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The world around us is becoming advanced day by day and latest technologies are bringing great changes and advancement in the world. In recent decades, the world around us becoming technologically advanced and all the sectors are experiencing a technological shift. The education system is also changing due to technological advancement and the digitalization is also affecting the education system to the greater extent. The educational institutes across the world are using the latest technologies for teaching the students and they are using different learning and teaching tools that can help them in offering high quality and more convenient learning to the students in an effective manner (Camilleri, and Camilleri, 2017). In the present research report, the researcher focuses on evaluating the digital learning objectives which is being used by them for teaching the students regarding the inequality in income and wealth. Along with this, the report will also critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the digital learning objectives which are being used for the learning and teaching.

Evaluating The Digital Learning Object

The technological advancement had made it easier for the education institutes to offer better education to the students in a more appropriate manner. The researcher is also being asked to teach the students by using one of the digital learning objects and the researcher had selected google classroom for giving the lesson on Inequality in income and education. In the present era of technological advancement, google classroom is one of the digital learning objects which is widely used by teachers and educational institutes for teaching the students and for offering them better learning. The major reason behind selecting this digital learning objective is that it is important for the teacher to select the teaching method which is more convenient and easily assessable by all the students in an effective manner. Using the google classroom is a better option for researchers as in the present era of technology the students want to learn through the digital learning methods which can be easily accessible at any time and from all the different devices.

When the researcher is teaching then the researcher had focused on using the google slide as an visual classroom through which they can explain all the concepts in an effective manner to all the learners. The researcher had focused on dividing the entire learning process in three different parts so that they can make better use of the selected learning objective. The researcher had decided that first they would be starting with the introductory video which would include the introduction regarding the major role which is being taught to the students in this lecture. The reason behind selecting this visual presentation in the beginning is that it can help the students in understanding the topic easily. The visual presentations are having an greater influence on the students and this video will have an higher influence on the students and will help them in learning what is being taught to them related to the topic in an effective manner.

But when the things are being visually presented to the students or the learners through the digital technology then, in this case, the teacher is unable to see the expressions of the students and in this case, it become difficult for the teacher to analyze that students are understanding the concepts or not. Along with this the researcher had provided the direct link for the video to the learners which is not an effective and appropriate way of introducing the students to a particular topic. In this case if the video which is being not having the same concept as what we want to deliver then it would have an adverse effect on the overall learning process.

Using the latest technologies and digital tools for teaching and learning is not an easy task as one needs to have effective and better knowledge and skills related to the digital platforms then only it would help them in teaching the students in an appropriate manner. Making use of google classroom is an effective option as it is easy to use and all the students can use this in an convenient manner and it is comfortable for both the teachers and the learners and promote better learning. Along with this using the google classroom also develop better communication and integration between the students and the teachers which makes the overall learning process more effective. Generally, the classrooms are considered to be the best digital learning objective as it helps all the students to access the study material at their convenience and this also satisfies the learning needs of all the learners in an effective manner (Paakkari, et. al., 2019).

As per the social cognitive theory of teaching the chosen learning object is an effective and attractive method for teaching as it promoted self-observation, self-evaluation, self-reaction and self-efficacy which makes the learning process much effective for the students or the learners. According to the social cognitive theory also the digital learning resources are better choice for teaching in the present era of technological advancement (Lin, and Chen, 2017). The researcher had also included the quiz in which they are asking questions in between the lecture for analyzing that how the students are learning and understanding the concept which is being taught to them. The idea of taking the quiz is an better option because it helps the teachers in making the teaching more interactive and also help in two way communication which makes the learning process more effective. After the completion of the introduction, the question-answer round is effective for teachers in understanding that how effectively the students are understanding the concept.

While teaching the researcher had also included the case study example which is an effective and attractive approach of teaching as it can help the students in understating the concepts in the context of the real-life cases. Along with this the case studies help the students in connecting with the real world and it also allows the student to connect the learned concepts with the practical life. The researcher had also included the images while describing the case studies to the students which is also an effective thing as it helps the learners in understanding the case in an effective manner (Lee, et. al., 2017). The way in which the researcher had added the different things in the digital object is attractive as these things had made the overall learning process more effective for the students.

The researcher had provided two different case studies to the students and had asked them to watch and understand them and on the basis of their understanding, the students are being asked to express their views and thoughts related to what they have learned in the lesson and what they have understood from the case studies. Along with this, the researcher had also asked the students that what they think that how the issues related to inequality can be changes and how the inequality can be reduced or eliminated in an effective manner. When the student would look into the solution for reducing the inequality then it would help them in developing critical thinking skills and will make their decision making skills more effective (Chaiyo, and Nokham, 2017). At the end of the lesson the research had also asked the students to give feedback regarding the entire lesson and its effectiveness on explaining all the different concepts which are being taught in the research study. The researcher had asked for feedback so that they can make changes in the future on the basis of the feedbacks and can deliver better lessons in future. It can be said that the researcher had tried his best for making the entire lesson more effective and had also used the google classroom and other digital learning objectives in an effective manner.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Digital Learning Object

In the recent decades with the increasing technological advancement and the increasing digitalization, the digital learning objects had also gained a lot of importance and they have made significant changes in the learning and teaching processes. Before the development of the latest technologies, the teacher and the educational institutes are only having the option to deliver the education through the physical classrooms but in the present era of technological advancement now the teachers are having different options (Sousa, and Rocha, 2019). In the present world or in the present digital era the teachers focuses on using the digital learning objects for teaching the students and this is more effective approach for teaching the students. Now the teachers focuses on making use of images and videos so that they can deliver the learning in more effective manner by explaining the concepts with the help of visualisation (Johnson, and Brown, 2017). With the better use of technologies in the learning, the entire learning process had become more attractive and interesting for the students and now learning is no longer boring as it was earlier. The digital objects which are being used for teaching help the teachers in gaining the attention of the learners and making the class more interactive and interesting as well.

If we consider the strength of the digital learning object then it can be said that the higher level of convenience to learn the things which are being offered to the students by digital learning is very important. With the latest digital learning objects, the students can get an education at any place and at any time which is making education more effective. For example, if the student had missed any of the lectures which are being taught to them through the online mode of learning then the student can see the saved video which the teacher had taught. Along with this the another benefit of using digital objects of learning is that it is cost-effective method for teachers because it reducing the unnecessary cost of physical classrooms, accommodation, transportation, and many more (Hubalovsky, et. al., 2019). Earlier these technologies were not available and then the physical classrooms were the only option but now the things have changed to a greater extent.

With the increasing technological advancement, the preferences of the student are also changing and now they want to learn the things from the modes of learning which can be easily used by them. It can be said that with the shifting preferences of the young generation it is important to make updates and offer the services in a way to which the users are more families. In the present era, digital learning had become important and as a result of it, all the education systems are making use of the digital learning objects in one or another way. Using the digital objects helps the students in developing the skills such as self-evaluation and self-learning which makes the overall learning more effective (Kumar Basak, et. al., 2018). While using the digital objects for learning it is important for both the students and teachers to have better knowledge related to the technologies and digital objects and their usage. Along with this they also need to have some of the important skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and many more which can help them in making the learning more effective. For developing these skills it is important for the students and teachers to get better training related to the latest digital objects of learning so that they can make education more effective.


In the above-mentioned report, the researcher had mentioned the choice made by them to use the google classroom as a digital learning object for giving the lesson was effective or not. In this report, the researcher had represented different views related to digital learning and the use of google classrooms. On the basis of the report, it can be said that the researcher had made a better choice and had used the different digital learning objects in an effective manner. It can be recommended that in the 21st century of technological advancements the teachers should use digital objects for teaching so that they can make the learning more effective.


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