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Prepare Food To Meet Special Dietary Requirements Assignment Sample

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Task 1

An accurate description

Nutritious chocolate bar was the recipe prepared based on a customer's healthy diet plan. That includes some restrictions that were maintained in the preparation of the chocolate bar. The chocolate bar consists nutrition that includes whole grains (such as oats), plenty of seeds, nuts added (including chia seeds, peanuts, raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds). a good quality date and dry fruits are utilised and a special ingredient based on customers requirement was organic unrefined coconut sugar, the natural flavour was used to enhance the taste of the chocolate (right quantity of flavour enhanced the taste greatly). Great quality cocoa and cacao were used to make sure the chocolate results were rich in quality (, 2022). The focus of the preparation of the nutritious chocolate bar is customer health-friendly along with maintaining the restrictions and conditions of the customer and a great taste. The ultimate result of this was highly nutritious, healthy, and up to the mark to meet customers' expectations.

Implications for special requirements

The customer asked for adding organic unrefined coconut sugar as a substitute for sugar and the recipe must be gluten-free. Ingredients were roasted well to preserve the nutrients. The roasting process by applying required precautions and measures to ensure the goodness of the ingredients enhances and the taste of the chocolate improved due to proper roasting (, 2022). Sautéing of dates is properly done to improve the taste. Oats are added as it is beneficial to reduce blood pressure level, which is a great ingredient as per the health requirement of the customer.

Suitable adjustment, replacement and substitute ingredient

The main requirement of the customer was the recipe needs to be sugar-free and that the substitute ingredient must be organic unrefined sugar. The product also needs to be sugar-free and diabetic products free alternatively; dry fruits are added to enrich the taste and nutrients in the chocolate bar. The suitable adjustment of blending the soaked dates and sautéing them required a skilled team to lock the taste during the process.

Drug-food interactions

There is an interaction between drugs and food regarding diet. Prescribed medicines can interact with drugs and food. Some foods have their reaction to the drug and it changes the effect of the medicine (Herforth et al. 2020). Drug food interactions include vitamins, antacids and nutrition pills.

For example, some fruit juice can interact with medicial drug used for high cholesterol. It damages the liver and leads to kidney failure. Another example of drug-food interaction, it impacts muscle breakdown and releases a protein called Myoglobin in the blood. Myoglobin can damage the kidneys.

Food allergies

When the human body's immune system performs unusually to particular foods, it causes allergies in the body. Food allergies can be serious and affect different body parts at the same time (Sharp et al. 2018). Their common symptoms are an itchy sensation inside the ears.

For example, it depends on different body diet systems. Some common allergic foods are milk and wheat. People can be allergic to any food, regarding their past medical conditions. Sometimes food allergies can be fatal.

Food intolerances

It refers to difficulty while digesting some foods as well as unpleasant physical and chemical reactions to them. The symptoms of food intolerances are gas and indigestion, which happens in the body after eating the food (Grze?k et al. 2021). the main cause of food intolerances in the body is an absence of needed enzymes to break down the food.

For example, lactose intolerance is common food intolerance in people. If a person has lactose intolerance, they may drink lactose-free milk or beverages. It is repugnant to the human body but has a serious impact.

Cultural and religious sanctions

Culture and religious sanctions play a major role in the choice of food and diet for society. Cultural awareness is necessary for people. For healthcare, dietary practices need to build diet plan to maintain cultural and religious sanctions and take care of required nutrition.

For example, some religious groups have their beliefs on the restriction of foods whereas some religious groups have their beliefs to eat that food (Debus et al. 2022). The cultural difference also impacts food and building dietary practices.

Allergic reaction scenario

Australian food allergy authority builds legislation for managing the health consequences in the allergic reaction conditions,

Section 16: It is the food act for, false description of food. It will apply on the selling food with unauthorized allergens (, 2022). Section 22: The food act refers to wrong and not complying with the food standards code.

Anaphylaxis scenario

It is type of allergy reaction, but it impacts on body with life threatening. It requires immediate medical treatment (Caffarelli et al. 2018). Australian food management authority builds legislations for anaphylaxis scenario health consequences,

Section 23: This food act is deals with circumstances in that food maybe fake description and it cause physical harm to the food anaphylaxis person. In regarding to tackle with these types of scenario authority need to implement in dietary practice.

Food intolerance scenario

According to Australian food survey, up to 25% of the population feels that they have a food intolerance. For tackling with food intolerance scenario in Australia, Australian food authority declares that food act 2003(NSW) for all packaged foods. Sulphite are common cause for food intolerance in Australia. It mainly appears in wine. It cause asthma and rashes in body parts in sensitive people.(,2022).

Task 2

Reflective report template based on food restrictions

Question 1

The dietary need of the customer was a nutritious chocolate bar that is full of nutrition and zero sugar added and is gluten-free. Another requirement the customer had was adding organic unrefined coconut sugar as a substitute for sugar. The food restrictions of the customer were gluten intolerance, dairy products and diabetic products. If the ramification of customers does not meet their needs then the customer may face several health-related issues. The health issues include rapid heartbeat, vomiting and even which can lead to some extremely serious conditions.

Question 2

I contacted the dietitianist of the customer to make sure the ingredients that I am going to add to the recipe are health-friendly to customers and to make sure restricted food of customers not added to the recipe. Information that I enquired about him was about the customer's diet chart that includes highly restricted foods and foods that will be beneficial to add to recipes. I clarified the exact requirement of the customer's dietary plan by enlisting beneficial ingredients I can add to the recipe and ingredients I need to avoid. Some of our team members were against adding organic refined sugar then I convinced him, as it was mentioned ingredient by the customer to add in the recipe. The specialist advice I sought was diabetic ingredients I need to avoid. Before proceeding with the recipe, I arranged a meeting and had a wide discussion with my team members.

Question 3


  • whole grains that include oats
  • plenty of nuts and seeds
  • dry fruits and dates
  • Organic unrefined coconut sugar
  • Natural flavour
  • Cocoa and cacao


  • Firstly, blending of soaked dates
  • Roasting of dry fruits, nuts and seeds after completing half roast adding coconut to it, and roasting oats separately and blending it
  • Sauté paste of date till thick consistency
  • Adding oats, dry fruits and date and mixed it well
  • A transferred mixture to a greased plate lined with baking paper
  • Left it refrigerating until it set well
  • Unmounted and chopped into the required size and pieces.

Question 4

Special use process was sautéing of dates for the betterment of the taste of the chocolate bar. The specialised ingredient was organic unrefined coconut sugar, which was especially used because of the customer's requirements. Cooking methods used in the procedure are baking, roasting and sautéing. Prevention of cross-contamination was ensured by using hygiene-cooking utensils and using good quality ingredients. The chocolate bar prepared maintaining a specialised cook team and proper advice ensured equivalent nutritional value by dietitians of the customer.

Question 5

Chosen the cooking process completely based on the nutritional quality of the recipe as the ingredients were roasted. This process chosen, as it is beneficial in preserving more nutrition and improving the taste of the recipe. Chosen equipment in the entire process was based on the betterment of the quality of the nutrition bar and high perseverance in nutrition.

Question 6

Operational adjustments that strictly followed in the recipe: the ingredients baked properly and roasting done well to ensure a good outcome. Extensive preparation before organising the ingredients was the implementation of the mise en place. Procedures of the recipe ensured to be completely systematic in the required period. A proper quantity of ingredients added to the recipe to ensure the produce results in the required quantity.

Question 7

The skills and techniques that used in the preparation of tempering the chocolate in the tempering machine were the modern techniques utilised. Process and procedure used as cocoa pressed through a machine to remove pieces of the pod and dried cocoa pulp. Team members were wearing hairnets and coveralls to ensure the hygiene of the recipe and high-quality ingredients used in the procedure and Good quality cocoa used. I learned to prepare a good quality nutritious chocolate bar with zero sugar and all healthy ingredients added to it. I might apply the recipe to prepare nutritious chocolate bars in more innovative ways. Next time I might use more such and new ingredients in the recipe or may introduce new techniques for better results.


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