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A Comparison Between the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) With the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Assignment Sample

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Introduction: A Comparison Between the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) With the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

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The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is considered to be the most famous designer-enabling organization that actually performs for providing effective knowledge and at the same time, it through proper leadership, access along with inclusivity. It has been established in the year of 1939 that is responsively governed by the constitution (, 2023). The DIA is found to have six proper branches that properly represent each state of the country along with its territory. The national advisory council that DIA runs provides the right advice and input for the directors of the board and is considered to be a proper communication channel between their core members. 

On the other hand, the "American Institute of graphic arts" has been the most effective designing organization across the globe. It has a massive fanbase that has been pushing them to move forward in their business quite positively. Founded in the year 1914 the AIGA is also considered to be the oldest and largest designing institution that has been promoting better knowledge and information to multiple aspirants across the globe (, 2023). It has been a well-known matter that the AIGA has been the one that brought the design to the world for different designers. As the largest yet widest community of the professions, the AIGA has advanced designs respective crafts, and strategic advantages. 

Main Body

The mission of the "American Institute of graphic design Institute" has been to advance design along with developing the processing system of design. It has successfully managed to depict a clear understanding and knowledge to the aspirants that come to them and take knowledge regarding the matter (, 2023). Providing a vital yet crucial cultural force has been the key motto of this famous organization. As the largest community of the designed advocates the institution has successfully managed to bring the practitioners together along with the patrons in order to amplify a proper voice of design and create an excellent vision for an effective yet collaborative culture. AIGA successfully defines a collaborative culture along with the global standards and practices that mean to be ethical in form. The culture of the institution represents a guiding system regarding design education and also it inspired the designers along with the public to enhance professional development. 

On the contrary, the "design institute of Australia" has set a motto that specifies their aim regarding developing the passion for designing among students from different parts of the world. The DIA properly aims for promoting along with facilitating a designed passion among all the aspirants, educators, and practitioners of every aspect of the principles of design. It provides consecutive events to the students so that they can emerge their proper knowledge regarding designing and keeping the resources well secured (, 2023). As a matter of fact that designing or most importantly graphical designing has been developing effectively across the global business market. Thus, the DIA has been assuring their students a better future by providing effective knowledge regarding design. The motto of this institution has been to accommodate and recognize the profession of design. However, equipping the designers with both soft and hard skills for enhancing the professional lives of their aspirants, along with supporting the designers through proper service and advice has been the most crucial factor for DIA. 

The Institution AIGA has been found to be engaged in debates during the summer of the year 2001. While the debate has been noticed to get passed, into history, the fine release of the "2001 AIGA 365 annual" perhaps made a fine moment in order to access the massive fallout. The online discussion regarding this particular matter has been centered on designing merits (, 2023). It has rejected the customary along with a custom layout of spreads of the books. In contrast to an accepted conversation it has been found that some other designers have emerged, with the "cult of texts". These areas have been resolved from the end of the community in their next working year. 

While on the other hand, a debate on the DIA has been found under the principles of the Australian Commission. The IP guidance of Australia has proposed to recall the services of adaptability and accountability from the DIA. A robust production system for intellectual property has not been therefore a constraint over the innovation and growth of the economy (, 2018). However, in another format, a key for incentivizing creativity along with the adoption of efficient and accessible designs has been seen for the institution properly. Regarding sustainability, this proper matter has been seen for the DIA.

Business policies have been the most convenient factor that assists organizations to accommodate their business and reduce the effectiveness of business risks. It has been seen that in multiple cultural designing institutions, issues related to discrimination and biases have developed. This particular factor had been a consistent matter across America and Australia as well. In this aspect, organizations across both areas have been found to be implementing different acts so that they can mitigate these effective issues in the workplace. A massive change in the dynamics has been seen for the organizations that have incorporated to follow these things into their business (, 2018). In this aspect, the DIA has been found to follow "The Designs Amendment Act" along with the "Equality Act" within their organization. It has successfully helped the organization to get developed in their business.

While in the case of AIGA, the organization has been seen to be following the IT policies in their business. They have been very much concerned regarding the personal data and information of the aspirants that come to their institutions. Additionally, to counter the discrimination within the organization, the organization is found to be using government policies and regulations regarding the matter (, 2023). All these effective factors have successfully managed the organization to maintain its structure and business ethics and at the same time, it provided immense enhancement to the business as well.


In a nutshell, it can be said that the Design Institute of Australia and the American Institute of Graphic Design have both been successful in advancing the fundamentals of design in their respective nations. Both organisations have as their mission to provide their students with the knowledge and abilities to improve their professional lives and to assist them with appropriate service and guidance. They take different stances on topics like discrimination and intellectual property, though. The AIGA is more concerned with the privacy and security of information, whereas the DIA concentrates on encouraging creativity and adopting effective and accessible designs. Overall, these institutions have been essential in forming the design sector and generating knowledgeable workers who have benefited the global economy.


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