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Economic And Legal Context For Financial Planning Assignment Sample

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Introduction :  Economic And Legal Context For Financial Planning

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Section A

Question 1: Disclosures 

Legislative source of Kate and Emily has a different type of process to the new place for office expansion. In this prospect they have to purchase the empty former grocery store with financial resources that would be made possible by adoption of the financial process of legalization. Process of registration regarding purchase of an empty former grocery store, need to adopt a regulation process to acquire this shop with financial resource allocation that would not be hampered business activity per further progression. Kate has $350,000 in her mortgage offset account that impacts on organization as a burden for financial activities there would need to identify potential financial burden and resource requirement to purchase a former groceries shop. Family contribution to purchasing a new home $110,000 would be affected as deficit in financial resource availability for the business activity. Emily is a sole beneficiary of the business trust Pintu policy is the whole operation activities through purchase of the former grocery shop (Ramsay and Webster, 2019). Advising procedures for the early stage registration process should provide financial documents for understanding the actual financial burden of the test and how much they are able to manage the financial burden in future due to the acquisition of a former grocery shop. According to the prospect of financial condition Emily and Kate need to identify financial loan requirements for purchase of a former grocery shop and future impact on the financial condition of the medical trust.

AISC is an independent government body of Australia that enforces and monitoring of corporate activities to prevent and identify errors in the registration process. According to the prospect of Kate, mortgage option accounts need to identify different types of financial aspects of this purchase activity where financial liability of Kate would be analyzed through past financial performance. According to RG 168 Disclosure, persons responsible for Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs) and other disclosure obligations are going to consider this purchase activity through presenting financial reports (Eccleston, 2021). Medical Trust regarding business activity has been operated through Kate and Emily, where sole proprietorship has been taken by Kate that is going to be considered in legislative activities. Based on RG 271 Organization needs to have internal dispute resolution (IDR) system of financial and non-financial activities with effective parameters. Purchase of the former grocery shop would be considered as business activity where RG 271 would need to be considered for acquisition activities.

Disclosure regarding purchasing the former grocery shop Medical Trust of Kate and Emily would be able to purchase this property is maintaining proper station and transparency in business activity. The legislative method has been considered in this prospectus to identify the potentiality and requirement of legislative activities for business expansion. Proper disclosure regarding the method of legislation provided at different financial and non-financial requirements needs to be considered in purchasing activities that would be effective positively on the legislative process. According to the prospect of transparency maintenance, the illustration process of farms needs to provide financial and non-financial documents to identify financial burden and future prospects that would be effective through adopting through legislation process (Leung et al. 2021). According to the registration process, and the purchasing of new property of a firm needs to deliver financial reports to identify the process of registration activities and along with organized activity to maintain financial transparency in business activities. Sole proprietorship of these activities has been going to involve productivity growth in organizational performance analysis that would proceed in a legislative way according to ASIC regulatory acts.

Question 2 Regulatory framework

Regulatory obligations would appear to purchase the formal grocery shop, where the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR)  would be effective to gain knowledge about financial activities and performance of this Medical Trust. Financial transparency regarding activities needs to be presented according to this regulatory body that would be effective to Understanding organization business processes and possibilities for future growth. The Financial regulatory Council of Australia organized different financial activities regarding rules to identify existing Assets and liabilities information to identify financial strength of a firm. Another regulatory committee of Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) is going to assess the potentiality of the financial activities of an organization that has been considered different types of financial resource management activities to present transparency and proper identification of financial errors (Xie and Zhou, 2022). Based on this regulatory body has determined organization financial performance and productivity regarding information based on passed financial reports that conduct its organization sustainability and transparency. Port identification of an organization established first financial activities during different conditions of that organization as ability to repay loans or to continue business operations with effective financial resources. Based on the APRA approach toward financial transparency and maintaining rules, organizations need to present financial reports and approach effective supportive materials that are going to be applications for Kate because of an existing mortgage $350,000. Financial burden would act as financial report burden to adopt the process of effective result in operational activities of business activities that are going to present effective results to proceed with legislative rules adoption. Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) Contacting procedure of financial transparency in organizational activities with effective result identification to understand financial activities growth potentiality depending on past financial performance (Knettel et al. 2019). Approaching toward positive note to organizational financial transparency maintenance would be a requirement for purchasing a former grocery shop by Medical Trust because sole proprietor Kate has an existing financial loan. Approaching financial transparency involves the financial regulatory Council conducting effective procedures to present financial reports for a time period that would be an obligation for Kate because of the existing financial burden would act as an obligation in purchasing a former grocery shop. Responsible for promoting overall financial system stability is going to deliver applications regarding the financial approach of this Medical Trust because of the effective result in the financial report not being identified properly and also financial resource requirement regarding information not being present to acquire the former grocery shop.

Question 3 Regulators as intermediaries

(a) ASIC : A Secret committee has conducted a financial report regarding information collection that would be present in financial transparency of an organization. Based on financial condition and performance of financial condition and performance of going to be conducted Effectivity of financial report in organizational performance analysis that would be present financial transparency regarding information of a firm (Yadav et al.2021). The requirement of information regarding financial resources and applications of the product productivity and our organization is dependent on Working Capital Management that would be conducted through financial report analysis which should be monitored by ASIC. The process of productivity of an organization would be identified through past financial reports that are going to give an impression of a company conducted in organizational productivity in the capital market.

(b) APRA : APRA government body financial activities of the capital market that improve that improvised transparency in organizational productivity and performance. Define fundamental growth of organization going to be evaluated through previous financial reports that would be identified and verified by this government body to present reliability. Credit union's Activities of this fundamental body are going to present organization credibility in the market to determine organizational growth potentiality and profitability (Dikau and Volz, 2018). General insurance and reinsurance companies Would be valuing the organizational insurance policies regarding any uncertain risk going to deliver a positive result to investors. Operational activities of APRA are depositors, policyholders and superannuation fund members that ensure organization's productivity and operational activities development growth in previous years.

(c) ASX : Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has been monitoring capital market activities to improve organizational performance in recent years. Additionally, this organizational body improvised identification of equity transactions to provide registration in the capital market. Capital markets operated through equity transporting between organizations and shareholders along with commodity exchanges that would be preferred and monitored by the ASX (Authority, 2018). Initial operational activities between organizations need to be transparent and legislative that has been maintained by this organization in financial periods to continue business activity between organizations.

(d) ACCC : ACCC government body operating to monitor consumer commission related activities. Based on activities consumer Commission related information has been monitored and scrutiny by this organization to determine transparency in legislative financial transactions (Authority, 2021). Organizational body contouring which considers Stake of purchaser and receiver in financial transactions of purchaser and receiver in financial transactions maintaining transparency between both parties. The properties consider two legislative activities that need to be completed by the purchaser that has been monitored by this department.

(e) AUSTRAC : Australian organization focused on transactional benefits and deficit by report analysis of transactional activities. Financial transaction between parties’ effective documents regarding financial activities along with different requirements of documents that would be identified and monitored by this organization to present transparency (Samuel et al. 2019). Originally this governing body considered different activities to measure and identify errors between transactional activities that would be effective to gain legislation in transactional activities. Organizational performance in transactional activities provide financial transparency along with an effective documentation process to maintain financial transparency.

Question 4: Superannuation and changing government policy

(a) Discuss the impact of two changes to the superannuation system

Impact of changing superannuation system impact on different aspects regarding income tax filing and taxable amount of individual. Based on change in superannuation system from 1 July 2020, members can access only $10000 of a supper account whereas they have been affected by Covid-19 that influences the superannuation system of an individual. Impact of change in superannuation system of the financial year 2020 individual person has been benefited by $10000 in income tax filing. Access of such a fund-saving account would be effective to financial flexibility in covid-19 period for employees. A positive step by the government regarding the superannuation system employees become able to continue their expenses in covid-19 period and also it becomes effective in terms of medical treatment. Saving in a superannuation system to become able to become able to access is savings in the supination system that would be if it is in financial condition for a temporary time period (Curi et al. 2020). According to productivity, as superannuation approaches, individuals become able to access limited facilities to withdraw funds whereas temporary amendment rules of the superannuation system would become effective to gain economic benefits for individual employees. Amendment in FY 2021, removing the $450 per month threshold for superannuation Impact on employee’s economic feasibility because of removing such amount for superannuation product growth in income tax could be identified and increase Income Tax payable amount by removing this amount from superannuation. Removing the threshold limit of $450 superannuation savings impact on employees' total income because of the direction of $450 impacted on income tax filing as a deduction also provides financial flexibility to employees by reducing net taxable income.

(b) Discuss the potential impacts on the superannuation system generally

Federal government budget impact on the superannuation system has been identified by the increased savings of the superannuation system and reduced cash-in-hand salary for employees. Superannuation systems generally produce effective savings policies for employees that would be changed by the Federal government budget that would be impacted adversely on the Superannuation system (Riepe, 2019). According to policy changes in the Government budget. Adding to the change in budget of Federal Bank indicate superannuation system impact on employees account that would be involved with income tax filing because of excessive deduction $450 month threshold would be impacted as positive for employee’s income tax payable amount. In the budget, the federal government announced that the Super Guarantee increase to 10.5% from FY 2022 would be treated as tax saving policies for employers. Additionally, an amendment in the superannuation system has been taken by the Federal Bank budget is July each year until it reaches 12% in 2025, Going to deliver an effective process for its employees to gain advantage in income tax policies due to increasing superannuation percentage enhancement. Budget of 2022 indicates employees’ benefit would be considered as such an increasing superannuation percentage of each month.

(c) Discuss the changes from 2020 and 2021 would impact

Discussion regarding change of 2020 and 2021 impact on savings indicate employees benefit through superannuation savings would be identified as advantage in individual income tax filing. According to the amendment of amendment of financial year 2020 regarding access only $10000 of a superannuation account Impact on employees’ economic condition as adverse. Superannuation facilities for employees provide flexibility in practice from superannuation savings accounts, whereas amendment for withdrawing facilities access $10000 reduce purchasing power of employees for financial year 2021 to 2022. Economic disaster in financial year 2020 due to covid-19 period impact on purchasing power of employees that would be mitigated by providing limitations on facilities from superannuation savings accounts.

Regional impact of 2021 amendment regarding superannuation account, employee would not be able to $450 per month threshold for superannuation (La et al. 2018), It would not be able to improve is supination savings account fund bi employees that going to impact on income tax filing. Amendment has been taken by Federal government improvise economic condition after covid-19 period because of Removing threshold for superannuation it has been impact on economic as positive way that increase purchasing power of employees. During covid-19 private purchasing power of consumers has been reduced due to economic disaster that has been improved through removing the threshold of superannuation. Last consecutive years change in superannuation account has been infected as economic growth in post covid-19 period. During covid-19 period Change in superannuation amendment impacted positively on economic growth whereas, amendment regarding revoking of threshold $450 has impacted on employee’s savings ability.

Section B

Summary of the amendment along with purpose

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Strengthening Corporate and Financial Sector Penalties) Act 2019 (Cth)

Treasury law amendment act 2019 regarding straightening corporate and financial sector penalties evaluate Relaxation to farmers and tourism sector for buying heavy vehicles for luxury cars that has been impacted as economic growth in Australia. This Amendment Act delivers information regarding treatment of genuine redundancy and early retirement scheme payments under age pension qualified age. Impact as benefit for employees' time of retirement corporate and financial sectors would not be able to create any limitations and rules and regulations for employee’s retirement (Dikau and Volz, 2021). Economic growth of a county is dependent on purchasing power of consumers where employees' buying power purchasing ability has been improved through implementation of refund of any luxury car tax paid, up to $10,000. Refundable tax policies for employees in hands purchasing power indirectly improvised corporate and financial sector profitability and productivity growth.

According to the Board of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to improve productivity and production of energy continuously boost the energy industry of Australia that would be amended in tertiary law by improvising capability of production energy in Australia with an effective investment plan in the next 5 years. Straightening corporate is important to improve economic growth of Australia whereas Competition and Consumer Act 2010 has been abandoned by treasury law act 2019. Amendment of competition and consumer act 2010 by treasury law act 2019 improved productivity of corporate houses to create advantage in competition. Excessive growth of the energy market in Australia provides competition and activities by corporate houses to be controlled by AER to gain healthy competition among corporate houses. Amendment in consumer data right programming improvise facilities regarding corporate houses products that enhance quality of products and services which are being delivered by corporate houses. Prevention for consumer privacy related activities has been implemented in corporate houses as indicated by the Treasury amendment bill (Andrei et al. 2018). Government agenda regarding retirement plan of individual employees has been fulfilled by this Amendment Act, which ensures effective retirement plan by superannuation contribution employees and employers would be evaluated and fixable to secure retirement life of employees.

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019 (Cth)

Treasury Laws Amendment Design and distribution of applications and product innovation power that indicate organization productivity regarding amendment for overall growth of economy. According to treasury law amendment design would be used effectively resulting in Organizational growth to product intervention power that means consumer behavior towards organization productivity need to be identified and produce effective products and services to improvise customer service. Consumer behavior toward production of products organization would be able to decide product pricing according to power of intervention because organizational performance in productivity of products would be organized through different difficulties and obligations (La et al. 2018). Distributional applications of organization would be resolved by a productive supply chain in the productivity that is going to deliver an effective result in employee’s benefits.

Treasury law amendment design enforce impact on organizational productivity growth by consumer data protection act which indicate organizational productivity growth would be possible by influence of customers participation. Design and distribution applications product power intervention would be influenced by organizational activities that go to effective implementation of different statistical acts in organizational productivity (Ozili, 2020). Growth potentiality of product intervention power would be decided through customer participation for consuming productivity growth of organization (Dikau and Volz, 2021). Amendment in product intervention power in the market and become able to create identity through producing effective product pricing power. The Data Protection Act is going to deliver product intervention power to consumers to protect their privacy in online business transactions. Design and distribution of products conducted an effective financial market for investors and consumer participation is going to reflect economic growth. Financial planning regarding treasury law act 2019 enforcing effective results in purchasing power in the capital market that influence investors for further investment and productivity has been conducted through data Protection Act implementation and organizations that ensure customers privacy safety.

Amendments impacted the way ASIC operates

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Strengthening Corporate and Financial Sector Penalties) Act 2019 (Cth)

ASIC Impact of amendment regarding Strengthening Corporate and Financial Sector indicate capital market financial transaction would be identified and contains a monitoring by this government body to influence investors in a positive manner for further investment. Improvised strength of the corporate financial sector in financial services enforce financial solutions to investors by continuous monitoring and transparency provision in the capital market. Implementation of customer rights in this Amendment Act financial services provider ration by ASIC become important factors for investors participation in the capital market. Additionally, customer data Protection Act implementation secure privacy of investors and retail assets in capital market which ensures economic growth by the investment approach of investors (Ozili, 2020). Amendment of treasury law Early retirement plan employees would be effective by this Amendment Act, where early retirement scheme payments need to be implemented in organizational corporate social performance.

Additional requirements of ASIC would be effective to provide reservation of efficient financial planning in financial planning for retired persons. Refundable approaching in consuming luxury car by retired person would be effective to retirement plan that would be murdered by ASIC (Christensen et al. 2022). Considering different amendment acts, ASIC would be able to provide information to create an effective retirement plan for tax relief along with better return generation by investment in the capital market. Strengthening corporate activities by this Amendment Act ASIC enforcing effective result for investment plan for investors that is going to present better financial return for long period investment. ASIC activities ensure Australia's financial markets are fair and efficient that influence investors to invest in the capital market and also provide data protection facilities to maintain privacy policies (Ali et al. 2020). Consumer behavior in the Australian market would be effectively affected by ASIC positive intervention in financial activities because of the financial transparency of organizations that delivered a positive impression among customers that has impacted consumer strength toward the economy.

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019 (Cth)

ASIC Operational activity comment design and distribution application of product intimation power act influence financial market product influence to investors. Design and distribution obligation regarding capital market influence investors understanding market, trend product influence to Organizational productivity and profitability analysis to determine the effective result in investment plan improvised investors stake through creation of wealth. Capital market products like investment, Trading and an approach toward organization need to be identified before investment that has been concluded by ASIC (Munawar et al. 2021). According to ASIC improvisation of organizational productivity and improvised growth identification of industry based on different approaches to investment and financial transactions have been monitored by ASIC to maintain financial transparency. Treasury law amendment impact on financial market-oriented with the different product-based investment plans and consumer obligation regarding investment approach that would be monitored by ASIC.

Impact for individual authorized representatives and AFS license holders

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Strengthening Corporate and Financial Sector Penalties) Act 2019 (Cth)

Individual authorized representatives and AFS license holders provide information regarding financial activities and movement of capital market to investors that helps to gain advantage in investment planning. AFS license holders work effectively on investment plans in the financial market that provide effective results to investors and customers. Customers' privacy related security has been provided through AFS license holders that secures financial investment in the capital market . According to a company at this organization involved with investment activities where AFS license holders use effective financial planning to strengthen corporate and financial sectors (Wanna et al. 2020). According to financial activities for retail clients it would be an effective procedure to maintain an effective investment plan for wealth creation.

Different conditional approaches according to treasury law amendment implementation in investment activity provides effective investment decisions for retirement plans that are going to deliver a positive result on investment approach. In order to enable registration in the capital market, this organizational entity also improvised the identification of stock transactions. Capital markets functioned through the exchange of equity between businesses and shareholders as well as commodities trades that the ASX favored and oversaw. to maintain business activity between companies.

Licensed AFS holders provide financial decision-making ability to corporate houses that straighten their financial position along with employee’s retention strategy with retirement plan. Based on activities of AFS license holders provide securities to improvise their investment approach in financial decision making ability for the capital market. Improvisation of different conditional amendments in treasury law would have a different impact on financial condition where AFS holders evaluate possibilities of financial outcomes by implementing those amendment acts that also present a possible future position of confidence. 

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019 (Cth)

The initial operational actions between them must be open and compliant with any laws that have been upheld by this company during financial times. Companies that provide general insurance and reinsurance would value organizational insurance plans for any uncertain risk that would benefit investors. Depositors, policyholders, and members of superannuation funds are APRA's operational activities, which have contributed to the organization's productivity and operational activity development growth in recent years. Treasury law amendment regarding design and distribution application would be effective to improvise financial decisions in operational activities by AFS holders (Christensen et al. 2022). Accounting features and product regarding analysis by AFS determined effective growth of organizational activity and capital improvisation approach in organization would be taken based on financial approaches.

Product approach AFS holders provide Differential and effective financial decision making ability to improve organizational benefit through customer privacy act implementation. According to financial activities for retail clients it would be an effective procedure to maintain an effective investment plan for wealth creation. AFS participation in investment appraisal method discussion would be effective to gain knowledge about financial markets that are going to deliver positive return toward investors and organizations with minimum risk conjunction. Capital market volatility includes financial risk investors and retailers that would be determined by AFS holders to identify potential benefit through investment activities in the money market.

Amendment will impact the provision of personal financial advice to retail clients

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Strengthening Corporate and Financial Sector Penalties) Act 2019 (Cth)

Organizational performance in product productivity would be organized through various challenges and obligations, and consumer behavior toward product production would be able to determine product price in accordance with the power of intervention. A productive supply chain in the productivity that is going to give an effective result in employee benefits would address distributional applications of organization. Retail clients Changing the market's ability to intervene with products and gaining the ability to define themselves through successful product pricing. The Data Protection Act will give consumers the ability to intervene in product development to safeguard their privacy in online business dealings. Creating and distributing products helped to run a successful financial market for investors (Nassmacher, 2019). Additionally, customer participation will demonstrate economic expansion. Personal financial advisor of retail investors as going to describe the potential history of investment plans in the financial market. Financial advisor activities to retail investors could be effective to retail clients.

Financial advisory to retail investors would be effective to gain financial benefits and the need to identify markets along with financial prospects of the economy to improvise financial benefits in investment plans. Identification of market analysis of the capital cost of investment identified to be identified to prospect of the financial return of investment plan. Prospect of an investment plan would be to invest in the capital market with an effective strategic investment plan where advice toward retail investors has been considered financial advisory by professionals to invest in the capital market with an average cost pricing method. According to the Treasury Laws Amendment act impact of transparency in the capital market allows retail clients to invest in the capital market with monetary security. According to financial activities for retail clients it would be an effective procedure to maintain an effective investment plan for wealth creation.

  1. Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019 (Cth)

Retail investor's positive interference in financial activities would have a significant impact on consumer behavior in the Australian market because companies' financial openness left a favorable image on customers and influenced their support for the economy. Retail investor's is imposing effective results for investment plans for investors that will present higher financial returns for long-term investments, strengthening corporate activities through this Amendment Act. ASIC's initiatives make sure that Australia's financial markets are just and effective, which encourages investors to place better on the stock market. ASIC also offers data protection tools to uphold privacy standards. According to treasury law amendment design and distribution of application of product intervention power financial advisors deliver effective plan for making decisions about investment that would consider superannuation of customers with effective financial activities plan for investment (Ziegler et al. 2021). Approaching an investment plan in the capital market would be effectively working on transparency in financial activities along with defective return generation through investment in the capital market.

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