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International Marketing Case Analysis Assessment 3

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International Marketing Case Analysis

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In this case analysis, there will be a significant discussion of the social and ethical understanding, identify critical issues, develop and formulate an international marketing recommendation based on this ethical understanding. Queensland Heat is a textile company that offers clothing such as, mountain climbing, hiking, and winter clothing. Therefore, the company desperately trying o operate in the French marketplace in order to expand its business and to achieve organizational success, Moreno et al., (2017). As a matter of fact, the business firm is currently producing only in Australia and has an outsourcing production in China.

Section 1

Identification of the Case Ethics Issues Depend On the Issues Related To Theoretical International Ethics Concepts

Ethical dilemmas are considered as circumstances that have been accommodating to make certain choices between two things. As a matter of fact, it determines the situation in an ethically acceptable approach. There are diverse concerns related to the subject matter of international ethics concepts but only a few of them have been discussed in this context within a brief manner Moreno et al., (2017).

Ethical Issues in International Business: In the case of a company which constantly trying to expand its business or have plans to gain long term success in the international market, the company has to encounter serious ethical or moral issues in the process of the decision making process in order to improvise its organizational outcome, Perry & Wood, (2018). Outsourcing workplace diversity has been considered as the primal ethical issue in international business. However, the impact of cultural considerations can also affect hugely during the process of accomplishing business in the global market.

In this context, the textile company, Queensland Heat is constantly trying to create an outsourcing production within China and that will be accommodating for the textile company for its market expansion in the international market. The term 'outsourcing' evaluates the practice of hiring people outside of the business or gathering individuals in order to accomplish the contracted work, Luque, & Herrero?García, (2019). As a matter of fact, the ultimate purpose of utilizing outsourcing as a medium in order to obtain added expertise and exploit the cost of labor advantages. In this study, the major target of Queensland Heat is to get recognized in the international market, enhance service quality, and provide focus on the central part of the business.

Outsourcing and Further Implications: The primal intention of outsourcing is to put demands on the business to observe and preserve elevated quality standards in case of the company's fancy customers to distinguish as the major contributor. In fact, outsourcing has become a superior imperative in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the international market, Luque, & Herrero?García, (2019).

Organizational Ethics Issues: Several ethical issues have been discovered during the time of conducting a project or a specific task. In terms of the decision-making process, the basic aspects of ethical issues are quite dissimilar which are-

  • It is indeed necessary for an organization in order to articulate the issues regarding the fact of various cases. Understanding the ethical issue will be accommodating for the organization to perform better in case of upcoming future.

  • Determine the superior procedure for a successful decision-making process is extremely significant. Selecting a suitable authority or requirements of particular guidance will be beneficial in order to make the process of decision making in a flexible manner, Guarnieri & Trojan, (2019). Also, choosing a suitable stakeholder is a significant part of the decision-making progress and the purpose of the stakeholder is to understand the significance of the project. As a matter of fact, it is indeed necessary for the people to remain active or keep making a constructive engagement with the process.

Section 2

Investigations of the Social, Cultural, and Consumer Behavior Elements of the Context

According to various perceptions, France is not considered as an economically developed country but the country has gained enormous economical expansion in previous years, and also the country has moved from economic government control and ownership. From the transportation business to the hospitality sector, multiple companies have been privatized Strange & Magnani, (2018). This country is considered the most visited tourist destination around the world and is tremendously affected by cultural dynamics. In this section, there will be a discussion of the social, cultural, and consumer behaviors issues of France in order to evaluate the task in an effective manner.

  • Cultural Diversity of France: France has been considered as the culturally diverse country in entire Western Europe. As a matter of fact, the impact of cultural diversity has its underpinnings in the pleasant approach towards the immigrants of France. Having the friendliest atmosphere, the country has become a hometown for Muslims and several African citizens, Strange & Magnani, (2018). On the other hand, the EU immigration law permits citizens of the EU to visit any EU member state. As a matter of fact, it has been proving to be extremely accommodating for the immigrants to visit any place without having complicated regulations or any restrictions. Thus, the implementation of this law has made the country become culturally diverse and creates a vigorous atmosphere for the citizens of France, Walkley, (2018).

Cultural diversity has a huge impact in order to shape the business ethics of France. As a matter of fact, the business ethics of France has largely been drawn from secular values and laws, as opposed to religious traditions. In case of accomplishing transactions, business, and rules and regulations, all are drawn from the French constitution, Walkley, (2018). Provided businesses are registered and do not engage in fraud, contravention, and larceny of labor regulations and rules, might be considered legit. In fact, religions are observed to have a prominent role in order to measure business regulations.

  • Consumer Behavior: The impact of consumer behavior on the decision-making process is extremely necessary. In the case of French consumers, they are considered to be approachable to the latest ideas and information, Arora et al., (2020). As a result, their comfortableness makes it effortless in order to connect in a conversational as well as in the case of a sales pitch. Therefore, in the process of discussing business along with a French consumer, the maintenance of patience and sufficient flexibility is extremely important. As their ultimate attitude of purchasing a product contains great observance and a lot of patience. It also impacts the decision-making progression of the French customers and they considered taking maximum time to observe the product and examine its quality before purchasing any product, Dhaliwal, Singh, & Paul, (2020). Lastly, conducting business with a French customer can easily convert into a logical exercise and the negotiations sometimes get subjugated by logic.

The consequences of consumer behavior of France determine that they are superior experience in the decision-making process. They also utilize their intellect during the time of purchasing takes maximum time before buying a product, Dhaliwal, Singh, & Paul, (2020). The case of Queensland Heat which is trying to operate in the French market requires having the ability to satisfy the consumers’ needs by providing them an exceptional quality product.

  • Social Elements: Since, the country has been considered as largely diverse and every citizen of the country enjoys a friendly atmosphere, the communication procedure is quite flexible in the case of French consumers, Porcher, (2017). As a matter of fact, they prefer meeting in person rather than exchanging texts and calls. Queensland Heat Company requires keeping in mind these social elements of France.

Section 3


From the entire understanding of the identification of international ethical issues and investigations of the social, cultural, and consumer behavior elements, it has been observed that in order to conduct or operate a business, Queensland Heat textile company need to implement some policies or to follow certain tactics to stay competitive in the marketplace of France Chessel, (2017). There have been some significant recommendations for the CEO of Queensland Heat in order to expand its market in France and to get effective productivity in further future.

  • French is considered price-oriented but they are not willing to compromise on the product quality. The CEO of Queensland Heat should focus on sustain better product quality to stay competitive in the French marketplace. Since the French consumers are converting to purchase more luxurious branded quality products; the textile should have implemented proper modifications on creating on branded quality products.

  • French consumers prefer purchasing in person or going to a store rather than utilizing an online platform. The CEO of Queensland Heat should focus on the stores to attract more French customers along with proper maintenance of COVID protocol. Therefore, store decorating; creating a gracious atmosphere and sweet talk can facilitate in-store purchasing, He & Harris, (2020). It will be accommodating for the company to obtain superior profitability in the upcoming future.

  • It is indeed for the company to implement corporate social responsibilities in order to connect more with the citizens and to create a trustworthy attitude towards the French consumers Perry & Wood, (2018). As a matter of fact, the CEO of Queensland Heat should focus on improving labor policies. It has been observed that French people favor manpower rather than technological innovation. Therefore, the company should focus on giving extra incentives during the festivals or any specific purposes. Also, the CEO of this company requires creating a forthcoming atmosphere between the employees so that they can find comfort during the time of working progress Agudelo, Jóhannsdóttir, & Davídsdóttir, (2019). Thus, by implementing this corporate social responsibility, the company will be accommodating to expand its business successfully in the marketplace of France.


The entire context illustrates the Investigations of the Social, Cultural, and Consumer Behavior Elements along with ethical considerations. The company will be a superior product and can expand its marketplace in the French marketplace if it utilizes the given recommendations.


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