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Assessment On Ethics And Professional Practice

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In this assessment the discussion on a very critical topic which is regarding the assessment of ethics and professional practice. Here in the discussion part describe the importance of complying with ethics and the ethical framework in the professional practice. The discussion mainly focuses on the major principle of ethics and the ethical framework. This ethical and professional practice helps to facilitate ethical issues. And the other portion discusses the counselor and the community service professionals how to demonstrate the practice of ethics and the ethical professional in their professions.


The importance of complying with ethics and ethical frameworks in professional practice

The major principle for the ethical and the professional practice committee is in place which helps to provide leadership in the ethical area and it facilitates the ethical related issue. The ethical committee also helps to provide the consultative opinion to the members on the ethical application of the principles and it acts as the information for the different ethical issues, the periodical reviews, and the changes of the recommendations to the ethical principles. These ethics and ethical frameworks help the professionals to be responsible for their work. This reasonable practice and the transparent behavior of the professionals help to avoid the harmful action of embodying high standards of the ethical area. This ethics and the ethical framework help to articulate in a transparent way and it helps to spread the organization's guidelines and organization policies (Rogers and Schill, 2021). It helps to assure equitable services to all the constituencies and is equivalent to all the professional standards associations and principles. Ethical framework helps to resolve the differences and address concerns among the professionals. Using this sustainable relationship helps to transcend the respectful transaction. It helps to service, advising, and also help to make the employment decision. This ethical and professional practice complies with the laws and it helps to be associated with the state, local, and federal entities; it does not include immigration, affirmative action, and EEO compliance. This helps to work in an accurate way and on the time when the complaints of non-compliance occur. And help to respond to the complaints of the non-compliance at an accurate time and in an advisable manner. This ethics and the ethical framework help to protect the personal information which is related to the candidates and their interviews (Kenny, et al, 2019). The engagement of the candidates of their service places resources and programs. Help to protect the information of the student which is related to the professional's plans.

The working process of counselors or community service professionals to demonstrate the practice of ethics in their professions

The counselors or community service professionals have to be thoughtful and impactful to understand the practice of ethics in their professions. The counselor should keep in mind the welfare of their clients so that they are able to build the client-counselor relationship perfectly. The client requires a more perfect counseling process for the development of counseling goals. The counselors should maintain the professional boundaries and should avoid personal relationships with the clients. All the documents of the clients should be recorded safely and timely. The main duty of the counselors is to give protections to the client’s rights and privacy. Trust builds a strong relationship and honest partnerships between the clients and the counselors. The counselor's duty is to inform the client over all the information of the agreement and only important information can be shared outside with the clients (Bolarinde and Mba, 2019). The counselor should maintain the awareness of changing practices during every session of the meetings. The behavior of the counselor influences the clients which service they want to access. The counselor can provide services to support additional local services. The relationship of the counselor with their clients should be grounded in respect not in a professional approach. The professional counselor has the ability to give proper assessment on the presenting situation of the client. They have the ability to understand the beliefs, cultural background and behaviors of the clients very efficiently (Andrews, et al, 2019). As an efficient counselor, they should consider whether the service and potential results are harmful for the client or not. Ethical counseling behaviors are important for a counselor to maintain professional relationship boundaries with the client related to ethical counseling behaviors.

The counselor should maintain a professional relationship through fair and honest behaviors to the clients. The session of the meetings should be done face to face (Wijaya, et al, 2022). With the help of an instructional model the counselor can support their work and improve diversity in the workplace. The ability of solving ethical issues is to make a councilor follow a personal code of ethics in their workplace. With holding the high ethical standards a counselor is able to take action and cooperate without any wrongdoing. Practices of ethics help them to face challenges and eliminate the facts from bias, suspicions and assumptions. They have the capability to find out the problems related professionally and ethically.


This principle depends upon the freedom of choice and action of an individual. With following this principle the counselor can encourage their clients to take their own decision and actions according to their preference (Hynds, 2018). This principle helps the client to develop the ability of self-directing through all aspects of life. The counselor can be more autonomous by encouraging the client to help to understand the values of their decisions. They also guide the clients about their rights and in rational decisions. The principles of autonomy help the counselor to become more cautious against the client’s rights.


These principles help the counselor to avoid the risks of harming others and from intentional harm. It helps the counselor to avoid malpractices, any kind of client exploitation and professional intoxication (Grace and Uveges, 2022). It helps to maintain the ethical responsibility within the counselor and also helps them to mitigate the harmful issues to the client. It also helps the counselor to avoid the occurrence of any kinds of harm related to the client’s ethical issues.


This principle helps the counselor to act with the client on the basis of professional assessment. It helps to maintain the responsibility of the counselor towards the client’s welfare. It helps to become more proactive and be aware to prevent harm when possible by them (Gotterbarn, et al, 2018). This principle directs the counselor towards the limits of competence and delivers services to the clients on the basis of adequate experience.


The principle of justice helps the counselor to maintain the client’s dignity and human rights. It helps the counselor to maintain the legal obligations and potential conflicts between the ethical obligations. This principle helps the counselor to provide fair provisions and appropriate services and important legal requirements of the client. It helps to become more rational to treat their clients individually differently.


In this assessment, the importance of ethics and ethical framework for professional practice has been discussed. The ethical practices are important for the professionals to maintain their ethical issues at the workplace. These practices help to maintain a professional approach and to maintain strong relationships with the clients. The counselor can enhance the ethical practices to deliver more services at the workplace. The working mechanism of the counselor also has been discussed here. The counselor should follow the professional manner to maintain the ethical issues.



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