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The Catholic Intellectual Tradition promotes the idea that �Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth� (Fides et Ratio).

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Truth

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Introduction : Ethics

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The aim of this assessment is to reflect on the topic “catholic intellectual tradition promotes the idea of “Faith and reason are like two wings of the human spirit”. The program that has to be selected by me for this assessment is the program offered by The University of Notre Dame (Fremanthle), which is Philosophy and Theology.


The Catholic Tradition promotes the idea of the rising of the human spirit to the contemplation of the ultimate truth. As per catholic ideals, it can be said that the philosophy of a person reflects much on the idea of contemplation of truth. On the other hand, it can be said that Catholic theology is the teaching and results that are obtained from the theologians in the context of Catholic doctrine (Rowland, 2017).

Philosophy provides a catholic with relevant skills. It produces more deep thinkers, creative minds, and speakers that help in learning more about life and the truth behind it. Philosophy, in particular, by actively embracing the history of thought, exposes the catholic to fresh approaches to thinking concerning even the most familiar concepts. Whoever gets intrigued by the fundamental questions that have preoccupied the brightest minds should study philosophy. Philosophy is demanding, which is one of the reasons it is helpful, but it is also fascinating (Torrance, 2016). 

Theology covers comprehensive coverage in its study of the world's major religions from various levels, such as the interpretation of religious scriptures, the psychological and sociological aspects of religions, and the effect of ancient and modern religious movements. The research on theology will provide the ability to analyse literature, concepts, and arguments in various situations. The disciplines need critical thinking and the capacity to analyse facts succinctly (Rowland, 2017).

As theology stands for God and reason, it is necessary for the catholic people to follow the truth by logic. They cannot just blindly trust something they hear or see. Theology is an exercise of faith (Torrance, 2016). So, to follow the catholic church, one must have faith in it. One can learn more about faith and scriptures from theology, along with developing the power of reasoning.

On the other hand, philosophy is supposed to be a discipline that searches for truths around the belief. It is an argument-based learning that depends on the light of the natural reasoning power of the person. Everything that happens has a profound reason behind it. It can be said that Catholics are pretty philosophical in nature (Griffiths, 2016). It can be learned from these subjects that truth is above all. To achieve truth in life, it is necessary to focus on the ultimate goals of catholic teachings, as said by Griffiths (2016).


In conclusion, it can be said that the rise of the human spirit towards truth is an ultimate goal for catholic thinking. Everyone in catholic behaviour is trying to pursue the ultimate truth. It is necessary to intensely focus on the canonical scripture that focuses on adopting sacred traditions to follow the church. At this point, philosophical and theological understandings are pretty essential to follow.

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