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Methods and Tools to Perform Metal Stamping Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Methods and Tools to Perform Metal Stamping

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In this particular report various metal stamping techniques are discussed along with the studying various types of tools used in stamping the metal. This report researches the bibliography related with the tools and techniques of metal stamping.

The various type of techniques and tools used in the metal stamping are as follows:

Progressive Die Metal Stamping:

Metal doe stamping can be done through two methods i.e. progressive and transfer die stamping. These are two techniques which are used by in metal stamping. In progressive die stamping, a metal coil is used which is passed through an machine which is having consequent of different station which works in simultaneous manner (So and et. al., 2012). This helps in metal stamping at once in large numbers. When the complete metal sheet is once inserted in the machine then this process is completing with stamping of the whole metal material. The metal sheet now passes through the drawing process which progressively dies the metal strip having various station which make changes in the configuration of metal form the station through which it is previously passed. .

Short run metal stamping:

This is one of the method with the help of which stamping is done on metals. By the use of this it is possible to produce around ten thousand units at one time. The main disadvantage of this method is that cost of the die which is used for the purpose of dying under this is very high. In-fact the cost of the part which is produced is less then the cost of stamp. All the other cost which are incurred in this are also very high (Donaldson and et. al., 2012). Such as material cost, cost of labour which is used for one piece. The time involved in setting up the unit is also more which makes it a time consuming process. All the other additional cost which are there are also high in comparison to what is there in conventional method and all of this is due to the more number of operations which are performed in it.

Four-slide metal stamping:

It is considers as one of the specialised metal stamping process that allows different fours slides to develop complex stamping parts by using strips and wires with some bends and twists. It consists of various parts which requires to around 90 degree of temperature to mould the metal. In the process of stamping sliding tools are used to formulated by using cams, glide into the available metal blank which is presented from four sides directions. It is situated at right angle to each other (Ledoux, Sébastian and Samper, 2010). The final outcome from the bending process of metal comes as the vertical mandrel. It is considered as more cost effective as because the process is able to develop metal intensive parts at production rates.

Electronic metal stampings-

These are the stampings which are made by the electronic components. An electronic stamping is of high quality and it consists many effective elements (Karbasian and Tekkaya, 2010). The components of the electronic stamping are couplings, connectors, caps, sensors, shells etc. This stamp is made up of the steel, aluminium, copper etc. It is the electronic components manufactured with the help of the process of metal stamping. The machines of metal stamping develops the shapes of the metal sheets. The high quality of the stamping develops the large volume of electronic components. The use of metal stamping is in the electronic equipment, computers and also the medical devices.


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