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Systems Analysis and Design Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Systems Analysis and Design Assignment Sample

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Critical skills gathering can be termed as an important aspect in system analysis as well as design. This study will provide details about skills that I have learned during the case study experience. Strategy if betterment during the degree of SCU along with the planning for the next few years will be mentioned here.

Critical skills

Different critical skills that I have learned during my course about the analysis of any system and effective designing. Concepts about the information system such as software development along with skills that a system analyst requires are essential that I have learned during my course. The development of different software can be termed as an important factor that causes exhaustive work stress among developers (Venkateshet al. 2020). Therefore, an improvement of skills can be determined as the easy way to minimise the stress of those software developers. I have learned about the lifecycle for the development of any system in this system analysis course. Planning and monitoring of the project such as the use of PMBOK, WBS along risk management strategy are other critical concepts that have helped me a lot in software system analysis as well as effective designing.

Different modelling approaches that I have learned in the week 8 session such as the use of flow diagram, in which four instant symbols such as process, the flow of the data, external agent and storing of data concept are important. The concept of the dictionary of data has helped me to gather critical knowledge about data storing in any system. Different development approaches such as object-oriented as well as traditional approaches are important aspects that I have learned during the week 9 course of modelling of data. I have learned about the context diagram this week that remains under the traditional approach of analysis and designing of systems. Different core activities that are associated with the system analysis such as evaluation and other factors are important concepts that have helped a lot in gaining knowledge on system designing.

The weak 10 materials in this SCU course have helped me in understanding the scope of system analysis and designing along with supporting the automation strategy that can help to improve the user interface in any system. The concept of a development environment during the designing of systems such as development operating systems, improvement of computer equipment and network are the critical concepts that I have learned from this week's study. I have learned the strategy of alternative implementation during the designing of a new system. The waterfall can be termed as the popular type of traditional development that requires planning (Shastri, Hoda & Amor, 2021). 

Testing is another essential process that I have learned during the week 11 course. This process has helped me to determine proper software testing methods for system analysis as well as designing. Concept about quality assurance and quality control are two things that I have learned in week 12 along with the concept of integration testing

Requirement for betterment

I have learned about 'things' in system, objects, and data entities required in system, prioritising system requirements based on possible scope, major levels, and components associated with design and so on throughout my learning sessions. Nevertheless, after attending all the sessions associated with learning about system analysis and design I came to know I have several gaps in knowledge. In week 8 it was my responsibility to identify entities in system. However, I failed in recognising relationships between things in the system that is definitely a drawback in my knowledge although my teachers have helped me in overcoming these barriers. In week 9 we were taught about the stages of developing a System Sequence Diagram that shows interactions among objects in time sequences in the field of engineering (Stantonet al. 2022). Nonetheless, I failed to accurately understand the stages and include them in my proposed information system analysis. Furthermore, I also felt that I lack in my communication and team engagement skills that I need to improve to be more engaging in my learning sessions.

We were educated about the significance of prioritising requirements of systems and inclusion of automation for every specific function in week 10. However, I miserably failed in determining system scope and prioritising all requirements in system. From this session, I understood that I need to focus more on identifying alternative paths that are beneficial in delivering solutions for system requirements. Phases of system development life cycle (SDLC) includes planning, system designing, designing, implementation testing and integration, maintenance and operations (Kyeremeh, 2019). For gathering accurate knowledge from this session, it was important to thoroughly understand the previous classes based on system analysis and design. Nevertheless, due to an unclear understanding of previous topic, I was not able to recognise the implementation and testing processes associated with SDLC. At the last session, we were educated about agile methodologies and issues associated with them in system development. However, I was not able to understand the trends of agile or other methodologies that can affect software development. Therefore, I need to read and research more on system design and software development to get a better outcome of my degree at SCU.

Plan for next few years

In next few years, I can focus on gathering and analysing validated information regarding system analysis and design for strengthening my knowledge about SDLC while studying at SCU. Besides that, my focus will be to strengthen my learning from the basics so that I can define any problem or issues in SDLC and its association with business needs and requirements. Moreover, as I found that communication is an issue in my personality that has further limited my understanding, therefore, I will join a communication development program and communicate more with my teachers and fellow learners regarding any doubt in sessions. As it is my responsibility to keep a system improving and healthy, hence, I will not leave any gap in my learning about designing or developing software. Furthermore, developing analytical, management and technical skills will also be my focus in upcoming years.


Detailed critical skills such as testing, risk management, system analysis along with others are mentioned here that I have learned during my SCU course. Strategies that are required for the betterment of my skills along with planning for the next few years are mentioned accurately to support the continuous development of system analysis and designing skills.

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