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Two Individual In-Class Reflections Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Two individual self-reflections

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The report will discuss two individual growths in personal culture and incorporation into Australia. The report is made to develop an understanding of culture shock, acculturation, enculturation, ethnocentrism, assimilation, and etiquette (Gutierez, 2021). The report will further discuss the significance of communicating in multicultural surroundings for personal, academic, and professional purposes.

1. Personal culture and assimilation into Australia

Australia is the mainly culturally diverse society in the globe today. Approximately one out of four Australian people were born exterior of Australia and a lot of first and second-generation Australians, the grandchildren and children of newly arrived migrants and refugees (Robinson, 2020). These extensive varieties of backgrounds, jointly with the culture of original Australians who have lived on the Australian continent for more than 49,000 years; have assisted in creating a unique Australian individuality and spirit.

Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal land right


Race relations

Social conditions

Social conditions

Social life and customs

Australian identity



Ecosystems in Australia

Human rights

Indigenous Australia






Social change

Social justice


Stolen generations


Focusing on the 20th century, the Australian administration unspecified itself into the native people’s life and society. That occurs all through history extended before with the appearance of defense followed by separation and eventual assimilation. 

Impact of cultural diversity and learning styles on educational experience

The examination is the launching point for all investigations; this is the basis for constructing the case and where the epicenter of information stems. Research drives the examination of an issue, problem, concern, phenomenon, etc., and learning is a field that is continuously evolving. Research assist educators get ultimate insight or viewpoint into the subject to be researched; though many times, similar data will reason a shift, so the investigator must be flexible sufficient to follow the data.

Quantitative education research: the security and safety of the staff, school, and students is a high priority for me and also for others (Diller, 2018). Though, recently the query about the school resource officers (SROs) responsibilities and roles and their worth in reducing offense on campus has been on my mind.

The problem studied: The research's purpose was to appreciate better the perception of ethnically pertinent learning and teaching methods of students.

Major findings: The Pearson correlation examination established a linear connection between the variables, and the residuals were usually distributed.

2. Consideration of culture and the responsibility individuals play within cultures

Religion: community in Australia is free to practice any belief they choose, as long as they are not breaking the law. Religions from all over the globe are practiced in Australia, representing its cultural assortment.

Language: Australian English has a unique vocabulary and accent. The reason that the populace from about 199 countries around the globe has migrated to Australia, there is an enormous collection of the language spoken in the state (Taylor and Guerin, 2019). 

Aboriginals: When the British people arrived and started settling in Australia, they bring with them infections such as smallpox, measles, and tuberculosis, causing enormous amounts of injury to the aboriginal population. 

Australian art: it includes colonial, aboriginal, atelier, landscape, early twentieth-century printmakers, painters, sculptors, photographers, and modern art.

Demonstrating acculturation, culture shock, ethnocentrism, enculturation, assimilation, and etiquette

Culture shock can be described as emotional and physical distress a person experiences when entering a culture dissimilar from their own (Travkina and Sacco, 2020). Australians are also ready to accept a variety of opinions somewhat than believe the truth. This means that in an instructive setting, the student will be predicted to form their own opinion and protect the reasons for that point of view and the substantiation for it.


Personal space – It is considered impolite to brush up against someone unless it is necessary.

Saying Hello - even in official situations, Australians be likely to prefer first s. Calling someone ‘Miss’, ‘Mister’ or 'Sir', or 'Ma'am' can noise a bit rigid.

Boarding trains - waiting to board public transport, is certain to wait for everybody to exit to get out previous to try to get on

Queue - In Australia, the queue is set apart. ‘Pushing-in’ in some situations –a service desk, at a bar, or a cashier is measured as the height of impoliteness.

Communicating efficiently in a multicultural environment for academic, personal, and professional purposes

Australia is untied to global business, investment, and trade, and has multicultural and extremely miscellaneous personnel, hence a lot of its firms are appearing into the most efficient ways to supervise workers who are based off shore and onshore, and how to furnish leaders to efficiently supervise non-local and local resources. Communicating in a multicultural place of work requires that the populace knows about assortment which can identify diversity, and they are and can be enthusiastic to learn about and from it (Kizgin, et. al. 2020).


The reflection has discussed individual development on personal culture and assimilation into Australia. The reflection has also highlighted the impact of cultural diversity and learning styles on the educational experience. The two individual reflections have demonstrated an understanding of culture with the role individuals play within cultures and Impact of Cultural Diversity and Learning Styles on your Educational Experience.


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