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Academic and Professional Communications Critical Reflection Portfolios Assignment Sample

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How to Construct Houses with Plastic

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Houses With Plastic Bottles


It was difficult for me to think that a house's most fundamental key component is a bottle full of mud instead of brick. I have learned most about the negative impacts of plastics but a house made of plastic bottles was beyond my imagination. Even though I have studied the topic of waste management several times but such innovative and useful outcomes of waste management, I have never heard off.

Not only plastic bottles but also several other products plastics is also can be used to build houses. I have an idea about a temporary tent made of plastic but the procedure of building houses with plastic bottles amazed me. First, it can be made in a very short time and in a minimal cost. As plastic is a long-lasting component, a house made of plastic or plastic bottles can be effective. I wonder can this piece of the idea be useful for the backward people of Australia. Can it be an effective program for community development? Is there any possibility of broad uses of this eco-friendly concept in indigenous society?

An Indigenous Perspective: Strengthening Aboriginal Communities


Since 2005 the central land council designed several frameworks for the development of aboriginal communities. I think this program plays an important role to strengthen their community at the same time it tends to establish the connection between their cultural and language practices with the cultural practice of mainstream Australia. This scheme of work can be effective for bringing several governmental and non-governmental programs or projects regarding health, education, and employment benefits to the aboriginal community. I think it will be fruitful if the council shares their experience of this evidence-based job with several governmental and non-governmental agencies. It occurs in my mind if the reusable products can be used to build houses for the homeless people from this community.

My assumptions seriously concern that several governmental projects are looking over the developmental aspects of several indigenous communities. What if this concern of this council’s work can be incorporated into the governmental community development projects? I wonder if it will be more beneficial for the Aboriginal communities if the government allocated more funds for this type of initiative. What is the best possible way to bridge the gap between the culture of indigenous and non-indigenous communities?

Renewable energy projects in Australia and their regarding investment


The investment by the Australian government in renewable energy projects has markedly increased over the past few years. My assumption is that this investment is going to contribute largely to the consistently changing energy mix in Australia. I think this initiative will put a big contribution to rural development. As per the suggestion from the journal solar farm is an important result of these renewable energy projects, it seems to me that such solar farms can generate regional employment. I feel this project is also helpful for the agriculture sector of the country. Several substitute energies like wind and water energies can be used in the management of agriculture. I think overall this project also stimulates the economy of the country.

I wonder does this program is effective for the regional people of the country to employment facilities. Can this program resolve the unemployment issues and shades light on several indigenous communities? And, can these renewable energies be a strong alternative to electricity? Can this affect the wholesale price of electricity?

Stakeholders’ influence on the sustainability of the environment in Australia


The paper is based on the findings of the influence of stakeholders to the environment in Australia. Although the study has mainly focused on sustainability in tourism it has also given me an insight into the environmental dimensions of sustainability in tourism in Australia. As the investment of the stakeholders takes the lead role in any business, hence, I came to a point that investors are the primarily important stakeholder. I feel there is a necessity for a thorough study to design several approaches to contribute toward the sustainability of the Australian environment. I also feel that in the case of tourism, hotels are the key components. There are many other stakeholders such as the guests of the hotel, who also put an effective role in the environmental sustainability of the Australian tourism industry.

I wonder thus climate change has any dramatic effect on environmental sustainability. What is the effect of this emergence of the green economic strategy on Australian environmental sustainability?

Final Reflection

It is been a great journey to get a broad spectrum of learning consisting of several topics. It has given me a great insight into myself that will be helpful for me in further studies and in the future. A big area of this module covers the concern of the indigenous community development of Australia, while going through these studies I got to learn several innovative and unbelievable things such as building homes with the use of plastics and plastic bottles. I think these studies can be a great guide for the rest of my career as a student and even in my professional career. My in-build traditional concept of the monotonousness of the study got broken after going through these studies. Several unique ideas and concepts just blew my mind and made me more connected with these studies. These texts are not only unique and resourceful but also increased the interest in studying the unit.

This unit also helps me to develop my critical thinking ability and contribute to thinking in an innovative and creative way. There are some past experiences where I got into such thinking as “why I am doing this?” and they were mostly from the third person opinion but the reflective assignment impacted my involvement of myself with the unit. It also builds confidence in me that I can do this instead of I want to do this. In this unit, I got a chance to keep my opinion on several studies I feel that it will help me to make an effective opinion on several serious topics and provide an effective decision-making quality.

I have also discovered one thing in myself that I have an in-built potential for reflective writing. I really enjoyed the source of pieces of information and writing regarding this and sharing my thoughts regarding this. This unit really guided me to study in detail the several aspects of this writing.

The topics I have gone through were informative and knowledgeable. As I had no prior idea that plastic and plastic bottles can be that useful. Even it can satisfy one of the basic needs of human beings, the need for safety. It is great learning for me that nothing in this world is useless, everything has its own importance in its respective field.

Another key concept was community development projects. It has given me great knowledge about the several existing communities in the country. It also gave me an insight into the needs and demands of the different communities and, I got a chance to gather a huge amount of knowledge about the cultural and language practices of the several indigenous communities. I got knowledge of the past background of those communities, and the reason for being isolated from the mainstream cultural framework.

The rest of the two studies also provided great learning about renewable energies and their impact and the consideration of the government. It has given me the chance to assess the governmental policies regarding its investment in the project. The stakeholder’s influence on Australia’s sustainability of the environment helps me to learn about the impact of several other aspects of Australia’s environment.

In conclusion, the whole unit remains undoubtedly a unique and helpful model for me consisting of knowledge from different fields.


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