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Marketing And Communication Plan Assignment Sample

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Introduction : Marketing And Communication Plan

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A critical assessment of marketing communicational processes and related theories is carried out by identifying marketing communicational tools. This report is based on the Event that is Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club that is a dedicated helper organisation that provides various opportunities for saving life (TAKACS, & VADUVA, 2017). The main aim of the event is to be integral as well as valued organisation in terms of local community. The report covers the situational analysis of the event along with the target audience. At last, it covers the purpose and objectives of event with the marketing and communication. 

1. Situational Analysis

1.1 SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club is given below:


· The major strength is all about contributing to the local economy

· Provide better services as per the requirement of people


· Some lack of marketing material and high staff turnover.

· Another weakness include the development of other companies affect the position of Life Saving Club.


· There is huge scope of technology by using different automation

· The changes in consumer behaviour is considered as a huge aspect of opportunity as they are more aware about the new level of activities for self-betterment (Kuo, &, 2016).


· It includes the major competitors like The Noosa Surf Club and St John Ambulance Australia.

· The competitors are considered as huge threat for the Life Saving club in the activities.

1.2 PESTEL Analysis

The fitness and hospitality industry like Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club’s Pestel Analysis is as follow:

Political Factors: Government policies and legislation are political issues. Trade restrictions and tax issues are not a concern for Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club.

Economic Factors: A decline in the economy might lead to fewer customers. The less disposable income people have, the less money they will spend on leisure activities.

Social Factors: Life Saving Club are influenced by the demographics of the population. People are categorized based on their age, gender, and income. The demand for fitness and physical development is high among both young and old (Nayak, & Kayarkatte, 2020).

Technological Factors: While technological issues might favour the company in terms of providing high barriers to entry for new entrants, it might be a matter of concern for the high demand and expectation from customers. Life Saving Club have a hard time entering the market because of the high equipment standards and staffing requirements.

Environmental Factors: The Mullaloo SLSC may face challenges due to environmental factors. The equipment runs on electricity, which makes energy consumption high. Due to this, environmental protection laws can be a hindrance.

Legal Factors: Legal issues also came in an aspect of health as well as safety matters. However, the rules and regulations must be strict as per the use of services by the people and it is essential to provide appropriate training to the staff members (George, 2021).

2 Target Audience

2.1 Scope

The right people as per the event of Mullaloo Surf Live Saving Club they provide series to the people who are going to the beach and take different water services. The major scope is all about the people who took services as it is important to provide safety services to them.

2.2 Demographics

Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club provide services to all age group of people as they provide services to all kind of people. Majorly people came from Australia only whether they are family or single as it is one of the most important information for targeting audience (Muhammedrisaevna, Bayazovna, & Kakhramonovna, 2020).

2.3 Psychographics

The things which motivates them to take service from Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club is to bring opportunity to their life. As it seems risky during water sports or surf sports so it is essential to offer great facilities on the beach (R?klaitis, & Pilelien?, 2019). By improving the marketing and communication activities which helps people to get more knowledge about the different services offered by the event which helps to motivate people to take services.

2.4 Other Information

The other information of the audience is important to know for the progress of the event and it is beneficial for the growth of event. It is important to know their background and health status before offering services to them (Anning-Dorson, 2021).

3.0 Event Purpose and Objective

3.1 Event Purpose

The main purpose of Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club where the event is Australian Surf Life Saving Championships and to offer equipping, empowering, developing and supporting our people, we are able to make a difference to the lives of people along the NSW coastline. The event is considered at a first place as it helps to serve many people and developing the aspect of people regarding the changes in life.

3.2 Marketing and Communication Objectives

In order to host an event, it is important to develop marketing and communication objectives for the development of event in an appropriate manner. The social media goals are playing a significant role for Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club that helps in reflecting some specific needs of the business (Abashidze, 2022).

Marketing Objective: the main marketing objective is to increase the sales by suing different techniques of promotion.

Communication Objective: The communication objectives is about to maximise awareness abut the event among the appropriate audience for valuable return.

The planning for achieving the marketing and communication objective can be completed with the help of SMART objectives.

Smart: It is important to identify the issues and opportunities of event and bring changes according to the real issues.

Measureable: Important to measure the level of enhancing the sales and using promotion of event for the enhancement in sales.

Actionable: The information is enough to make improvement in the event for the development and growth of event.

Relevant: The relevant information about the issues in the event can be resolved with the appropriate implementation of the situation.

Time-Bound: It is required to complete in a proper time frame and consider it as a development in the marketing and communication objective.


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