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BMSK4008: Academic & Research Skill Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Academic & Research Skill Assignment 

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Executive Summary

Remote management is an innovative and essential technique for the modern business sector. The huge flexibility of the management style is significantly intriguing for companies. Due to the CoVID 19 situation, many MNCs and small businesses are obtaining this technique to remain relevant to the contemporary market. The objective of the academic report is to find out a detailed study of the management style. The report will deliver some CRAAP tests of relevant and authentic journals to gather information about the subject. The researcher will conduct preferred report writing techniques to assess and deliver relevant information and findings of the remote management. The study will finally conclude the efficiency of the management style.

1. Introduction

The remote management style is a modern management strategy in the industry. The remote management style is strictly based on the technological advancement of a company or an organisation. The strategy was developed to help the company run in an emergency. Due to the 2020 pandemic, companies from every location in the world have started to implement this style in their organisation. The global pandemic has raised a significant amount of urge to use this technique to survive in the contemporary market. This academic research will try to evaluate the efficiency of the management style in both the modern workplace and emergencies. The study will deliver CRAAP tests from ten relevant journals and will assess the impact, benefits, efficiency and limitations of the remote management strategy. The academic report will also consider providing effective points to increase the credibility of the research process.

2. Demonstrate your awareness of the academic and research skills required for your learning journey by producing a referenced, structured academic report.

2.1 CRAAP Test

Resource (1): Dean, S. and Student, P.H., 2020. FUTURE OF WORK: MANAGING EMPLOYEES EFFECTIVELY THROUGH THE COVID-19 CRISIS. International Journal of Engineering Apllied Sciences and Technology Vol, 5.

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