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Introduction - Reflective Essay Writing Sample in Australia

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Human resource management and human resource development have a significant impact over a company's performance. Without proper functioning of the human resource, it is not possible for the company to meet respective aims and objectives. Through this essay, I will be presenting certain perspectives on three selected articles i.e. “HRD and HRM perspectives on organizational performance: A review of literature”, “Beyond strategic human resource management: is sustainable human resource management the next approach?” and “A resource‐based perspective on human capital losses, HRM investments, and organizational performance”. I shall also present the impact assessed when learning from these articles shall be used in practical professional life at work.

Comparing and contrasting perspectives

As stated by Shaw, Park and Kim (2013), there are certain investments which company has to make in terms of human resource management. This affects directly over organisational performance which is reflected in terms of profits and overall cost. However, Kramar (2014) accounted that there are certain explicit implications of HRM which have positive as well as negative impact. The stakeholders are mostly affected which in turn results in changes in company's performance. While reading the article I was enlightened by the fact that sustainability is an aim that has loads of difficulties in its path. The perspectives for sustainability in HRM is quite complicated and there are semantic complications associated with this type of functioning in the organisation.

I completely agree with the view points of Alagaraja (2013) that excellence in company's performance is achieved when there is effective contribution from both human resource development and human resource management. Business systems in this context are designed in such a way that there is creation of valuable strategies for improvising the strategic position of the company. As provided in the article “Beyond strategic human resource management: is sustainable human resource management the next approach?”, I realised that dynamic nature of sustainable HRM has developed certain outlines which helps in establishing strong relations in good performance and sustainable approaches. Through these articles, I have come to a point of view that Alagaraja (2013) has provided a new perspective towards attaining organisational excellence while Shaw, Park and Kim (2013) has provided insight for sustainable HRM. However, Kramar (2014) stated that HRM policies need to be revised for gaining stability amongst the stakeholders.

Implications of these perspectives

I very well know that human resource management is an aspect which involves employee motivation and sustenance in the company. This function also helps in maintaining the productivity and profitability of the firm. But as per Alagaraja (2013), the inappropriateness in HRM practises can result in lack of innovation and respective decline in interest of employees to work for the company. There were further investigations reported by Kramar (2014) that market performance of an organisation is not completely dependent on the financial background and existing functioning but mostly on the internal structure of the company. The processes like staffing, training, distribution incentive, etc. have to be managed well in the form of progressive HRM practises. This perspective has a positive impact over organisation while perspective produced by Shaw, Park and Kim (2013) leads to the development of social outcomes with the frameworks that have been designed for sustainable HRM practises.

Learning acquired from these three articles

Through these three articles I have been able to understand that there are every strategic function of the company has to be planned and implemented in such a way that there is no negative implication experienced. I have realised that performance of a company is largely dependent on certain attributes of HRM and certain functions of HRD. These two departments have to equally provide contributions in the strategic development of the company so that market position is not affected. Furthermore, I came to know about the existence of HRM practises and sustainability. There is a framework defined by Kramar (2014) in his article which provides a strategic approach to organisations for adopting towards sustainable approaches in the company with context of HRM. Moreover, I have realised that human capital has to be acquired on the basis of provided literature which helps in examining the losses or damages which are probable to occur over company's performance. I shall implement all these learning in my workplace with innovative approaches.

Impact on approaches to learning at work

When new facts and figures are learnt by me, there is significant impact over the present state of my working. Through the knowledge acquired from the three articles, I have realised the importance of HRM in maintaining the performance of a company. Furthermore, I have also known a fact that progressive approaches of HRM and HRD have to be directed towards sustainability so that moral and ethical functioning is guaranteed. It is quite converging to note that contributions in making improvements in the performance of company are also through HRM initiatives. Hence, my learning at work has gained a wider perspective in terms of impact which is assessed by companies when HRM practises change. The significant approaches have to be characterised as per sustainability norms. This shall help me in dealing better inside the company.


I infer from the understanding acquired in this essay that HRM perspectives are very important for an organisation especially when there is a need to maintain the productivity and profitability levels of the company. Further, I have realised that performance is directly linked with the way HRM is implemented in the company.


Books and Journals

Article 1:

Alagaraja, M., 2013. HRD and HRM perspectives on organizational performance: A review of literature. Human Resource Development Review. 12(2). pp.117-143.

Article 2:

Kramar, R., 2014. Beyond strategic human resource management: is sustainable human resource management the next approach?. The International Journal of Human Resource Management. 25(8). pp.1069-1089.

Article 3:

Shaw, J. D., Park, T. Y. and Kim, E., 2013. A resource‐based perspective on human capital losses, HRM investments, and organizational performance. Strategic management journal. 34(5). pp.572-589.

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