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Leadership Organisation Assignment Sample

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Process of leadership is conducted by a leader in the organisation. Leader is a person who set vision, mission and create some thing new. Leadership is all about where a organisation want to go with their team. It is dynamic, inspiring and exciting process. Leader require some management skills and competencies to conduct its functions smoothly. Current project will be includes roles, behaviour and different situations of leadership process. This current report will be discussed leadership process of three type of sectors such as CEO of multinational company,president of country and a sports coach.

CEO of Tesla

Tesla is developed as manufacturer sports car which was opened in 2003 by American entrepreneurs. Funds of the company raised by many sources, most important co founder Elon musk who give approx 30 million in company. In 2008 Tesla launched its first sports car which is completely electronic road star. In 2012 Tesla stopped manufacture of Roadster and focuses on other project. After that company manufacture its new range of car 2016 which is self driving cars. Elon musk is co founder of Tesla who handle all activities related to product design, development, engineering of core products of the company such as electronic vehicle, sports cars, solar roofs and battery products(.Zhang and Bartol 2010). Elon musk is also give financial contribution to company. He is lead designer of space exploration techniques and handle all development and manufacturing activities.

Role of Leader in MNC

Required at all level: Leadership is very important which is required at all levels of management in company. It is important to make policies and plans at all level so com0pany can produce quality products. If talk about Tesla, role of CEO in manufacturing, development and designing stage is very important because he have to make policies and make sure its effective implementation.

Representative of the company Leader is representative of a organisation because he is responsible to present related to meetings, seminars and conferences(Raelin, J., 2011). CEO of Tesla is responsible to give information about the meeting to all employees and define objectives of the company which have to be achieved by employees.

As a friend and guide: This is another important role of leader of a company that is he should be maintain friendly relationships with other employees so he can easily communicate roles, responsibilities and duties to other supervisor.

Integration personal goals with organisational goals: A good leader is responsible for match personal objectives with organisational objectives(Zhang and Bartol, 2010). Leader have to coordinate the efforts of employees with organisational goals so they can increase their productivity.

Characteristics of Elon musk:

Flexible: According to this a good leader have to flexible because of some reasons such as change in government policies, change in competitors strategy, strick, lockouts and natural disaster. Elon musk have this quality of flexibility because Tesla is multinational company and it operate in various countries so he has to flexible according to the environment of different locations.

Communication: It includes that a good leader should have good communication skills which is very important in company. Elon musk have this quality so he can easily communicate policies, plans, goals and objectives to his employees.

Humanity and presence: According to this factor a leader must have able to listen and talk to his employees at all level of the enterprise(Fairhurst and Connaughton,2014). Apart from that a leader have the respect for his employees and this respect earned by the honesty and integrity.

Responsible: A good leader have to responsible and make sure that all the activities conduct smoothly. If talk about Elon musk CEO of Tesla he is responsible for product development, designing and engineering of sports car.

Prime minister of UK

Theresa may was member of parliament in maidenhead in 1997. she was undertake many positions in parliament and give her services for very long time. In 1990 she was selected as cabinet minister and hold this position for 10 years. After that she hold the position of first female chairmen of the conservation party and also appointed as home secretary position in UK and finally she became prime minister of UK in 2016. Theresa may have great qualities for good political leadership because she hold many positions and give her services for long time in politics of UK.

Role of Prime minister:

Improve relation between government and people: Prime minister is responsible for formulate all the procedure and laws which is followed by people of a country(Gutiérrez Hilbillion and Defeo,2011). PM can improve relations between people and government by formulating those policies which have to matched with environment of the society of a country.

Oversees the civil services: There is the responsibility of prime minister to handle all the operations of civil services and government agencies.

Appointment: This is another role of prime minister to appoint other members of government for smooth functioning in the country.

Characteristics of Prime minister:

  • A prime minister have to formulate democratic government in his country so every people feel independent in their actions and thinking.
  • A good prime minister have the quality to connect with other constitutions and citizens of country.
  • Theresa may, prime minister of UK have quality to manage conflict which is arising in her government. Government has their internal differences so this is responsibility og good prime minister to manage these differences.

Theresa have one another quality is that being negotiable which is important for prime minister's position. She identify areas of mutual agreement which is not easy task but but necessary. Emotional intelligence is another quality of a good prime minister because it is important to consider own and other's emotions who are directly connected with government. Clarity of vision is also important characteristic for being good prime minister because who consider their vision, can be successful jointed with his public who will held great image in the mind of public of country.

Sports coach

Gerardo martino is one of most famous football coaches because he have extraordinary skills of leadership. He was a good leader of national team of south American country. In recent time he involves in Barcelona which achieve goals with compensation approx 7.5 million dollars(Gutiérrez, Hilborn and Defeo, 2011). He give tremendous performance as mentoring of Barcelona football club, south American country and Argentina. These performance help him to being successful in his carrier.

Role of sports coach

Sports coaches is responsible to assist and developing to their teams and also give training to their players. They are provide instruction which helps to encourage and enhancing skills of players. The role of coach is different from advisor, fact finder, motivator, organizer, mentor, demonstrator, facilitator and fountain of knowledge. Gerardo martino play his role very efficiently so he became successful in carrier. A good coach is responsible for conduct training programme, effectively communicate with athletes, give instruction to players and also evaluate their performance with the help of various evaluation method(Van Dierendonck, 2011). A good coach is responsible to create conditions for learning which helps to athletes enhance new skills. The coach is also responsible to make sure that team are working in safe environment. It also includes that player want to look up to them and motivate them. Gerardo martino is motivating his athletes in his football club.

Characteristics of sport coach

A sports coach have some important characteristics are given below:

sports knowledge: A good coach must have full knowledge of his sport so he can give current and accurate information to his athletes. For this purpose coach have to attain clinics, watching games and read trade publications. Apart from that it is important for sport coach to have learning and experience of sport rules so they can easily communicate sport regarding information to their players.

Motivation and communication: This is very essential for a sports coach for proper mentoring and advices to their team. Create positive and supporting environment is very crucial challenge for sport coach(Wang, Courtright and Colbert, 2011). They are also responsible for communicate positively with other staff members of sports.

Practice quality: This is another characteristic of a good coach to plan lot of practices effectively. If talk about Gerardo martino, he conduct a quality session in which all players get chance to practice effectively which help to their increase their skills of sports. Good practices is also helps improvement in member of team.


As per the project it concluded that leader is playing a crucial role in different sectors like as a prime minister, CEO and sports coach. Above project is included different characteristics, roles and key attributes of a leader in of different industries. For proper conducting of any sector, a good leader is essential part who give direction, set vision and mission and also monitor all the activities.


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