidate for the job. I do have compelling skills that would help to show what can be the different areas that I can use them. Having a finance degree from such a prestigious college would help in the handling of various projects that would be presented my way.

This job seems to be an ideal start for me as the skills I have are linked to it and it would help me provide with a chance to grow within the business environment and understand different financial issues that occur.



Formal email

To, Miss. Elizabeth

Dear Ma’am,

Sub: Requesting permission for internship of Graduate Finance Analyst.

This letter is to inform you that I XYZ am currently studying in ABC college within my final year. This letter is to bring to your attention that within this year I have to complete my internship. While going through the internet I saw an opening in your prestigious organisation and am willing to hone my skills within it. This would be a perfect opportunity where I would be able to show what skills I have and increase my experience of the business world and how it works before getting a real job. 

I have several areas within financial aspects that would be helpful to manage all of the responsibilities that would be given to me. I also have a clear understanding of the various functions of excel where most of the calculations of financial problems are done. 

I would be very grateful if you would accept me for this internship.

Yours Sincerely,


Answering questions

Q1. What is your biggest weakness and what have you done to overcome this?

One of my biggest weaknesses was that of communication. I am not too much of a communicator hence the ideas which I might have oftentimes used to stay within me. This was not an effective area that I was lacking in as within the future I would need to be able to communicate with different personnel to make sure that growth can be attained. 

This was overcome throughout the time within my studies as I made sure to communicate as more as possible. Whenever I got the chance to speak in class or during any seminars then I tried not to be afraid. This is needed to be done because other competencies are linked within this hence it needed to be increased (Khan et al., 2017). 

Q2. What is the main role you play in a team?

One of the main roles that I play within a team is that of a leader. The role of a leader is of utmost importance within the team as they are the ones that direct the whole team to success. The leader is the one that helps to find out the strengths of the team members and assign them to work accordingly. The projects there were done within groups within the college, I had made sure that the role of a leader was taken by me (Connolly et al., 2019). By doing this I would be able to solve several issues that occur and manage the work accordingly. This is an important role as it will help to make that all of the team members are treated with equality and management of all of the work is done. 

Q3. Which business leader has had the greatest influence on your thinking and why?

Elon Musk is one of the leaders that is looked up to. Though most people might find this person to be an arrogant personality it seems that even after facing many losses, the leader still found a way to reach success within the market. 

This leader has taught that the concept of giving up should not be present within a person and also the opportunities that are present within the market should be grasped quickly. These are the two-key taking that I was able to most relate to the leader and have influenced me to take a step into different areas within the market (Khan, 2021). This leader was consistent in achieving the goals that were set up and had made sure that nothing came in between them.

Q4. Why do you think you will be successful in this job?

One of the reasons that I think I would be proficient at this job is that I have a lot of knowledge and skills that would help me to be skilful. One of the skills that I have is that I have a lot of information on how to handle data on Microsoft excel. This would be of utmost importance within the job role as dealing with several projects would have to be done and all of their information would have to be kept properly.

Another reason is that I do have a lot of knowledge within the financial aspects as mostly all of my degrees are regarding this. So, the financial operations that I would be advising within would help me to manage all of the work being given to me. 

Questions to Ask Employer

Question 1

What are the projections for growth regarding financial aspects? 

Question 2

What mistakes have various individuals made regarding the job position that is being applied for?


Connolly, M., James, C. and Fertig, M., 2019. The difference between educational management and educational leadership and the importance of educational responsibility. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 47(4), pp.504-519.

Khan, A., Khan, S., Zia-Ul-Islam, S. and Khan, M., 2017. Communication Skills of a Teacher and Its Role in the Development of the Students' Academic Success. Journal of Education and Practice, 8(1), pp.18-21.

Khan, M.R., 2021. A critical analysis of Elon Musk’s leadership in Tesla motors. Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research, pp.1-10.

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