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Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care Assignment Sample

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Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care Assignments

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Health and social care industry is play an important role in the existing time period so it help in providing various services related to with health so health of citizens can be considered in proper manner. There are different types of diseases whether it is physical and mental that can increasing day by day and by this health of people can be occurred in united kingdom. Health and social care required to be understand the significance of promoting autonomy among individuals. They also manage all roles and responsibilities and analyse how they related to others in the sector (Barrington, 2017). Along with this, partners will help in recommending ideas and plans so each patient can be treated by providing whole focus and effective medication should be given to them. The report is divided into sections where philosophy of partnership working in the sector of health and social care has been described. Also, the relationship of models or partnership can be explained.


1.1 Explain philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care

The working partnership is determine as major features of the existing government plans and policies in the social and health care sectors. Partnership refers to one or more person for achieving desired goals and objectives for the organisation and also share equal profits or loss. It involves negotiations among new members who mainly works in respective authorities. They work together for insecure the deliver the advantages of people which can not provide maximum profit. The philosophy of health and social care can be defined the set of underlined rules and values which directly or indirectly connected at the time of doing working in corporation in specific area for providing health and social care services. There are different types of philosophies are existing for related to such type of partnership working that includes ethics, utilitarianism and deontology (Bircher and Kuruvilla, 2014). Such things are insures that quality, equity, efficiency and thus it help in achieving complete targets for providing best quality products and services to their customers. Such type of philosophical systems are described as under:

  • Ethical partnership- Ethics are those approaches which can be concerned with doing activities and actions to equal with rights that should be adopted at different conditions. It mainly includes making difficult decision process in the context of particular situation among moral dilemmas on daily basis in effective manner. It is very important to understand the issues or problems which are related to ethics so they will make proper decision making for analyse what is right or wrong. Along with this, choose accurate options among different alternatives and determine something for what should they need to perform in appropriate manner. They should need to maintain dilemma in the working of partnership in health and social care so difficult selection can be done (Brett and et. al., 2014). On the other hand, philosophical perplexity can be determine as nothing but major disputing policies and plans in this case while one or more principles is opposite with another person. Therefore, coalition works in welfare and social group caring, it is important for considered various set code of ethics and analyse the meaning of moral content for fulfilling the vision and actions which are totally associated with health.
  • Deontology- The concepts of deontology is mainly associated with correct and accurate actions or activities and exist for moral responsibilities and roles in effective manner. The professional workers working under the health and social care sector have to make judgement which should be morally correct so various conflicts will be present for future time period. Professional interim and meantime need to confirm their determination for giving right descriptions. By this, I found that each and every workers working in well-being care that associated with they can performing accurate activities or actions for providing guarantee of correct results or outcome. They require to think proper for analysing major issues or mistakes for achieving desired goals.
  • Utilitarianism- The utilitarianism is grounded on the beliefs and principles of utility. Therefore, any type of actions in such industry in health and social care need to generate maximum balance among favourable belief in the values (Bryson, 2016). The major philosophy can be considered with perplexity and morality for making to analyse good results or outcomes. For analyse such philosophy, I need to find out that all the major actions or activities should be conducted by any professional in correct manner because it help in increasing happiness level. The incorrect activity can show the negative result or make difficulties.

1.2 Evaluation of partnership in relation within services of health and social care

Partnership relation play an important role within an organisation for gaining success and growth. Also relationship can be exist among different persons for providing effective service options for delivering in appropriate manner. In an organisation, each services have various attribute and nature through each other in health and social care whether it is optimistic or negative framework (Philosophy Of Partnership Working. 2017). The table shows the positive and negative evaluating the partnership in health and social care that are discussed as follows:




Organisation and service user

The firm and service customers require to maintain positive relation among each staff member. In this context, management require to use latest and correct techniques for their clients. Positive partnership help in increasing efficiency of members and promote accurate frame of health and social care suppliers.

The negative partnership among organisation and service user directly impact the goodwill of health and social care. It is necessary for understand the positive factors of an enterprise and service consumers in proper manner so they can get better results or outcome for achieving potential goals and objectives.

Employees and organisation

This is necessary for maintain and framing the relation in the form of positive among workers and organisation for getting effective and better delivery services. For maintaining positive relationship among employees and firm which help in achieving all major aims and targets in proper way.

The negative partnership relation among workers and enterprise consider the situation of health and social care in against of subordinates. On the other hand, care quality commission require for making each person understand regarding positive factors.

Employees and services user

For maintaining positive relation among workers and service user for promoting and increasing actual understanding. Employees are the main part of an organisation for achieving desired goals and targets in effective manner. They require for maintaining positive relation among all customers so they can get opportunity for gaining correct results or outcome.

On the other side, negative relation among employees and service users will directly impact on their work. Also negative relationship should be maintained workers and service users that occurs through lack of trust and do respect for each other that can reflect negative factors in better time frame.


2.1 Highlighting the kinds of partnership with determine the partnership for taking place in health and social care sector

Partnership refers to common agreement of work that can take place in between two or more person and share equal profit or loss amount properly in appropriate manner. It is necessary to realise the different types of partnership that can easily take place in the business and focus on activities or actions. Also territorial conflicts are mainly occurs among each and every person towards their roles and responsibilities between employees. According to the case, The primary care trust which is under arrange duty and responsibilities for the related provision of safe and care and they does not properly make sure the health quality services (Cameron and et. al., 2014). Also the Strategic Health Authority was the actual representatives of the NHS and the health department. The customers or patents are complaint regarding services and working provides. There are various issues and problems that will occurs and complaints of person and staff members are discussed as under:

  • Lack of share accurate information or data
  • Does not provide proper services to their patients
  • Improper usage of communication skill

While dealing such type of issues, various kinds of partnership require to executed in health and social care sector that are listed as follows:

  • Problem solving partnership- Partnership require to implement by both organisation for solving major issues or problems related to partnership and company managers try to resolve such things in effective manner (Carpenter and et. al., 2017). Such major problems and issues that can face by clients and patients communication ability for taking place to support the quality work in appropriate manner.
  • Project partnership- It is one of the important type of partnership that require for implement from both such associations for managing project partnership in which project need to manage and handle some specific individual. Partnership of project will providing and developing better information share information in smooth way. So they can get opportunities and better services that can lead towards delivering proper work and should have to promote.

Therefore, care quality commission require for executing both such partnership in the society or community so they can get effective and better working should be increased.

2.2 Review current policies, legislation and process including in partnership in health and social care working

For doing working in health and social care, there are different process, policies and legislations which includes so they require for understand by company managers of health and social care staff members. It is necessary for maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in working so they get opportunity for better and correct results which can be increased. So it is totally based on case study where lack of deficiency regarding health and social care working. By this, consent CQC require for giving accurate information to all society or community in respect to policies, legislations and process that should be involved in partnership working that are as follows:

  • Health and safety act, 2015- It is that act which indicate the health and social care services which require for maintaining safety and best quality working at the time of dealing with different customers in proper manner (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016). The main role and responsibility is to maintain correct quality based work by eliminating wrong services and help in delivering effective services in better way. Care quality commission require for reflecting such consent and this act implement to both society so they can became capable for rising working condition.
  • Health and social act, 2012- This cat signifies in the part of 251B so it is necessary for share common information in better manner and suitable services leads towards for delivering effectively. Such consent require for understand by company managers of Care quality commission properly. It can make in understand the local society so customers lead for gaining maximum profits by selling products and services.
  • 251C- Such section of health and social care act indicate the important information for getting share on regular basis so deviation get removed (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). The major issue that can associated for providing accurate information which take place for solving such problems in effective manner. Therefore, such concern considered as major where they can nit deliver quality based services. Such parts required for understand both local community mental health team.

These are associated acts and process that required for understand by local society mental health staff members in proper manner. It is essential to interpret such consent properly so these practices should be improved and organisational practices that can lead for make customers fully satisfied regarding their products and services.

2.3 Differences in working exercises and policies affect team work in HSC

The working in health and social care is not easy thing and company managers require for understand the practices and policies of an enterprise while works in partnership. Individual working is very simple task where partnership deed should be framed opportunities of disputes in these external environment that can be increased. Working with team will directly impact from different number of factors that are not suitable for delivering services which get affected.

The local community mental health team and mental health trust staff are facing certain issues and problems which can occurs among employees and organisation in badly manner. Such organisation policies and exercises get informed from each other that may arise among them and gaining correct result or outcome (Glasby, 2017). Therefore, working team can be impacted while all necessary communication should take place to each staff members and determine major issue.

  • It is one of the major problem which occurs among both association due to lack of communication. For transferring the message from one another which does not take place properly and framed as major issue. It arise because, both teams does not analyse their business operations relationship.
  • An organisation require to share their views and factors with each other so they get opportunities in better and correct manner which help in doing working can be became possible. Staff members does not share their opinions and ideas with each other and determine the major reason of inappropriate services (Mason and et. al., 2015). Mental health staff trust have issue where they provides technological and views for developing with each other due to some hidden factors. On the other hand, it is another reason by which the delivery of services to target the customers at the market place.


3.1 Evaluating possible result of working in partnership for service user, professional and organisation

It is necessary for service suppliers for maintaining correct partnership with customers o they get better and appropriate working which can be promoted. A patient need special care but due to this they does not have any issue and problem about these things. Therefore, they gain possible result or outcome, the major thing that consider as important factors which help patients and relatives. The result of possible outcome of working in partnership for professional, service user and organisation that are described as follows:

  • It is one of the major possible result of partnership working among professional and user which get opportunities of recover getting increased. If a professional does not going for supply best quality services among with full involvement then they get chance of increasing deviations in effective manner (Smith, Swallow and Coyne, 2015). Therefore, suitable partnership can lead towards for doing proper working so they get chance for recover the possible outcome.
  • Another achievable result between professional and organisation with effective partnership where appropriate work can be managed and handled properly. While health and social care help in managing all policies and practices which are related to business so they can reach with desired goals and targets.

Hence, if service user, professional and organisation frame correct partnership among each other then patient health should be recover and positive outcome can be impacted.

3.2 Examine expected barriers to working partnership in health and social care setting

Barriers does affected and impacted the work in badly manner. Therefore, administration or management require to evaluate all desired barriers in advance so they are directly effective working which should be promoted in proper manner (Stewart and Wild, 2017). The actual barriers for working partnership between organisation, user and professional that are discussed as follows:

  • It is one of the major barrier for deliver effective services by user or professional where involves lack of coordination. Such barriers can impacted whole services that given by professional and service user for gaining best suitable services.
  • On the other hand, barrier associated with delivery services by professional to user which is based on procedure barriers. Such barrier signifies that each person make differences in working methods and techniques. Therefore, different nurses getting opportunities on daily basis that directly impacted services and analyse the barrier which can be considered for suffered by patients.
  • Financial barrier shows the major issues in user for gaining better and good services in appropriate manner. So barriers confine for delivering quality based services from an organisation for targetting respondents. Patients does not have correct finance for pay fee in private health care institution. Hence, accurate partnership require for manage between both so they deliver services should analyse best possible way.

3.3 Strategies for improving partnership working in HSC

Working in partnership refers to involvement of two or more person together for achieving common goals and targets and also share all respective ideas and views in effective manner (Tew and et. al. , 2012). For improving working in partnership, it is necessary for framing best suitable and correct strategies for taking action place which contributes in success in different working factors. It is important for frame appropriate and correct strategies for working in health and social care that includes:

  • Implementation and framing correct communication channel in an enterprise so each and every person lead towards for transfer information with each other. So they should deliver accurate roles and responsibilities for each individual for making better coordination between each other.
  • Another problem which take place by lack of information for sharing accurate message with each other. They deal with such frame, so the major strategy has been concern with business for making and developing business in smooth manner. An effective communication channel determine as important part for solving necessary information and try to resolve issues (World Health Organization, 2013).
  • The lack of poor quality services or work for major issue and problem for dissatisfaction among customers. For giving better and accurate service quality to target customers, partners can given proper training to each person or teams.


From the above mentioned report it can be analysed that Health and social care industry is play an important role in the existing time period so it help in providing various services related to with health so health of citizens can be considered in proper manner. The working partnership is determine as major features of the existing government plans and policies in the social and health care sectors. Partnership relation play an important role within an organisation for gaining success and growth. For doing working in health and social care, there are different process, policies and legislations which includes so they require for understand by company managers of health and social care staff members. It is necessary for service suppliers for maintaining correct partnership with customers so they get better and appropriate working which can be promoted.


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