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Statement of Purpose Assignment Sample

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Statement of Purpose 

The main aim of getting into the undergraduate program for economics at your University is that choosing to study economics will help to prepare me in achieving my future career prospects. With my b academic background, I am confident enough that I will achieve my desired motive. My inspiration for choosing economics a professional degree course will help me to hone my problem-solving and analytical skills which will help me to get into diverse fields such as finance and law. Also, my interest in learning economics grew through my spending habits which eventually taught me about the basics of inflation and exchange rates.

I am currently pursuing my studies at the Asian School, Dehradun (India), and will complete my studies in the year 2022. I have passed my matriculation from GD Goenka Public School, New Delhi (India) with 84% marks overall. Along with focusing on my studies, I have countless memories associated with my schooling which is from having academic achievement to getting exemplary performance awards. My biggest achievement so far is getting appreciated for participation in the Model United Nations Conference in the year 2018. Besides, this achievement, I have also participated in various other activities organized by the School which include the School maths planetarium competition, Science experimental expo activity, Admad activity, and essay writing activity for which as well I have been awarded certification and recognition at the school level.

The years between 2012 to 2020 have been fantastic for me as I have got the opportunity to participate in International Karate and Taekwondo competitions which include a list of major events in major international locations such as the Dojo Karate Competition which was held in Sweden where I have secured the first position which was one of my dream achievements. This achievement has led to many opportunities open for me as I got to participate in Kukkiwon Ist Poom Taekwondo Promotion Test, Seoul, Korea. However, my first journey for my International endeavor began at a school where I have got a chance to participate at the National level in Taekwondo Championship with the support from my parents and Teachers. The national-level competition brought in many glories as I secured four gold medals between the year 2012 to 2020 with many Silver and Bronze medals along with it.

Along with the above accomplishments, I have tried my best to serve society by collaborating with various Non-government organizations such as HOPE Foundation (New Delhi, India), the Society for Environment and Development, Apka Sahara Sewa Sanstha (Madhya Pradesh, India), and various other NGOs since 2019. This voluntary community service has helped me to be more cautious towards society and the underprivileged people. 

My interest in the subject of Economics has grown immensely over the years and also has become a very popular line of study as it brings forwards many career opportunities in different spheres and various industries. It brings about a wide range of job roles and opportunities for economists as they often get a chance to work in various sectors such as government, businesses, and private industries as well as in academics. Also, studying economics will much help in having b basic knowledge about national and international markets, in-depth-knowledge of finance with the ability to apply the financial skills in a practical scenario and finally it helps in the management of resources. One of the other reasons for choosing Economics for my undergraduate degree is that it will push me to think critically and gain critical thinking skills. Furthermore, the challenges that the subject will bring will improve my understanding of the economics world and how does it affect the different areas of businesses globally.

Besides, the above-mentioned abilities, studying economics will inculcate a lot of skills to prepare and apply in the real world business arenas. Firstly, it will give me exposure to the principles and concepts of economics and will help me in understanding theoretical and modeling approaches and their application to the real world. This course will make me able to solve a wide range of problems by implementing computing and quantitative techniques and making me proficient enough in these skills. It will help me in analyzing and interpreting data through different economic methods, qualitative and quantitative analysis. The other skills that can be acquired through this degree are communication skills, time management skills, and analytical skills.

With this degree, I aspire to follow my career goals as soon as I complete my studies with any of the roles such as Financial Risk analyst, Auditor, Economic consultant, Financial Manager, and Actuarial Analyst as it involves challenging roles and responsibilities as well as perks and benefits and future growth prospects. The skills and knowledge that I will gain through this subject will help enhance my career in the long run. If in the future in 10-15 years down the line, I plan for getting into other fields such as law and the degree in economics will help me in understanding the field of study in no time and effort.

Therefore, to boost my interpersonal skills and career, I have chosen the Universities of Canada to pursue my undergraduate degree and also for the reasons such as the Universities in Canada are well known for high-quality education services and are recognized globally. Also, the most appropriate reason for selecting Canadian Universities to pursue my undergraduate degree in Economics is the quality of academics as the degree of Canadian universities are accepted worldwide due to their good academic reputation. Another main reason for the selection of Universities in Canada is its ample opportunities in research and development as the Universities as well as the Canadian Government focus on providing enough support to academic research scholars. The Universities in Canada have a diverse culture as Canada hosts students of different cultural backgrounds which makes the campus more friendly and peaceful. This is the main reason why I am looking forward to pursuing my degree with the University of Canada as I always look forward to interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds that will help boost my communication skills and confidence to a greater extent. The lively and vibrant campus of the Universities will help me to be more involved with my studies and keeping away the homesickness.

The faculty members are also highly educated and well equipped with the latest topics in vast areas and to get in-depth knowledge about the subject from highly esteemed faculty members would be an opportunity for a lifetime and their guidance will help me to expand my knowledge and empower myself to be the best what I do both personally and professionally and will be able to give the businesses, society and to the world the best I can. Also, along with the mentioned advantages and opportunities that I will get through this course, I am more inclined towards the fact that I will be able to broaden my vision in the field of economics as well as other spheres of my personal and professional life. With the vast knowledge and skills, I hope to return to India to contribute to the Indian economy from the skills and knowledge that I will acquire for the betterment of my country and its people and expect to see myself as a prominent personality in my field of study in the coming years. Furthermore, this course will help me to accomplish the aims and objectives that I have set for my personal and professional development which will eventually lead me to be content and successful in whatever roles and responsibilities I cater to.

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