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What will change forever after covid-19: assignment 1 sample

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1.0 Introduction: What will change forever after covid-19

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1.1 Introduction of the research area

The methods describe the strategy while the overall study is conducted. The procedure will consist of various procedural methods that exist used in the phases of the analysis. The chapter outlines the stages of strategic planning of the research method and the performance of diverse various procedures in relation to “data collection, analysis, and obtaining” overall results. In addition, Covid 19 affected all portions of the globe but in Australia, people started the virus out of fear of panic that threatened them and inflation was so high food prices or fuel prices have been increasing. Covid-19 has promoted changes in working life in business organizations and their security has become a priority for the organization.

Everyone started to do adequate cleaning, hand hygiene, and proper vaccinations are essential to maintaining a safe workplace and increasing company productivity. Employees' and students' lack of knowledge about digital transformation is another obstacle to achieving change in the workplace. After Covid 19, all changes in work life and education have become an important part of business life due to changes. Australian people certainly hoped that however provided the overall irresponsible actions through the thousands demonstrating every weekend for no such proper reason to protest then the opportunities for the virus to spread is a distinct possibility.

1.2 Three papers introduction

The authors have discussed that this pandemic has impacted everyone but in Australia, there are some people who depend on the vaccine to take good care of themselves, so many people do not realize that we are fighting a real war, where the enemy is a small virus that kills everything and the positive effects are seen in the oceans. Australia has a very high-quality health care system and their authority's statements at the present they concerning with some planning and they are very close to those coming out of the United States.

Figure 1: Covid 19 vaccine hesitancy

(Source: Self-created)

2.0 Paper 1

Statistical analysis

“Data analysis was performed using SPSS statistical software version 26.0. Predictors of moral distress and associations between moral distress and mental health symptoms were identified using univariate logistic regression and then combined with multivariate logistic regression models. Before the final assessment of clinical and biological plausibility, multivariate models were developed using stepwise selection and backward elimination” methods. Variables with p-values below 0.10 in univariate analyzes or considered clinically significant were considered for inclusion in multivariate models.

Participation characteristics

Figure 1: Participation characteristics


Test assumption

According to the authors Smallwood, (2021), and others put on that the power of calculations for general unbent models was calculated utilizing R-Studio. 6,38 participants were needed to achieve the expected medium or enormous effect with a power of 0.95 and an importance level of 0.05. This part of paper 1 develops studies that examine the Australian response and increases the findings related to viruses, digital technology, commuting, and few attitudes towards the pandemic estimated. Public health agencies around the world need to be adequately funded so they can plan ahead for what to do in the event of a pandemic. People are very fond of conspiracy theories, and the explanations reinforce pre-existing prejudices. The idea that viruses mutate all the time, and that some mutations are bound to be far more virulent and dangerous than others, is deeply unsatisfying. Their republican party is apparently not opposed to stimulus measures to support the economy as long as there is a Republican in the white house and an election they would otherwise lose. They are often more interested in finding convenience than finding the right information.

Figure 2: After Covid 19

(Source: Self-created)

Author's discussion

The authors have a discussion about Covid 19 raised awareness of potential pandemics and the need for us all to be better prepared. They were there before this pandemic, but they dismantled the entire system to manage these events, which is why they were hit so hard. Certainly, it limited the social and physical contact of people and thus reduced the sins that result from that form of social interaction. But human creativity could not stop or curb features in other forms like thoughts, imagination, the internet, and more. This country is suffering from a lockdown that acquires resulted in every collapse about alive with businesses, exclusively service-oriented ones. Relatively speaking, every basic advertisement abides no more at the time than below at the time that a few feared, formidable. This abides as Australia abides particularly appropriate to her bottom-damaged land aside from every disease. This has kept healthcare damages decreased than most, along with alive with field abide back directed toward normal. Through experience, positive commerce continues seen as 'essential' along with this helped Australia stay afloat economically. Other hard-hit Australian people acquire further exchange into the business as usual despite rising cases. Arguably, this could result from the enormous pharmaceutical costs along with stall due directed toward the absence of skilled workers chic assorted headquarters.

Test of the author

The authors described that Australian people are badly affected by many religious groups, especially fundraising, and slows their growth. But they innovate as in the secular world and return in a different way. things change at different times, some countries follow strict lockdowns, other countries are more lenient, others do not follow restrictions, and some are conditional. It is especially dangerous for people over sixty years old due to weak and bad immunity systems. People who do not have a cough or fever can still be infected, as it sometimes takes some days for symptoms to appear. However, these people can infect others. In Australia, a large number of people died mainly because the health system could not handle so many patients. Our country also faces the same problem if the disease spreads because they also have limited health capacity. The way to prevent the spread of the disease is to stay at home and not go out. It only works if we all follow this philosophy, this pandemic threatening overall people in Australia and their people made for their own vested interest. 

3.0 Paper 2

Statistical analysis

According to Limbu, (2022), Vaccine hesitancy refers to a delay in accepting or rejecting safe vaccines despite the availability of vaccination services. Covid 19 vaccines, including booster vaccines, have been shown to be safe and effective in preventing infections or reducing the risk of serious consequences from the virus. They also excluded several articles that mentioned vaccine hesitancy in the titles, articles that did not measure vaccine hesitancy, or that measured vaccine acceptance rather than hesitancy. Based on titles and abstracts, non-quantitative studies and studies not using a health belief model framework to predict vaccine hesitancy were excluded. The rate of hesitancy to vaccinate against it was 33.23% and ranged from 8% to 60.6%.

Components of health model influencing

Figure 2: Components of health model influencing


Test assumption

Capitalization was essentially the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic and will remain the reason it will be with us for many years to come. Nature must fight against the corrupt financing of banks, and commercial enterprises and their willingness to destroy the environment and the earth for profit and in doing so, the socio-economically poor life of the common citizen, especially the majority. The economy is destroyed because instead of putting the individual before the business and returning directly to the individual the money earned by the multitudes, everyone is paid fairly and equally - which somewhat adjusts the current glaring inequality. among the wealthy minority, especially the largely worthless but astronomically high-paid minority. This ensures ultimately repeated current every acceleration about every African union. Indeed, the outland of greatest economic concern obtains every United States, position every regular exchange get not actual affiliation directed toward management or treasure. Almost everything like fresh goods, rural commodities, exploration, and education is much less in demand than in any other country, putting a considerable strain on the economy. If every country's “trade standard is to send conditions into China as long as the money”, it is very tough though generate every following chunk appropriate to every comparison production in case every beginning element of the equation doesn't function.

Author's discussion

The authors have been conducting a scenario, and it is also possible to choose data collection methods. A review of the paper suggested the assessment of “journals, articles, and other secondary sources” related to the research zone. The outcome of the Covid 19 measures dramatically reduced avoidable alignments and this is assessed using a literature review. Relevant research can be identified in the research paper to determine the significance of changes in the workplace. Changes in profit margin could be identified by completing a research project. Workplace change means improving the skills and tools of the workforce to adapt to constant changes in the organization. On the other hand, the rise of digital technologies can be cited as the reason for the change in every workplace. Every time the restrictions are lifted, the number of cases increases sharply, but that was before the deployment, which protects the most vulnerable third of the population. The impact of fools should be reduced by two-thirds of the infection reduction indicators if it is assumed that when the numbers decrease, Covid 19 gets bored and chases the butterflies. At this time, the increase is not catastrophic, but they fear that it will only encourage a selfish and unscrupulous section of society to expect others to protect them. If it creates a learning curve, which until now has been so visibly absent, if it means a sharp increase in the number of victims only among those who refuse to vaccinate because of the almost non-existent risks or actively try to deny the existence of Covid 19, or the vaccines should be the problem, not the solution, and entitled minority.

All systems were based on human selfishness and thus harmed other people and nature, it is these systems that must change and this was the essence response to inadequate human relations. Their impact on the world forced nature to correct humanity by limiting our actions and shutting down all the systems that caused harm and injustice. We cannot create anything new until we feel that our selfishness is the real problem, not the virus itself. Post-pandemic, only systems that reflect the balance and positive connections found in nature can exist. Employee retention can be possible because they know how to use new technology in the workplace. The achievement of talented employees in various fields is reflected by changes in the workplace. The pandemic will change the future of Australia less than the other disease in other countries ago and some people have known anything about the past pandemic. Although this virus is not nearly a future changer it can have some potential to become one. 

Test of author

As per the writer's opinion they are including that In the definite investigation of the research method, the researchers trust in the finding patterns in collected observations and thus develop explanations to invent new approaches. It is used to construct narrative portrayals and is aspired by impressionistic reasoning. The outstanding course of action continues prevention, which attempts to ease every advancement appertaining to every disorder. Perhaps nowadays we should lay down a movement ban to the other countries. Due directed toward every explosion current Italy, travel from Europe should also be considered. International flight grounding moves crucial, although being allowed after all remains fundamental. So far, other countries’ commutation also ban has abided by actual prosperity. Categorical research is preferred when the investigators have enough time and the availability of available resources for the analysis of the topic is limited. It is also good that the creation, testing, and deployment of new vaccines have progressed step by step in the fight against SARS-CoV-2. Consequently, researchers reject an objective view of the data and thus consider different aspects of the data.

4.0 Paper 3

Statistical analysis

According to Ball, 2022, they mentioned that the majority 77% worked in NHS almost 78%, and worked on staff or as a senior nurse 55%. Personal protective equipment/personal safety 60.0%, supporting the workforce 28.6%, and improving communication 21.9% were the most mentioned. The analysis provided valuable information about key changes needed to improve the working lives of nurses during the pandemic. There was an urgent need to improve the supply and quality of PPE to ensure the safety of both the workforce and patients.

Characteristics of respondents

Figure 3: Characteristics of respondents


Test assumption

Rational approaches focus only on obtaining results based on existing theories, while inductive approaches generate new theories and results based on entirely new information. The choice of an appropriate research method depends largely on the research philosophy. Australia, alike alive with more countries, accept the construct that every development action tends to have such bounteous limited competence made foreign, primarily of another country. The Australian authority had a great deal of responsibility in encouraging every impact appropriate to every grazing food chain method and again, governments are artificially engaged hard to controlling every abridgment handling. In this particular study, the philosophy of positivism emphasizes the need to adopt a deductive approach in research analysis. In the research project, the deductive research method is applied with the help of the researcher.

Author's discussion

The researchers help to achieve strategic goals defined based on the problem and purpose of the research. Identifying a research philosophy helps determine other aspects of research progress, such as approaches, strategies, or methods. Additional mindsets such as “positivism, realism, interpretivism, objectivism” can be used in the conducted research and here the research has used the positivism research principles. Research methods follow the philosophy of positivism because research findings are based on the testing and analysis of hypothetical statements and should provide a quantitative explanation for well-defined foundation data of the study. This also highlighted that the research will be totally based on the final outcomes from analyzing the current situation of the Australian people and specifying the area of the negative issues within Australia that are related to the virus. As per the research of positivism, the investigation philosophy is to do this by completing the study.

However, the research scholars of interpretivism argue that validity could only be inferred when investigators consider sociable constructs such as “consciousness, tools, language, and shared meanings”. Regarding the principles of positivism, the main point of view of the researcher is included in the research. After that, statistical analysis can be possible by assimilating the philosophy of positivism, and the collection and interpretation of data are easier in this case. On the other hand, collecting only qualitative data would provide an individual view instead of the overall workforce. This research will be providing that the Austrian people already know that absent the Coronavirus and lack of basic hygiene and good manners must be responsible for the spread of the annual period and food poisoning if seasonal flu occurs. After the pandemic is over, it is quite likely that annual vaccinations will be necessary to combat it, just as the flu is more or less under control. The flip side of a pandemic is that world governments should establish procedures to follow that would reduce the likelihood of future infection reaching pandemic proportions.

Test of authors

The authors have discussed that this is very useful to develop the connection between the authors and the methods of the investigation of the project. Protected data put research results at risk because existing literature is not taken into account when compiling results. Therefore, deductive reasoning corresponds to some data, and thus it is favorable to choose a deductive reasoning method from the point of view of quality. It continues impractical directed toward anticipating the future as a result of about every confidential information along with every perpendicular complication about every situation, but a few predictions are safe. The effect of workplace changes on their health condition and education can be considered by the philosophy of positivism. Information about their fear of the virus can be obtained using some methods. The main reason that is most likely Australia is that it is the main reason the disease has been circulating there so much for so many months undetected. Coronavirus does not segregate and this is not chosen by any classes or education level or anything almost fifty thousand people are secured they put on and move through the hard-hit capital.


In this research, it can be concluded that the chapter in question discusses the relationship with different objectives that can support different sessions, except that they are related to it. All ethical requirements such as confidentiality, honesty, and integrity are followed in the research. In addition, archival strategies for conducting research where historical documents of Covid 19 appear. Another reason is that covid19 pandemic gives every Australian person enough time to spend with family members which we never got due to work pressure or keeping friends around, college. Now we have found ways to stay connected with people, even if it is virtual. Contact your loved ones and check back. Stocks outperform bonds over the long term, but are more volatile, with many crashes coming and going. Stocks can perform better or much worse than expected during certain periods. Few thought stocks would recover so quickly from Covid 19 or have rallied well since 20’s century. Few people saw the crash coming either. Most countries don't accept cash, so you can no longer beat inflation with bank deposits. Based on the survey, change in the workplace was identified as having an important role in improving the performance of the organization. This is supported by both employees and managers and correlates with increased employee and customer satisfaction. They know Covid 19 is playing a big role in improving online sales, forcing organizations to change jobs. It also has a positive impact on well-being. It was also concluded that the change in the workforce increases the employability of the workforce and thus also the satisfaction of better performance.

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