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Mental Health Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Mental Health Assignment

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Annabelle has a bland affect which describes her dispersed experience and that also shows a congruent affect. his could also lead to Schizophrenia. Hence, in such situation the intensity of the affect may be described as normal, blunted affect and exaggerated (Adams and, 2016). Since, it is associated with depression; therefore it brings various changes in the personality disorders. Annabelle is also having problems in speech which may be described as having restricted affect. Henceforth, it can be said that affect and mood both changes the intensity of thinking and behaving.

Question 4

Giving Examples from the Case Study, how would you Describe her Behaviour and her Appearance as Set Out in a MSE?

Health care practitioners and clinicians analyses the physical aspects such as appearance of the patient and afterwards, they ascertain the type of domain that exists in the patient (Ito and Matsushima, 2016). Since, Annabelle wears colourful clothes, so she might have mania; whereas on the other hand, unkempt and dirty clothes suggests that Annabelle has depression. Annabelle has also the sign of malnutrition as her mother stated that she does not eat properly. Under her observation, it also includes personal hygiene analysis (Dawes and, 2016). Weight loss is also a depression disorder which she has and because of that she is having physical illness as well.

When a patient has abnormalities in behaviour, he also experiences abnormalities in activities. Hence, it includes observation of specific abnormal movements along with the general movements of the patient's level of activity and arousal. As per the behaviour, Annabelle is having neurological disorder as she has symptoms of choreiform, athetiodor choreoathetoid. Annabelle is also experiencing akathisia as this depicts her inability to sit (Sourander, Lempinen, Ristkari and Klomek, 2016). This also shows a side effect of antipsychotic medication. In the present case, the examiner has realized that Annabelle's eyes repeatedly glances to different sides which states that she haspseudohallucinations. However, most of the clinicians say that lack of eye contact would be a result of depression or autism (Dawes and, 2016).


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