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The Graduate Challenge Assignment Sample

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Introduction : The Graduate Challenge

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The business is dependent on various factors that provide profit as well as loss. Business is generally built to invest money in start-ups as well as exchange capital in participation. The business has various difficulties as well as opportunities for development as well as maintains stability in tough conditions. The challenges are considered as meeting the needs of the consumers, maintaining good relations with the consumers, rating the employees, and finding an effective brand. These are the few basic challenges but the effective and major challenges faced by the business are apprentice challenges, presents challenges and T-shirt challenges. The business also runs with the effective skills of the management system and the employees. The management system has to develop Communication Skills/ Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Time Management and meeting skills, Business skills and competencies developed e.g. presentation skills. These are the skills needed for the sustainable development of business. The action plan needs to be developed for scheduling the management of the planned process.


  • Apprentice Challenge : Apprentice challenges help in developing effective skills and also building a team for the business and other purposes. It aims to develop a creative team with creative ideas. The activities are generally suitable for all levels of staff and tasks can usually be tailored to meet specific business objectives and aims (, 2022). I learned that Challenges are developed by the delegates for creating a competitive environment. It is an expensive employee benefits process. It generally demands “significant investments of money, staff, planning, curriculum design, and evaluation, all dedicated to the training of people who are not yet fully effective as employees, who may not be successful in their roles, and who may decide that their apprenticeship sponsor is not attractive as a long-term employer”. I also gained knowledge that apprenticeship helps in developing an effective knowledge of the workplace by the employees and the knowledge of the task provided in daily life for the development of the business.
  • Presentation Challenge : It is also necessary to have effective communication with the consumer and other professionals. I must organise the presentation in such a way that connects with the audience and also helps in understanding the art that is represented in visual art. The representation is in such a way that has multimedia access (Guffey and Loewy, 2022). The presentation challenge is the challenge faced by the organisation to present an introduction or the process of introducing the consumers to the business. The campaigns used for reaching the consumers are to have a proper approach to the consumers where various difficulties are faced. The challenges faced by the business at the time of representation or building reputation are reaching the right audience, having perfect stability, and facing the competition downplaying the influence of emotions. 
  • T-shirt Challenge : It is a marketing plan and is specially developed for building an effective brand and building a better design for the logos and also has a better marketing plan. The marketing plan has various cost contained in it which includes logo formation in cloths, production cost and branding cost are the challenges faced by the organisation or business. The marketing plan can be influenced by digital media and be used to achieve sales targets. The other two factors include teamwork and communication sectors which have an effective role in T-shirt management. The team members help build effective graphics design which I learned from my senior. They helped in designing my logo and my team members aligned and approved the logo design. The rest of the team members have compiled the finance department.


  • Emotional Intelligence/Communication Skills : Communication skills are one of the major skills needed in business. I learned that business skills need to be developed in such a way that will convey a clear message to the listener in the workplace. There are numerous benefits in building communication skills as it helps in building effective relationships with professionals and also has a good impact in the field of negotiation. “Through improving language skills, future business professionals can compete effectively in the expanding global market” are crucial (Javed and Umar, 2019) It also has effective benefits in bidding networks and networking skills
  • Teamwork : I learned that teamwork has a better approach to diving into the issues related to the workplace. The importance of teamwork is known when the job is stuck and a team is needed to complete the job. In this situation, calculative work plays an important role in place of an innovative role. “Incorporating teamwork into an organization, achieving goals becomes easier and faster” (Tripathy, 2018). I learned that teamwork fosters personal growth, reduces stress and increases job satisfaction. “The use of team and collaboration expectations has been consistently rising”.
  • Time Management and meeting skills : Time management and meeting skills are the most important skills needed in the business as it is they have many other benefits in saving time and increasing the efficiency of the business. I learned that time management in the business helps in properly allocating the work or tasks and developing productive work in business. Time management skills include organisation, prioritization, communication, delegation, goal setting, stress management, planning, and flexibility. The meeting skills for proper management of the resource for employees are as follows: teamwork, better logistics, recording meeting minutes and asking questions (Reeve and Gallacher, 2022). it helps in guiding managers 
  • Business skills and competencies developed : Business skills and competencies bring responsibility and gather attention to the recruiters. The major business skills needed for the development of the business are understanding economic data, and analysing data analysis skills. Finance accounting skills, communication skills, business management skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making skills and networking. The skill that needs to be followed is presentation skills which help in reputation building and has an effective way to communicate with the audience. The presentation helps in building an effective reputation in the market and also develops leadership quality which helps in developing a better profit in business (Badibanga and Ohlson, 2021). leadership helps in the presentation and better communication with effective reputation building.

Action plan


Required skills


Review process

Apprentice challenges

Communication, teamwork and business skill


Feedback and work performance

Presentation challenges


Emotional intelligence

Meeting skill

3 months

Effectiveness in team management and business management

T-shirt challenges

Team management

1 month

Feedback and reword

Table 1: Action plan

(Source: self-developed)


Challenges need to be tackled in the best possible way so that future programs are planned and developed effectively. The Action plan provides a better way to analyse the result and different ways to provide support for improving the techniques to overcome the challenges in an easy and well-developed manner. The figure provides an action plan to overcome the challenges. The challenges are represented in the action plan and the skill is also represented for overcoming the issues. The time is also listed to overcome the challenges with effective skills. The table also provides a review process for the development of the change in the process. The change can be measured by the reviewing process. The challenges are as follows: Apprentice challenges can be faced through better communication and effective teamwork which are representative of business skills. The business skills including better communication and teamwork will lead the employees to job satisfaction and the time taken to improve the changes are nearly about six months which is a large amount of time. As it is an important aspect of challenges it would need time. The review process can be done by gaining feedback from the workers. The next issue is presenting challenges which can be removed by better communication, emotional intelligence and meeting skill. The time taken to improve the challenge is 3 months were the feedback can be taken by the management team and business team. The last is the t-shirt challenges where the team management is responsible for the T-shirt challenges. It takes 1 month.


I have learned to face challenges effectively and also take effective measures to make use of the opportunities. The challenges need to be handled appropriately as they can damage the business. The business is hampered by the challenges the particular challenges that need to be improved in business management at the university. The challenges are as follows: “Apprentice Challenge Presentation Challenge T-shirt Challenge”. The challenges need to be covered and have a better impact on the business. Apprentice challenges are based on the business employees' satisfaction and also have the better management of the employees. The skills are the problem-solving part of the business. It helps in developing better revenue in the market. The business needs proper skills such as communication skills, teamwork time management, meeting skills business skills, and competence development and to manage these skills we need a proper action plan. The action plan can develop a proper schedule for business development as well as tackle the challenges faced and prepare for future work. 

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