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Topical Debate and Reflection Assignment Sample

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In the complex business world, both the employees and the employer are looking forward for having flexibility that can help them in doing their work in an effective manner. In the present world, the employees need to have better flexibility especially after post pandemic era that is making the traditional jobs into remote working and also the zero hour concept. In this situation the concept of zero hour contract is an effective method that is widely used by the different businesses in diverse industries. It is important to understand that how the concept of zero hour concepts is effective for both the employers and employees as well (Taylor, 2017). The debate mentioned in this report will be in the favor of zero hour contracts. 


Among the different benefits of using the zero hour contracts the major advantage is flexibility. This is one of the major advantages that attract the employees as in the present world all the individuals are looking to have better flexibility when they are working. The concept of doing 9-5 jobs is considered to be out of fashion for the new generation. All the employees belonging to the 21st century are having a dream job that can offer them great flexibility to do the work according to their preference and convenience. The concept of part time jobs is very common in the 21st century that is more flexible. The students now focus on earning money while studying and the concept of zero hour contracts help them in doing so. Better flexibility in the jobs is offering great opportunities to the employees to work as per their convenience and this is very attractive (Allmer, 2017)

From the perspective of the employers also the zero hour contracts offer better benefits to the company by offering flexibility to them. Especially for the new ventures this concept is attractive and beneficial. New startups are not having much funding and sometime they are not having much money to hire the employees for full time basis. For new startups, the concept of zero hour contracts offers the employer great flexibility to have employees according to their needs. Also they do not have to pay the fixed amount of money to their employees and can vary as per seasonal demand. It can be said that the zero hour contracts is offering better benefits for both the employers and employees as well. Thus it can be said that this concept suits well in the 21st century business environment (Whitehead and Phippen, 2015).

With the concept of the zero hour contracts the opportunities for the employees are increasing. Some of the large businesses do not have much full time jobs available every timebut they generally focus on hire the employees on zero hour contracts basis. This is offering better opportunities to the employees to work in their dream company even if the company is not having fill time contact jobs available for them. Also this helps the employees to get to know the management and business policies of the company even before working in the firm as a full time employee. This is very helpful for both the employees and employers.  So it can be said that zero hours contracts are creating better opportunities for the employees to get a better job.

In the busy world all the individuals are doing different tasks at the same time and due to this sometimes they are not able to work as a full time employee. For an instance the students and housewife are not having much time to do the full time jobs and if they want to earn some extra money by working in their free time then zero hour contracts is best opportunity for them (Ravalier et. al. 2019). It can be said that it can help such people to earn some extra income. Similarly if any of the individual is wants to do two different jobs for satisfying their needs then also this concept is effective for them. In such situations also the concept of zero hour contracts is very effective and can help the individual in earing extra income. 

The concept of zero hour contracts offer cost effective benefits to the employers. In some of the industries the employers needs the employees on the basis of the demand and the concept of zero hour contracts is beneficial in such situations. For an instance in hospitality and tourism industry the need for the staff varies according to the seasons and this affects the services required. These industries are required to pay their employees salary even in the off season that increasing the cost for the company and reduce their benefits(Farinaet. al.2020). For such industries the zero hour contracts is very effective as it allows them to have the employees on the basis of the requirement and this can help them inreducing their operating cost. 

Zero hour contracts offer several other benefits to the employers related to their jobs. Generally the individual face issues to create a work life balance and for this zero hour contracts are the best solution. This allows the individual to work as per their preference and it helps them in performing their other roles in an appropriate manner (Koumenta and Williams, 2019). The individuals are also having other priorities such as education, illness, caring and parenting. The individuals face issues in managing all these roles with their jobs and this create issues for them to develop an effective work life balance. But when the individuals are working with zero hour contracts then they can easily create and work life balance and can get more satisfied with their job. Thus, it can be said that the concept of zero hour offers better benefits to the employees.On the basis of the different points mentioned above it can be said that zero hour contacts is offering better benefits to both the employers and employees. 


While working on any of the project it is important for the individual to focus on reflecting on their experience that can help the in understanding that what they have learned.  Reflection is having a major impact on the learning process of the student as it helps them in getting better knowledge related to all the things that have learned. While writing the debate I have learned that there are different skills that are required by an individual to write a debate in an effective manner (Majidi et. al. 2020). Along with this I have understood that they are different transferable skills that are required for being a better student and employee in future. It can be said that one needs to have a certain skill set required for better employability. 

When I was working on the debate I have understood that critical thinking is a significant factor that needs to be considered while working on any of the project. Critical thinking skills are required for writing a debate in an effective manner (Saputra et. al. 2019). While writing the debate I have understood that it is essential for me to look into both the pros and cons associated with the debate topic. According to me critical thinking skills is an effective transferable skill that needs to be developed effectively. As an student I should focus on developing this skill so that I can become better employee in future with better skills (Pradita, 2018).

While writing a debate one needs to focus on applying a systematic management that can help the individual in focusing on all the different factors. I have understood that while writing the debate it is essential to focus on different factors in a systematic manner. For this it is essential to have better management skills. I have understood that management skills are not only required by the employees but it is requires in different stages and situations that are faced by the individuals. Management skills are the transferable skills that every individual needs to focus on developing better management skills (Haddad, 2020). In this assignment I have analyzed that I have to focus on improving my management skills so that these skills will help me in managing the different things in my future in an efficient manner. For example different management skills such as interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, strategic thinking and organization skills are required for better management and writing debate in a systematic manner. 

I have faced issues in creating a structured argument and representing the different arguments in a systematic manner. I have understood that I have to work on my writing and presentation skills that can help them in representing the things in awell-structured manner.From this experience I have learned that planning plays a major role in life and in every task that we perform. During the course I have learned that planning is important but earlier I thought that it is only required while working in an organization and managing it. While doing any of the task pre-planning is very essential as it helps the individuals in proceeding in an systematic manner.It can be said that planning is essential for doing things in a structured manner. For the next time I would be planning all the different points related to the debate in advance. Should alsofocus on understanding the pros and cons in an efficient manner then I would have done the debate in an effective manner. 

During the debate I have faced different issues related to data collection and understanding the topic in an effective manner. When I was facing a lot of issues in I have understood that we have to be calm, patient, and flexible while working on any of the project.  Patience is an important skill that is required in every stage of life that must be always adopted while discussing a topic either against or in favor (Myers and Pronovost, 2017). According to me I am quite short tempered and I need to focus on developing patience so that I can keep myself calm while working on any of the project.

Related to the problem solving I have understood that one needs to focus on having effective critical thinking skills that can help them in analysing the different available alternates and selecting the best one for addressing the approach. During this course I have understood that holistic approach is also very important thing that needs to be understood well. Holistic approach is defined as an approach that focuses on evaluating the different factors that are having an impact on the problem or its solution. I have learned that holistic approach helps us in evaluating the different factors related to the problem and this helps the individuals in solving the issue (Coffey and Davis, 2019). Along with this it is essential to create a link between the problem solving and effective implementation of the solutions then only the individual can solve the issue properly. I think that for working as per the holistic approach I have to develop better skills that can help me in using this approach in an efficient manner.


From the reflection I can say that while working on the debate I have learned regarding different skills that are require for being a better student and employee in future. Some of the skills such as cooperation, self-learning and critical thinking skills are the skills that I have learned due to the course that had helped me in doing this assignment in an effective manner. The skills that are required for business management are essential for employee as they are important employability skills that are required by the employees for getting a job and delivering better work to the organization. I can say that from this assignment task I have learned different concepts and skills that would help me in personal and professional development and help me in being a better and successful individual in my life. I can say that this reflection had helped me in understanding the things more clearly and effectively. 


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