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Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors Recovery Through Community Events Assignment Sample

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Introduction : Strategic Planning Assessment

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Event Objectives

The purpose of the “You Matter organisation “is to help the recovery process of domestic violence by offering them courage and support. It provides the home ready so that the survivors can decrease the financial crunch that they can suffer from. “You Matter organisation” will be organising an event to spread the awareness of various victims of domestic violence among the citizens of Australia. The event will show how the survivors can be rescued from the filthy domestic violence. They will be arranging a tea picnic in Survey Park Oval along with the greatest performance by the local music in Melbourne (You Matter Org, 2022). The concept of the event is to bring the families together to encourage the work by their “You Matter organisation”. The aim of this event is to provide those families and women a house with hope and a good future. The events are targeting the families in the communities and they are focused on the survivors who have experienced abuse within families. They are promoting their program by promotional posters, bulletin boards and on social media platforms such as instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. The expected number of spectators will be more than 200. The timing of the program will be from 2.00PM- 5P. M on Saturday. There will be enough lighting within the hall and every participant would be provided a seat to watch the event. The event will appeal to a wide number of targeted audiences from young ones to adults by taking into consideration the whole planning process. Live music is arranged for entertaining the participant and they will be provided with hot tea during the event.

Situational Analysis:

A situational analysis supporting the event planners helps to recognise the positive and negative factors in the macro environment and which impact the event. The external factors described below will present how it impacts the growth and success of the event.

Political factors : Australia is said to be the member of commonwealth of Nations and it has a close association with the United States. The stable political government has provided the opportunity for event planners like You Matter Organisation to set up in Australia. But the nation Australia has been criticised for some political issues previously. The deportation laws of Australia were not fair enough and have drawn a lot of criticisms. United nationals have criticised Australia for violating the human rights and the indeginous rights and unfair treatment of refugees.

Economic factors: Australia is one of the powerful economic nations of the world. It is ranked as the 14th largest economy across the globe. The employment rate to population ratio of Australia is about 64.3% (Employment, 2022). The global lockdown has affected the small business as they have experienced an economic decline. But compared to other nations the GDP of Australia is more than 1.60 trillion dollars in 2022 (Statista, 2022). So these factors are the greatest opportunity for the event planners to organise exclusive programs. They would receive good funding and resources when the level of employment.

Social factors: Australia is the country of wealth and education in the world. It possesses a small population of around 25 million.. It is one of the most influential cultural nations in the world and people from diverse backgrounds dwell in the nation (Leroi et al., 2021). But migration is said to be one of the sensitive issues in the nation. It has renowned universities which attract more people from outside. These factors impact the success of the event planner You Matter organisation.

Demographic factors: The people of Australia are having the issues of an ageing population. The average life expectancy of men is about 80 and women is 84. The people of Australia are educated and they are very hard working people. They don't sit idle but spend their leisure time watching sports. The lifestyle of the people has been providing enough to the event planners to organise successful events and provide support and courage to the victims of family survivors.

Technological factors: The country has been progressing in technological innovation since the past few years. Their contribution to science and development has been providing a favourable situation for the event planner to set up their plans. The various small companies are investing in research and development to cater to the changing demands of the customers (Gridley, 2018). The event management companies are employing AI and ML to gain the competitive advantage.

Environmental factors: Australia is widely known for its excellent biodiversity. More than 1 million animal and plant species are present in the country. But it has various environmental challenges. The event planners have to maintain the biodiversity level of the environment. They should focus on the negative impact of wastes on the environment and organise their events accordingly. They should not violate the environmental laws while organising their events in the areas.

Competitive analysis: the various event planners residing in Australia are posing threats to the You Matter organisation. The event planner has to check out the costs and the target audience of other competitors. You Matter organisation should be careful while planning the event keeping in mind the competitors moves. They should present exclusive programs so that the target audience is attracted by their concerts and they achieve success and profitability. They should aim to gain a competitive advantage. The event planner should be aware of the threat of substitutes and so they must plan for a unique event.

Sustainable Event Management

The event planner You Matter Organisation are encouraging sustainability to make better decisions for long term planning and acting sustainability will make them attain the competitive advantage.

The sustainable or the green events will provide many benefits to the communities that they are targeting. A sustainable event should be framed and tailored to support the two primary objectives: to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and leave the impression of “beneficial legacy” for the communities involved. It is a responsible act and companies like You Matter organisation should reveal an outstanding commitment to equal rights and opportunities, diversity and environment protection. They must be having a strong and transparent relationship with the stakeholders. The task requires profound planning and coo ordination to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Sustainable events would reduce the environmental impact. It will decrease the amount of waste generated (SDGs11and 13) by them and make sure that they have effective waste management. They should focus on reducing the air, light and noise pollution(SDG 7”). A safe and sustainable mobility is expected from the events. The events could utilise the recycled products like tablewares and dishes and incorporate bulk dispensers for disposal and introduce organic food (Salih and Ingram, 2021). Reduction of Co2 emission is very much expected from these events. They can make their events carbon neutral and take into consideration the Co2 emissions which cannot be kept away as long as the event is happening. They should evaluate the emissions of CO2 and project which is both economically and environmentally advantageous.

Legacy planning is gaining its importance day by day. The events are so costly that the various costs reduce the amount of effective future hosts. You Matter organisation aims to decrease the costs by developing positive legacies which have greater impact. Small events could also possess legacies and the positive effects which have significant impact (Chalip and Fairley, 2019). To enhance the event's sustainability, the You Matter organisation should create holistic plans. Event legacies will give an effective justification for the costs and gain the local support and encourage the cites to urge the other cavities to submit bids. The event legacies should be planned and budgeted so taht it works well. Sustainable legacy plan is a crucial component of any event planning. An effective communication strategy is therefore necessary to be incorporated so that the legacy is maximised (Legacy, 2022). The event planner should promote their new stories to attain the positive results.

Delivering legacies should be the aim of event planning. Due to the growing need of the stakeholders the event planning is rapidly evolving. There are other adjustments which still need to be incorporated to the preparation of the event. It is a systematic approach which utilises the data and enhances the positive effects and decreases the negative impact of the stakeholders. The events are planned to promote economic growth and increase social harmony. Positive legacies support sustainable development of venues and facilities and it enhances reputation, employment of abused survivors. Legacy of You Matter Organisation will provide better opportunities from the previous impacts and develop innovative initiatives.

Financial management

Forecasted Income statement


Sales and Revenues:

“sales of tickets for event ”


“Revenues from the event”


“Total sales and revenues”


Operating Costs:

“Cost of services and food sold”


“Selling, general and administrative expenses”

A$ 418

“Lightning and equipment expenses”


“Other operating expenses like transport”


“Total Operating costs”


“Gross profit”


“Interest expenses excluding Financial products”

A$ 600

“Other income (expense)”


Profit before tax


“Provision for income tax”


“less: profit(loss) attributable to non controlling interests”


Net profit


Table: Financial statement

(Source: created by the learner)

The sale of tickets for events regarding the You Matter Organisation is about A$ 50000. The revue collected from the event is about A$3,010. The total sales and revenues is about A$53,010. The operating costs are one of the most crucial costs of an event the costs of services and food sold is about A$ 39250. The cost associated with the administration is A$ 418. The lightning and equipment costs are A$ 1,754. The other operating cost is A$ 950. The sums of all the operating costs are A$ 42,134. So the gross profit accumulated by the You Matter organisation is about A$ 10,638. The interest expenses excluding the financial products are A$600. The other income expense is about A$2,500. The profit before tax is A$7338. The cost of provision for income tax is A$ 1776. The net profit attained by You Matter Organisation is A$4762.

Human Resources operations and events

Job description: Event Manager

Our Company You Matter Organisation will be hiring an Venue Coordinator. We value the time you have taken to peruse the requirements and submit an application. Depending on your degree of experience even if you don't meet all the requirements, you might be taken into consideration.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Conduct Stakeholders meetings to meet the scope of the organisation and supervises the budget and review procedures.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the external and internal partner.
  • Supporting the Event Director with his work for most of big and small events.
  • Maintaining all the records associated with venues and vendors.
  • Make sure that all the details of the services are provided effectively and organisedly
  • Assess the various risks associated with the event planning.
  • Supervises the activities of the staff involved in venue bookings.
  • Evaluating the total plans whenever necessary and determine what needs to be incorporated
  • Utilize the resources carefully by incorporating sound technology
  • create project calendar with the various internal stakeholders
  • Execution of event strategies along with the selection of venue and invitation agenda and RSVOP process.
  • Investigating the potential speaker based on the budget and strategy
  • supporting the company policies for inspection of venue sites and creating an itinerary
  • Assess the post event feedback and create a complete event plan.
  • Investigating the bidding process and suggest venues as per the requirements of event(venue, size and cost)

Qualifications of the event manager

  • Two years experience in any hotel group or hospitality sector.
  • Should have a sound knowledge of events and possess management skills.
  • Should must experience in event planning
  • Should be comfortable to work with the global teams
  • logistic support for events
  • Computer skills required for online booking and registration.

Strategy for Recruitment, Training and retaining of volunteers in You Matter organisation

For recruitment of volunteers The You Matter organisation will develop an effective strategy for recruitment of volunteers for the upcoming event at Survey Park Oval on Saturday (08.10.2022) afternoon.

Job Advert description

The job description will be provided to the volunteers. The job description will state the criteria required by the company for hiring the volunteers. The job description should be providing each and every detail of the roles and responsibilities of the volunteers. After the job details are provided on the advertisement and an interview date will be provided to them mentioning the klocationand time of the interview. The candidates will apply after the job is posted on social media and on their own website.

Screening of candidates

During the interview the candidates are requested to come along with their biodata mentioning their educational qualification and skills they have. They are requested to mention their prior experience if they have any.

Shortlisting of candidates

If the candidates meet the criterias required by the company they will be shortlisted. After the candidates are being shortlisted they will be given the date of joining. Out of 50 candidates, 25 candidates will be shortlisted based on their skills and experience.

Training and development

After the candidates are provided with the date of joining, they will be provided a 15 days training and development to enhance their skills (Mothe and Nguyen, 2021). They will be given training by the experts who will make them understand the tasks necessary for conducting the event. The training and development is necessary for every volunteer to understand the work more profoundly.

Retaining of volunteers

In order to retain the volunteers the HR of the organisation should provide enough motivation to the volunteers so they are happy and content with their work. They should be given performance appraisals for doing excellent tasks.


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