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Systems Analysis and Design of Henrys Organic Assignment Sample

Systems Analysis and Design of Henry�s Organic

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Systems Analysis and Design of Henry’s Organic

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Part A

Activity 1

  1. Henry's Organics cultivates environmentally recognized produce, seeds as well as nuts, honey, and also eggs using landscaping concepts. Following Henry's return to his family's property, which had previously been operated as a cattle pasture facility, the commercial opportunity has grown in recent years. Henry Organics currently owns several cows and also has hens to produce compost as well as milk and eggs. The business somehow doesn't sell its products within the farmer's local market. Also with accomplishment of such a community center, the firm's clients flocked towards the business or phoned in an appointment less than a week before customers intended to come as well as collect the product, and then Henry will indeed repeat the lengthy list of things he understood he had accessible whereupon prepared for harvesting.
  2. Organization chart

Figure 1: Organizational Chart of Henry’s Organic

(Source: Self-created in

  1. Function of the business of Henry’s Organic:
  • The organization produces seeds, nuts, honey and also eggs which are certified organically.
  • The organization grew their product with the culture of perma principle and in the soil of biodynamic.
  • For managing their customers which are growing in a huge number a system of information has been provided to their system to manage the growth.

Activity 2

  1. Function of Information System in Henry’s Organic:
  • The information system will manage the needs of their customers.
  • The system of the information of the organization of Henry's Organic will also be able to track the documentation of the certification of producing “Organically Produced” Product.
  • This information system will also demonstrate the plan for long term business of Henry’s Organic. This long term plan or future plan will explain as well as expand the functions in between the organization of Henry’s Organic, which will also be included with the firm's supply chain.
  1. The "system vision document" seems to be a form of text document that presents a precise narrative regarding the program's demonstrated high as well as the overall development's objective. This "system vision" paper is divided into two sections. There seems to be a specific explanation connected towards the development's difficulties. Second, there should have been a clear debate regarding the problem as a remediation method.

So the draft of the System Vision Document for the system of information in between the organization of the Henry’s Organic will be able to give the description about the requirements in between the organization of the Henry’s Organic (Rajaraman, 2018). This system vision document can be described as The system of the information in between the Henry’s Organic will be able to give the finest assistance for addressing clients' demands inside their firm, while also keeping in mind the necessity to monitor certifications documents to verify the agricultural produce's entirely 'organically produced' character. This should allow for discussions regarding the relatively long goal to extend the organization's activities to have included farms whose provided produce, whose will also have to toward being verified to be completely 'organically grown.'

Activity 3

Figure 2: Gantt chart View without Predecessor

(Source: Project Libre)

Figure 3: Gantt Chart View with Predecessor

(Source: Project Libre)

Activity Network Diagram or PERT Chart

Figure 4: Activity Network Diagram or PERT Chart

(Source: Project Libre)

Total Duration of the Project

Figure 5: Total Duration of the Project

(Source: Project Libre)

Activity 4

  1. There are several numbers of the risks which are associated in between this project of the organization of Henry’s Organic. Those and the likelihood of those risks has a description in the bellow section:
  • The insufficient need in the company, Without the need for a mistake, among the most essential as well as crucial tasks that Henry's Organic may do would be to outline specific production needs. This could cause chaos on the business of Henry's Organic in the accompanying directions: Roughly 52% of manufacturing problems are caused by constraints. Complete overhaul may well be attributed to specifications flaws in 85 percent of cases. Based on one study on the influence of company requirements, Henry's Organic would waste more than 43.5 percent of its project construction development effort upon unneeded or inadequately defined requirements.
  • Lack in the support of the organization’s Executives, Employees and Henry's Organic's entire processes could feel the consequences of incompetent leadership. There are bad management, and that it might be difficult to properly relate to employees in order to keep employees engaged (Pedrycz, 2018). Consequently, incompetent managers might well be utterly incapable balancing a budget, increasing sales, or performing many critical jobs. If concerns were raised concerning employment under Henry's Organic's top management, examine those accusations such that the corporation somehow doesn't suffer permanently through inadequate administration. It may also have a negative influence on Henry's Organic's business, which can then be defined as decreased workplace morale, decreased productivity of employees, decreased profitability, and financial disaster. This is how Henry's Organic's company might suffer from a lack of support from the organization's executives.
  • Lacking the support of the organization’s technical team, Technology has played a major impact upon Henry's Organic's company processes. Whatever the scale of Henry's Organic's organization, technology has provided equally practical as well as intangible benefits which will be able to help by earning money as well as make things happen clients expect from Henry's Organic. A company's performance, profitability, as well as connections are all influenced by its technology and infrastructure. This also has an impact upon the confidentiality of private documents including commercial opportunities. If Henry's Organic does not receive the necessary technical support, the following positive things will not occur in their organization: information exchange with customer base, effectiveness of such operating conditions between Henry's Organic, entrepreneurial characteristics as well as class resemblance of the organization, protection, as well as capacity of research.
  • Poor project planning, Poor planning of Henry's Organic's project would fail to satisfy customers' requirements (Magana et al. 2018). They would indeed be disappointed only with completed work as well as would not contemplate the organization for just about any future employment. This should result in a significant loss of customers for such a firm or organization. Even if Henry's Organic's core company concept is legitimate, adopting a badly prepared marketing strategy or even no marketing plan whatsoever might be devastating. Furthermore, the firm or organization seems to have no clue how many people it will require to generate profits, which influences various aspects of banking choices, including whether or not the organization could manage to add employees.
  • Insufficient sources, Workplace stress resulting in poorer performance inside the Henry's Organic company since team members lack access towards that information, expertise, as well as materials that allow them towards completing their professions as well as lack the desire and incentive to accomplish successfully, if not surpass objectives (Lukosch et al. 2018). Communication breakdown at Henry's Organic's employment may generate conflict, annoyance, misunderstanding, as well as an incredibly tough place in which the employees become unmotivated toward being constructive for the firm and therefore are uninspired to cooperate using the beneficial position within the company of Henry's Organic. This absence of providers in between Henry's Organic might subsequently affect whether individuals communicate with customers as well as potential purchasers of Henry’s Organic.
  1. There can be several numbers of the tangible and intangible benefits in between the organization of Henry’s Organic, these kinds of the benefits have produced by introducing a new system to the organization of the Henry’s Organic. The benefits as described as the follows:

Tangible Benefits of the new system of Henry’s Organic:

Earnings increase: This can be the most typical style of benefit for process management which is going to happen inside the Henry's Organic, along with the nearly all requirements of stakeholders (Lee et al. 2019). The increase throughout earnings is an advantage any time a job has a primary impact on typically the earnings of the company. To this cash flow could be included other extra options of earnings like the introduction of a new system of the product or perhaps the provision regarding an offer. The particular rise in revenue is represented simply by such precise money value.

Reference price savings: Occasionally, adjustments towards the particular system or probably the renovation associated with work processes purpose to be associated along with the cycle of the project more effectively. In these situations, it might for that reason happen that the particular certain activity is not really necessary after the particular implementation of the particular changes. This advantage can also end up being achieved when any kind of system or procedure problems are solved. In cases like this, it might happen how the firm may make several roles redundant or even assign some assets to a various departments, meaning a good optimization or reduction in resources plus, therefore, their expenses.

Increased productivity: Productivity gains seems to be a concrete construction advantage that might also empower employees to function extra or otherwise be diverted to certain other departments. Technology or implementation activities may necessitate a mechanical remedy, the repetition of operations to rectify them, or perhaps the involvement of other persons in revising the very same activity.

Process enhancements: Procedures could decrease the amount of work necessary to execute a development task. It might be as basic as automated a mechanical data processing procedure or as sophisticated as automation a procedure and would need a huge amount of energy, effort, as well as money (Khoo, 2018). Enhancing procedures implies reducing overall time required to perform an operation, which will save energy by creating additional manpower for these other responsibilities.

Intangible Benefits of the new system of Henry’s Organic:

Advocacy for organizational objectives: Among many of the intangible resources identified in this research include an improved position inside the marketplace and or consumer impression of Henry's Organic as such a leading company.

Improved user encounter: Sometimes initiatives might generate a service that seems to be simple to be used for end users or has unique characteristics. The above results in improved customer experience, which would be an intangible advantage to everyone individual customers.

Improved customer: In general, the initiatives strive to deliver fulfillment towards the ultimate client, unless they are public or inside to the firm. Nevertheless, if the customer is dissatisfied with the outcome, the endeavor would be regarded as a failure. Growing consumer happiness, on the other hand, is an emotional advantage that cannot be valid and reliable.

  1. The cost of the new system in between the organization of Henry’s Organic can be described as System costs for Henry's Organic can be defined as economic expended for managing government, governance, as well as commercial transactions at the optimal network level again for advantage of such CGIAR world in general, as outlined inside the CGIAR Setup Costs Funding. System Expenditures refer to just about any expenses expended either by Henry's Organic and other companies of the Borrowing Collective throughout accordance also with Program's management, administration, administration, installation, maintenance, as well as funding, throughout all situations as and also to the guidelines and legislation inside the Business Strategy, comprising. All System Payments are incurred in full through Windows 1 based on the notion of appropriate copayments, that states that Windows 1 would be compensated proportionately either by CSP deducted from all of the other (quasi 1) money donated towards the CGIAR Fund and Bilateral Funds for Henry's Organic.

Furthermore, the Debtholders' agreeing to pay provisions governing AdCom Service charges, Technology Business Fees, Royalty payments, as well as other System Costs throughout accordance with the Memorandum Of understanding is really only a question of timing but would not bigotry the Debtholders' bond holders, because presumption or supposition and allocation. The Debtholders' commitment to collect provisions governing AdCom Charges, Technology Business Service charges, Royalty payments, as well as other System Costs under accordance with the Legal Settlement is really just a function of scheduling but would have no adverse effect upon Debtors' creditors. According to GAAP, System Would cost are the real quasi as well as reoccurring Table Infrastructure expenditures, Transportation, labor, commute, operational costs, conformance service charges, components, as well as maintenance costs expected to integrate the PGIC Structures or Match Supervisor onto Blackjack as well as roulette; made available, nevertheless, that any such costs would not include Qualified professional Framework or League Supervisor infrastructure costs or running costs apportioned throughout good conscience by SMI or PGIC corresponding towards the license, dispersion, or layout of such PGIC Framework, Game Manager, as well as Table Hardware. This is the basic definition of the cost of the new system in between the Henry’s Organic organization.

  1. "Cost-benefit analysis or CBA" seems to be a methodology which will be used to evaluate the entire expenses of a program/project including its rewards in between Henry's Organic organization, that used a standardized method (most commonly monetary units). This provides the determination of such cost to the government or advantage connected to Henry's Organic's initiative. As a strategy, this is most commonly employed in the beginning of a Henry's Organic task or policy, when different possibilities or actions to be taken are indeed being assessed as well as evaluated, as such an opportunity for finding the optimum strategy. It may, nevertheless, have been used to estimate the relative effectiveness of a project in quantitative and sold for profit parameters.
  2. The new system would help to accumulate the information and guidance in order to run the farming of the concerned organization to its depth. Organic farming is very helpful in recent times because it can be used to reduce the chemical poisoning of farming components including equipment and resources. "Henry's Organic" is a company that deals with inorganic fertilizers and wants to take their business to the next level by including organic fertilizers into their production line. The overall management of the system would provide enough ideas for managing an organic firm while keeping each and every aspect in mind (Kadyk et al. 2017). The chemical hazard would produce abnormal instances which would become much more costly to mutilate hazards. Therefore, the firm has reduced its ethos and business operations to progress properly. The old system is regarding the firming with the use of inorganic compounds which would harm the productions and the cost factor. Henry’s organic has been evolved in recent days by implementing organic farming procedures which would be helpful for the production management including cost and hazard management. The production cost of the firm has been reduced to a great extent due to improper management of the information system. The information system deals with the information which may be used in order to manage any firm’s organizational framework. The assumptions that would be made to research on the proposed topic due to the implementation of advanced farming techniques. The assumptions would help to run the firm by highlighting its production management and resource management (Gupta et al. 2017). Managing the technical details and administrative objectives in being able to identify the monitoring system to its core would aid in the firm's output using information technology. Some basic ideas that can be applied for the effective evolution of the firm's operation would be required for the general framework for the management of the firm. The management system of the firm including information and data handling is also the fundamental consideration in this aspect.
  1. The proposed system would help to provide b ideas about the business case and therefore the presentation would become clear and sophisticated. The proposed business case is regarding the management of the organic firm and implementing the process for long term availability or industrial use. The “Henry’s Organic” is a firm which is dealing with the inorganic fertilizers and desired to implement the business to its highest paradigm by implementing organic fertilizers in the production line up. The management of the whole system would provide sufficient ideas about the handling of an organic firm maintaining each and every aspect clearly. The preliminary investigation would help to follow the right direction to run this research and the subordinate case study would provide right guidance about the management of the concerned firm. Managing the technical aspects and managerial purposes in order to track the monitoring system to its core would help to utilize the information technology throughout the firm’s production. The overall framework for the management of the firm would require some basic ideas which can be used for the successful progression of the firm’s operation. 

Part B

Activity 5

  1. Fact finding methods:

Sampling: This task includes obtaining information, paperwork, as well as paperwork. Organizational chart, papers which can assist in understanding the situation, including current sops there are primarily two types of sampling methods: randomness, that does not have a precise sample method, as well as stratified, who reduces the disparity in estimations.

Observation: During the phase, the computer programmer participates in the task as well as watches how it is done inside the company. Such approach has both advantages and disadvantages (Gonen, 2019). The researcher could plainly monitor what is going on as well as collect information through his own, although there is a danger which perhaps the study will skip a few of the duties.

Prototyping: This strategy entails creating a functioning model that encapsulates the user's needs as well as allows everyone else on the way to find or move in various directions to achieve these needs.

Interview: Since they have to respond to the questions in a limited amount of time, the interrogation could provide a definite reply. However, the "communication skills" are vital for interviewing strategies since they are crucial in inquiring as well as responding inquiries. One such approach is much more exact, but it is a challenging effort at the very same moment.

Study & sites consults: With aid of the procedure, one may focus on solving an issue because they would be subjected to various kinds of challenges in the study, as well as the investigator would be kept up to full speed upon that latest breakthrough in the present environment.

  1. As per the primary suggestions for "organic agriculture" are as follows: one of which is for encouraging producers to obtain sustainable agriculture accreditation; this would be done in order to distinguish among genuine farms as well as imposters. The second is that instead of implementing methods such as delivery services, one may enhance the availability of natural items to all, as this is not practical for anyone on the way to walk straight to a farm to gather natural foods. The third suggestion is that now the rates of fruits and vegetables be whittled down so that it has been affordable for most people person. Although the costs are rising because the practises used in their agriculture are expensive, measures should be taken for dropping the cost of natural foods so that it really is affordable to everybody in order to promote health of societal structure (Gómez-Expósito et al. 2018). The administration must also acknowledge such techniques; therefore, steps must be done to promote producers to use such growing practices through offering grants as well as grants, or certain incentives towards producers.

The final recommendation is for agriculture' livestock farming, as agricultural production has already shown income for farmers as well as private citizens throughout society. Growers must obey correct practices as per standards as well as develop this same seedling, so they can focus more upon the quality of different kinds of products instead of volume in order to fulfill customer requirements. When individuals become aware of those issues, individuals would choose items these kind of because they lower the medical healthcare spending.


Demonstration of a Marketing Director

He works to give the firm a presence upon the internet by increasing the brand recognition as well as customer engagement. He accomplishes it via developing promotional materials as well as media advertising which have effectively reached the target demographic as well as resulted in a 20 percent of overall increase in the exchange rate of leads to consumers in 2 years (Ghosh et al. 2017). He also utilizes the study talents in the direction of performing the frequent comparative research on the way to discover how business may better as well as differentiate ourselves among competitors."

Explanation of an Executive Assistant

"The normal work tasks include organizing plane tickets, assuring all directors' calendars are updated, as well as guaranteeing execs get every relevant report, files, as well as documentation by the side of a routine basis. He also seeks to maintain himself as well as senior team up to date on every key corporate news. This would be accomplished while using the superior writing abilities to take frequent records across each session as well as prepare minutes for many other company employees."


  1. a) What exactly is "organic agriculture"?
  2. b) What are the major actions you undertake for regulating the fertilization, which really is critical in "organic agriculture"?
  3. c) What led you to believe that organic methods are essential?
  4. d) What is the most important aspect of sustainable agriculture?
  5. e) What are the techniques for making healthy compost?
  6. b) How could you describe how such a natural product enhances people's health?
  7. g) Could you briefly describe the advantages of organic agriculture?
  8. h) What's your suggestions for sustainable agriculture?
  9. i) Is there really a difference inside the flavor between natural items as well as mass-produced ones?
  10. j) What is your take just on price of natural foods?
  11. Appendices:


Marketing Director

Executive Assistant

How can the market of Henry’s Organic be demonstrated?

the firm has a presence upon the internet by increasing the brand recognition as well as customer engagement.

N/A (As a Executive Assistant he can't demonstrate the market)

How is the operation running in Henry’s Organic?

N/A (He is there for demonstrating the market of the company)

The normal work tasks include organizing plane tickets, assuring all directors' calendars are updated, as well as guaranteeing execs get every relevant report, files, as well as documentation by the side of a routine basis.

Activity 6

Use Case Diagram of Henry’s Organic

Figure 6: Use Case Diagram of Henry’s Organic

(Source: Self-created in

Activity 7

Task 1

NLA fact-finding summary: NLA is a software of accounting, basically Every farmhouse has a personal computer that executes the programme. Daily accounts receivable are placed in the company NLA Accounts at such a financial institution. The NLA system can generate a daily exercise plan that contains a summary of any and all goods sold. There at conclusion of the each monthly, every small farming operator uses NLA must send a trade receivables breakdown onto Henry's farm, whereupon membership statements were generated as well as distributed either through internet or actual letter, dependent upon that patient's option (Bullo et al. 2019). Subscribers might send their purchases to Henry's farm, in which they are put towards the membership profile, or they may have used an on-line payment card system, which is something the homestead promotes as a recommended way of compensation.

Task 2

ER Diagram

Entity Relationship Diagram of Henry’s Organic

Figure 7: Entity Relationship Diagram of Henry’s Organic

(Source: Self-created in

image of Design of Database Created

Figure 8: Design of Database Created

(Source: phpmyadmin)

Task 3

Table Creation

Structure of Customer Table

Figure 9: Structure of Customer Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Structure of Delivery Person Table

Figure 10: Structure of Delivery Person Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Structure of Farms Table

Figure 11: Structure of Farms Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Structure of Orders Table

Figure 12: Structure of Orders Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Structure of Organic Certified Table

Figure 13: Structure of Organic Certified Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

Image of Structure of Status Table

Figure 14: Structure of Status Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

Task 4

Primary keys (Inbuilt)

image of Structure of Vegetables Table

Figure 15: Structure of Vegetables Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

Task 5

image of Records of Customer Table

Figure 16: Records of Customer Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Records of Delivery Person Table

Figure 17: Records of Delivery Person Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Records of Farms Table

Figure 18: Records of Farms Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Records of Orders Table

Figure 19: Records of Orders Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Records of Organic Certified Table

Figure 20: Records of Organic Certified Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Records of Status Table

Figure 21: Records of Status Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

image of Records of Vegetables Table

Figure 22: Records of Vegetables Table

(Source: phpmyadmin)

Activity 8

image of Records of Vegetables Table

Figure 23: Sequence Diagram of Henry’s Organic

(Source: Self-created in

  1. Two commercial packages which have been chosen for the organization of Henry’s Organic, are SAP and another one is Oracle.

The distinction amongst SAP and Oracle would be that SAP would enable Henry's Organic to better combine multiple company operations, whilst Oracle is indeed a programme that would help Henry's Organic to handle diverse computer systems as well as provide effective performance.



The SAP ERP android application is generally utilized by various sorts of organizations, including Henry's Organic, since it delivers a collection of resources to help Henry's Organic function smoothly. SAP is most often used by businesses for resource development. SAP provides real-time control of Henry's Organic's organizational processes. SAP performs activities in commerce, transportation, bookkeeping, and a variety of other domains.

Oracle will be capable of managing the information of Henry's Organic's organization. Oracle RDBMS, from the other extreme, provides major companies with a number of co-information management platforms (Alkhateeb et al. 2017). Oracle performs activities such as information systems, money transfers for Henry's Organic, and many others.

  1. The three option for the new system in between the organization of Henry’s Organic could be NLA fact-finding summary, and other two packages of the software which can be implemented in the organization of Henry’s Organic and which have been taken from the Online search is Oracle and another one is SAP.
  2. Conclusion and Recommendation

As a recommendation of the Henry’s Organic it can be recommended that as they have implemented NLA fact-finding summary in between their company they can also implement Oracle and SAP in between their company which will be very helpful for them.



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